Akuma no Riddle Episode 13 Trailer

Oh I am so ready for this. Give me the total package doods! Give me sexy assassins in swimsuits that episode 7 only covered half of. YES! Also look forward to my coverage of both halves of this episode (unless the episode is a full 40+ minute ep instead of two parts) as we will have the possibly delayed AnR best couple voting poll along with the second ever “OG: Bikini Patrol” segment.

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20 Responses to Akuma no Riddle Episode 13 Trailer

  1. EasyOs says:

    Oh it looks kinda like a Mock-Battle-royale thingy, if so that’ll be awesome.
    But more importantly, we’ll get to see team sexy strut their stuff!!


  2. i’m so ready for this..bring it on!


  3. elkat4 says:

    Banba only gets a toy mallet? Well what the harm can she do with that? (Why do I get the feeling she can still kill people with it?)


  4. the_elevator_man says:

    from http://ihoshiku.tumblr.com/ – The one in charge of translation of the manga, also announcement news whiz

    Summary of the PV:

    “There will be a challenge between assassins but it won’t involve any killing, it’s about stealing. The target is Ichinose Haru, whoever manage to take her red charm will be granted anything they desire. There will be weapons hidden around the island in a treasure box, using other weapons than the provided one is against the rules however, you can steal someone else’s weapon. If you lost or broke your charm you will be eliminated.”

    Already 1 red flag though: while it was officially announced beforehand that it’s 48mins, some website already changed it to 24. That’s an ominous start. I really hope they didn’t cop out.


  5. the_elevator_man says:

    …So grab the charm. Everyone wears their charm on their bikinis. Anyone else getting Queens Blade Special/Gakuen vibes?


  6. Okami says:

    Glorious indeed. I am super pumped.


  7. Cyan says:

    Waahh! The trailer got me pumped! Their mini weapons are so cute especially Banba’s toy! AND WHAT IS THAT?! Naked Banba being all shy and that bottomless tease! (sorry for sounding like an old perverted man) There is nothing better than girls in their bikini in an island/beach trip, and with survival games like these are just awesome, fan service is always a bonus and Yuri a big plus! I am excited to see the girls!


  8. Rashall says:

    Ok, its good. But, when will yuruyuri s3 released?


  9. Lee503 says:

    Definitely excited for this. Chitaru and Hitsugi dont look like they are interested in the prize and will just spend time with each other and Shiena might actually get some screen time.


  10. Pauline says:

    Hey everybody, can you please help me?
    i am really addicted to akuma no riddle, an wanted to see the Special, and i thought i found it, but the episode just takes about 24 minutes. So it seems to be just the first part, right??? But i can not find the second part. I watched “proxer me”.

    Please help me, i am just so curious !!!
    Thank you in advance ❤


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