Cross Ange Episode 4: High School Jailhouse

Summary of this week's episode

That about sums this week up.

Salia's disagreement

So Salia was hoping she would be the chosen one and is kinda upset Ange was chosen instead but tries to keep her chin up as best as she can. Also I am hoping she has a crush on the commander, despite said commander not feeling the same way and only making decisions to progress stuff. We also learn that Salia likes shoujo manga. Cute.

Lame Bulk and Skull wannabes

Soooo…how do the writers want to make the viewers feel kinda bad for Ange? By having the lesbian harem act like high school bullies.

Tummy cleaner

While that “riveting” action was going on Ange herself did very little to earn empathy, instead choosing to act like a stone cold badass wannabe as if that will get her anywhere.

Some Gundam weapons

I have no idea which Gundam shows these are from as I am not a Gundam fan and for those who would look it up, do not bother as I do not care.

Salia losing control

While not Bulk and Skull were having a “blast” making fools of themselves Red here was busy planning the whole revenge thing the right way. I’m beginning to think the writer wants to support homophobes or some other nonsensical “lesbians are evil” shit. That or they want to keep on shoving the “This is jail” bullshit down our throats. WE GET IT!

Hilda taking overHilda taking over 2

As I mentioned last week Red, Hilda, is now the harem queen. Unfortunately it looks like she will not be as kind to her peers as her former mistress was from what we’ve already seen and what happened after she finished having a delicious menage a trois.

Stuff happened, another dragon attack went wrong, Ange got screwed over…and then this happened.

Strike 2

This is our cliffhanger.

You know…I should be happy this show has naughty yuri snippets here and there but there are difference between romantic yuri, naughty yuri and yuri for the hell of it. Cross Ange falls into the third category. What this means is that the yuri in Cross Ange is worse than the typical fanservice yuri because it lacks any reason to be enjoyable other than pointless fapping material. If I wanted that crap I would go watch a hentai…even though some hentai STILL have more class than this shit of an anime so far.

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36 Responses to Cross Ange Episode 4: High School Jailhouse

  1. insaido says:

    its a shame its not romantic yuri. would have been nice to see some kind of devotion and development like in kannazuki no miko.


    • Overlord-G says:

      As soon as the boy was introduced all hopes of the yuri getting a positive light have been shattered.


      • what IF”that guy” being some sort of the para-mail called “Villkiss” spirit form. hmph i didn’t want to give up on Hilda yet…i’ll probably stop watching the anime if that guy was really Ange love interest.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Chances are high he will be. Him being Villkiss’ human form would be funny. Here’s hoping Hilda does not have evil intentions.


  2. too much angst for me…there’s hope at first but it slowly faded away now seeing the ending and preview of ep4…


  3. Kefka says:

    That boy is Kira Yamato so this show is now officially hetero


  4. x says:

    Well sense that guy show up, that could be the end of the yuri in this anime but hopefully it won’t end the side yuri or it will probably will sense the girls haven’t scene a guy before sense and Salia talks about them.


  5. coolboysoldier says:

    Dropped, don’t need to watch unexpected trash..


    • Overlord-G says:

      I do not blame you. I’ll keep going a little longer. Why? Because I have a duty to my fans and also because I am an idiot.


  6. cirno9fan says:

    I wonder how long till you break? xD

    You sure are holding tenaciously. Best of luck to ya 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s got so bad that you are doing what I usually do online, tease angry people. You’re doing it right now with me. Reason I do not mind is because only a masochist or a homophobe would think this show is good..


  7. the_elevator_man says:

    Yuri for yuri’s sake. Kira Yamato for Kira Yamato’s sake. I’m pretty sure we’re not here for our own sakes by now…so what’s the purpose again? Oh, right, hope…where did I put that drink…

    Very disappointed you didn’t have Officer Emma’s tea-spit screencap as the final pic after the Ange/guy scene. I think THAT sums the show up.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Whoa. The guy does look like Kira Yamato. Again I do not care about Gundam Seed.

      Nah one of the bullies coming out of the toilet after pooping non-stop for heaven knows how long sums up the entire episode for me.


  8. elkat4 says:

    This episode was better than the previous episodes and only because I didn’t want to see Agne die a horrible and gruesome death so that I can have the satisfaction of not having to listen to her whine anymore. That aside, I still feel she is not exactly a likeable character with this whole acting she’s above everyone else. Hence, why I didn’t exactly mind seeing her being bullied (even if their plans would make Jesse and James look like geniuses). I’ll still watch this anime in hope that it improves.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I think I have an idea on how to make future viewings more tolerable. I am going to need it as this show apparently two cours. Oh goh. Yup, turning lesbians into lame high school bullies…brilliant


  9. Team Teddly says:

    If this Kira Jesus Yamoto just sticks around Ange and the other lesbians (especially Hilda) don’t give a shit about him, hell this will be one of the best shows ever. Although I seriously doubt it. Hilda did like Zola a lot, but now since gaining power is her priority, she will become the new Zola.

    I’ve never liked Ange anyways.


    • Overlord-G says:

      What sucks now is that Hilda tried to kill Ange. That makes her a villain in the writers’ eyes. Even though Ange has done very little to get us to empathize with her.


    • just have a feeling that guy “kira” will be Ange roommate in this anime.. some shitty guy joins an all girls army to possibly make harem versus red.. nah i’ll pass because its becoming more like Vandread which piss me off badly after that shitty guy appear. xD


  10. Anthony Jianuzzi says:

    Dude i agree. There’s so much potential between the the blue haired (new comander) and Ange though IMO.

    Its so agrivating to see these characters as complete bitches as well. Some are ok, but the jail like mentality is over rated and ruins all possibilty of future romantic relationships.

    Im going to keep watching this just in case my very, super short, off chance, slightly probable hope of seeing Ange and blue haired ponytails (forgot her name) have a chance EVEN though her roomate saw a magazine she had of a girl and guy kissing.

    Call me naive, but id like to call myself yuri optimistic. Hoping the best, but expecting the worst. If it pans out ill have another anime to buy and put in my collection.

    PS: just watching this make me really want a second season of sasameki koto. Dont know why i thought this watching Ange, but i just did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      Blue hair deserves to find some happiness in her life. Ange is whatever.

      Sasameki Koto deserved an animated second season. Too bad it did not sell well enough.


  11. Michl says:

    Wow. They couldn’t wait to get the MC in. I thought it would be episode 8.

    So this is a harem now for tusk? I hope he gets the same ending as Zola.

    So what is the purpose for Tusk or Kira or Fukuda self-inserted? Ange needs to grow and a woman doesn’t need a man to grow. She needs to deal with her issues. I feel they are going with fan service with tusk. Same boring male character. This show was advertised as an all-girl cast, but we were deceived. They used some type of yuri to draw in people. Is tusk going to get his harem to play nice with everyone?
    I can’t comment on the episode due to the preview in the next episode. I just can’t believe the writer is ok with using his own Gundam stuff. Come up with other ideas.

    One thing that doesn’t make sense to me, why are a lot of males excited that there is a male character now? That sounds like someone who likes yaoi. Don’t understand. There are so many animes especially mecha that has mc and all mxf. Why can’t we get a bone.

    I thought this was going to be like strike witch not Gundam reverse.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I am this close to throwing in the towel and dropping this crap. Also I could care less what the majority think. Anime is sadly yet another male dominant media and I am saying despite being a guy myself. This reminds me of “The Third” and “Stellvia of the Universe”. They did not become hert harems but the male love interest in both were equally boring and made the female leads look like they NEED men to survive. So dumb.


  12. Hanneman says:

    What’s up, mate? It sure has been a long time since since i last wrote a comment on your blog.

    Well, i was enjoying this show, thinking this was mildly good…until this episode. That’s the only thing i can say before going on a rampage about how pissed off i am.

    At least i have Shirobako and Wikrossu to keep me happy till the end of this season. I wont drop Cross Ange until i see that it is not worth my patience anymore.


  13. the_elevator_man says:

    I’m sorry. Sorry for the spoiler or whatever. But I have to let this one go, and I’ve got a feeling you might be thinking the same after this one. Gave it enough leash, probably more than enough leash due to genre and casting alone. Gotta cut bait. See you December or something. drinks


  14. Taylor Evans says:

    This show infuriated me. The homophobia is sickening. I thought I was just crazy at first. And that it was just me being a butt hurt lesbian. But now I see that others think the same thing. I am officially dropping this series. I have made it up to ep 14 and can’t take any more of this “oohhh save me from the big bad lesbian” shit.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I commend you for making it that far. From the pictures I’ve seen of later episodes the show is still nothing more than a glorified PG-13 hentai with a bigger budget.


  15. Ck12 says:

    I was ready to endure all the ridiculousness of this anime. And just watch this because of Nana Mizuki and Yukarin. But once the guy showed up I immediately dropped it.


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