OG’s Fantasy Yuri Anime Script Preview

A person asked me on my ask.fm account a question about what kind of anime I’d write about if I were given the opportunity. This is a preview of what I came up with.

Red string of fate 1

Crimson Lilies: Lesbian Paranormal Hunters.

-It would star a married lesbian couple who begin the premiere episode by waking up from bed, giving each other a good morning kiss and then one have the other make a club sandwich as a sign of eternal union.
-They would either have one or two daughters who may find girls of their own to fall for (no yuri incest in this show)
-One of the wives would have a love for cupcakes. The other for t-bone steaks.
-The ladies, along with their kids, would be a mild-mannered gay family by day and paranormal investigators by night fighting all kinds of oogie boogie stuff, especially Ghouls, masou-shoujos and psycho-traps. Sometimes they fight animal abusers obsessed with hunting down endangered species or mutated professional wrestlers hired by El Malechor Grandote, the evil man-boar hybrid tyrant of Mexico.
-During their trip to Mexico one of the daughters becomes infatuated with EMG’s (still) human luchadora daughter Juanita. The other daughter is torn between a Dutch bishounen and a Kenyan bodybuilding bishoujo.
-The whole family studied the martial art of Shquido from their humble grandmaster Shaquille O’Neal and the four developed the style and each made it their own.
-The show’s main antagonist is a witch from Calcutta named Hexagonus who wants to create a utopia ruled by lesbian succubi. However, that would mean only lesbianism would rule the world. The family, though proud lesbians, would rather see a world where everyone can choose who they fall in love with rather than letting the system dictate who they should love. Hexagonus’ motivation/backstory is unclear until episode 20.
-One of the wives used to be a sex slave who was lured into a life of debauchery by a dark mistress serving under Hexagonus. She was rescued by her soon to be spouse who was Shaq’s greatest disciple. Together they trained the slave and developed a cunning plan to expose the dark mistress’ sisnister underground operations without having to kill her and get arrested. The mistress swore revenge and would later on be killed in a brutal rematch.

Red string of fate 2

That’s my current script. the conclusion, character development arcs, foes for the daughters to face, daily activites when not fighting the paranormal and other important storyline stuff are yet to be determined but this would be the kind of show I’d write if I had the talent to do so.

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16 Responses to OG’s Fantasy Yuri Anime Script Preview

  1. Drinkie says:

    I would totally watch that the question is who would voice each of the characters?


  2. NemoPrime says:

    I think my ideal anime would probably be a remake of the Lyrical Nanoha that’s explicitly a yuri series, with Nanoha and Fate becoming an official couple at the end of the second season and being married in the third season (a cool thing I just thought of is their wedding rings could double as secondary Intelligent Devices). Also, with higher quality animation and art, similar to what the movies had. And fewer pointless characters in the later seasons: biggest problem with StrikerS was that outside of the returning characters, I only liked the Forwards and Vivio; due to a lack of focus, all other tertiary protagonists were useless, and the numerous antagonists kinda all blended together for me. Oh and remove Force entirely. I haven’t read it, but the awful things I’ve heard make me want to never read it.


  3. x says:

    Wow that wall totally wow


  4. yurimylove says:

    A stroke of genius! Me want!!

    You mentioned before that there’s hardly any yuri anime with already married/stable lesbian couple, and that’s a shame because I’d love to watch that too. So yeah why not make our own, using your script right?


    • Drinkie says:

      Aside from Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl is there even any yuri anime where the main couple does get married? or rather there is actually a canon lesbian wedding at all?


      • Overlord-G says:

        Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita has background characters who get married at the last minute but other than Kashimashi that’s all.


      • yurimylove says:

        unfortunately you’re right Drinkie, there’s almost none. Though there’re a couple of really short “fantasy scenes” depicting yuri weddings such as in Squid Girl, Sakura Trick, etc.

        If you also like manga then there’s a very nice lesbian wedding scene in Wife and Wife…


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s what I’d do. The main couple has to either get married by the end of story or already be married with kids. That’s still my dream anime scenario.


  5. Hourin says:

    Hmm my ideal anime would be a combination of scifi, fantasy with a married couple, one in police and the other in armed forces. With the premiere episode show a normal day in a modern city before an portal usher in an invasion from a fantasy world. Having modern police deal with both holding the line and saving civilians. We see perspectives shifting from the policewomen and soldier as they worry about each other fighting in the front line after the armed forces mobilizes alongside flashbacks of their relationship with each other in different days. Sci-Fi would be in latest gen weapons to deal with. Something like that. I always dislike the lack of Sci-Fi yuri.


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