OG’s Smash Bros 4 Full Roster Leak Discussion

This post will contain spoilers regarding a leak of the final Smash Bros3DS/U roster leak that came out two weeks ago so for fans who would prefer being surprised (though I personally think in this internet heavy age the word “surprise” has become meaningless) I suggest not reading further. For everyone like me who doesn’t care anymore and just wants to know who else will be in the game read on.

BTW the last officially revealed character was Xenoblade’s Shulk. More will probably be revealed this Friday on Nintendo Direct.

Final Smash Bros RosterNewly confirmed characters after Shulk:

  • Dark Pit
  • Dr Mario
  • Wario
  • Bowser Jr
  • Ganondorf
  • Mr Game & Watch
  • Falco
  • Jigglypuff
  • R.O.B
  • Duck Hunt (the dog apparently has no name yet)

Dark PitDr Mario

Let’s get the most controversial two out of the way first, Dark Pit and Dr Mario. I was okay with Lucina despite being a Marth clone, with the differences primarily being in statistics and how her sword works, because she’s another female character. Dr Mario and Dark Pit will probably be similar with the Doc using Megavitamins and a defibrillator instead of fire while Dark Pit may have some different effects added to his attacks. Hopefully both characters will have a different Final Smash at least.

Anyway the reason I’m not upset about more clones is because no matter how many fighting games keep coming out, 99% of them will have clone characters who will either have similar moves with very few differences from their original counterparts or unique special moves. The hatred against these characters is because they either look the same as an existing character or are seen as wasted space which could easily be replaced by fans with another more deserving character in their eyes. I kinda sympathize with their petty rage but on the other hand don’t mind as much, especially because I’m not a tournament level player nor do I care to compete in tournaments. Basically clones to me exist for storyline purposes or because the developer likes alter egos, people who have a similar fighting style or evil clones.


Wario. I breathed a sigh of relief. Even though I was REALLY happy with the abundance of female characters I still felt sad for a while that my boy, The Fatman, had not been confirmed for the longest time. He’s my favorite male Nintendo character. His inclusion alone made checking out the leaks worth it.

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr. As WiiDude83Rebirth described him, he’s the Tron Bonne of this game. Apart from another newcomer who I’ll discuss last Bowser Jr’s one of the most intriguing newcomers for me. As for my thoughts on his inclusion. I don’t dislike like some diehard Nintendo fanboys out there do because he, according to them, feels uninspired or they have a grudge against him for taking away the 7 Koopalings’ spot as Bowser’s elite generals (and later on offspring). I feel neither disdain nor have a grudge against the little guy. Beside the game needs more villains. Also Bowser vs Bowser Jr matches.

UPDATE: Bowser Jr’s other costumes are the 7 Koopalings as palette swaps similar to how half of Olimar costumes are Alph as a palette swap. Hopefully this will appease the “anti-Jr squad”.


Ganondorf. I have no problem with him having his Twilight Princess look as both Link and Zelda also have the same look. I just hope he’ll have some more variety this time and not be a Captain Falcon clone again.


Falco. Could this finally be the year Falco has his own unique special moves or will he once again have the same tweaked Fox specials?

Mr Game & Watch

Mr Game & Watch. I have no idea why they took this long to confirm his return when he’s already revealed in the Pac-Man trailer. Maybe it’s because he needs to be unlocked. If that were the case why was Lucina, another unlockable character, revealed sooner? I guess it was because of the Fire Emblem character trailer. Whatever, GW’s back.


Ness and Jigglypuff. Never was good at playing Ness and I still wanted Wigglytuff. Oh well they’re both back so that’s cool.


R.O.B. He’s back too.

Duck Hunt

Last but not least…this guy. The internet went bonkers when he was revealed and for good reason. He’s a what I like to call “WTF Retro Character”. Like GW and R.O.B, Duck Hunt Dog has this label because nobody in their wildest dreams expected this guy to be in a fighting game. Ahhh, I can already imagine how many Training Modes will use this guy as the training dummy.

UPDATE: DHD is actually the closest fans will get to playing as Banjo-Kazooie in a Smash game, had Rare not changed sides.

Last but not least possible DLC leaks because, unless the netcode is mediocre, this game WILL SELL enough to warrant additional support!

  • Lucas
  • Solid Snake
  • Ice Climbers
  • Wolf
  • The Chorus Men

This last tidbit could be changed at any time but if this list is legit I’m not that pumped to be honest. Oh well. The overall roster is already amazing so the more the merrier.

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4 Responses to OG’s Smash Bros 4 Full Roster Leak Discussion

  1. kefkaownsall says:

    Actually you can play as the kooplings


  2. r0nkun says:

    I honestly haven’t been caring too much about who is announced since I know that I will enjoy the game regardless. I will play everyone and pick who I find funnest to play with as my regular, not who I am best with or who I like the most.

    I hate all these pro player who nit pick at every little thing. I once had a guy complain to me for an hour about how Brawl was slower than melee and therefore worse. ITS SMASH BROS. ITS FUN. STOP TAKING IT SERIOUS. There are fighting games out meant for competitive play, this isn’t one. I hope they keep it “slow” just to reiterate this, which is why they did it in the first place.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I prefer they try to please both crowds myself. Of course it’ll do very well with casual players but having it being played competitively wouldn’t hurt either. Despite hardcore fighting game fans preferring Melee Brawl was STILL played competitively in some circles.


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