Life Lessons: Topic Overload and Word Cramps

I do not know how many bloggers can relate with this topic but it’d be interesting to see how many comment and share their experience with this topic.

Mayo Chiki swimsuitLet me start off by asking this question. Have you ever been a position where you have a lot of editorial like topics you want to write about yet cannot find the right words to type words on your screen? There have several instances where I have been in this kind of situation.

I will name some of the topics that I will eventually cover after writing this post to give an example of how I occasionally go through this short period since becoming an aniblogger.

Sexy ElsannaYuri Talk

  • The Best Friend, where I discuss the different types of friends lesbian characters have, what they do and their luck with love whether it is with another person or the lesbian protagonist they have feelings for.
  • Big and Small, the common trend of well endowed girls being paired up with shorter, usually less busty girls.
  • Foreign Exchange, the trope of pairing up Japanese girls with European or American foreigners, usually blondes.
  • OG vs Slash, where I discuss why I have a hard time getting along with people who pair up characters with little to no reasonable evidence to back up their pairings and mention several reasons why I believe subtext pairings are superior.

BolieveLife Lessons

  • Nostalgia vs Present Day Opinions, where I investigate the difference in opinion between people who hold high esteem for something they cherish from the past and people who experience that same thing years later.
  • OG, The Reverse Cynic. I discuss how I am no less cynical than everyone else on the internet and mention possible reasons why I’m harsher towards shows that are praised for their seriousness, edginess, realism and gritty nature. I’m a bit iffy on this topic but perhaps I may get more incentive to write it after reviewing Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo ESP.
  • Attack on Titan, not exactly a review of the show but something similar to what I did for Ore no Imouto. Basically describing my experience watching the show and what I got from it.

There are times where a writer (or a blogger) has many ideas they would like to express on paper or monitor yet sometimes they can have too many ideas all at once and not enough words to convey all of them. This leads to the writer’s brain getting fried.

I often have short periods where I cannot find words accurate enough to convey the message I wish to share. Sometimes before writing posts I have a special routine where I put together what exactly it is I want to talk about but this routine involves me moving around a lot so I cannot make a video. After mapping out the post I want to write, something happens that breaks my concentration and the map gets torn to shreds. Sometimes it’s a distraction from the outside. Other times I sporadically lose interest. Then there are times I question whether I should even write a post or not.

The GIF I've been waiting ages for

This could be you if you get a case of topic overload.

In the end it is cool to be inspired but one has to make sure they are mentally and emotionally prepared to jot down their thoughts and not be overwhelmed, distracted or befuddled. If necessary write a permanent draft and fill it up over time. Do not make my mistake of cooking up ideas and not spread the sauce across several pots instead of pouring it all in a single one or letting it expire.

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19 Responses to Life Lessons: Topic Overload and Word Cramps

  1. MisterMasada says:

    I can empathize with you, not as a blogger but as someone who enjoys writing in general, there have been many instances where, as you said, I can’t quite find the words to convey my feelings/ideas. Not entirely the case with you, I know, but I have also had times where I’ve had to hold back on things that I’ve wanted to write about due to various constraints.

    I for one am looking forwards to these new topics, they all seem fairly interesting to me, I just hope that I won’t end up like that gif, what is that from anyhow?


    • Overlord-G says:

      I see you got the topic very well based on personal experience. Nice!

      It’s from Love Lab. You need to have seen the anime to get the joke I made with the gif.


  2. x says:

    I can understand when having a hard time to put things in paper or the monitor and get that feel of a overload.
    But it do in joy the topics you put in.


  3. Silvachief says:

    I get exactly where you’re coming from with this. I’ve taken to creating word files for any interesting topic that crosses my mind and my blogging folder is full of them now XD Maybe i’ll never write most of them up, but they’re there for if inspiration ever strikes.


  4. First off, nice use of the Mayo Chiki mizugi pic (btw you should check that show out-its a rather funny romcom/harem show). Speaking on topic overload, I don’t have much of a problem with that since I plan 2-3 months ahead of time roughly speaking. Any sort of notes are mainly mental, which if the right moment strikes, I’ll write it up then.


  5. NemoPrime says:

    I’m kinda interested in the slash topic. Partly because I do ship both slash and subtext (some examples of slash I ship being various combinations of the RWBY girls, Korrasami, and the main characters of Gunbuster and Diebuster, who have had some minor subtext scenes, but nothing to the degree of what you review).


    • Overlord-G says:

      As I replied in your question, RWBY is an example of why I do not like the slash community very much and I will someday explain in full detail why.


      • NemoPrime says:

        I noticed your answer. And yeah, some people in the slash community can be pretty bad, but same with every community.


  6. Gisei says:

    I experienced that quite often. Most of the time I come across a good Anime and after finishing them I usually get hyped because I liked what I’ve watched. SO naturally i want to share it with everyone by making a post about it. But then I can’t fnd the right words to use. So i end up having tons of Draft posts on Anime series that I enjoyed but somehow I can express my feelings in words


  7. Rei says:

    Yes there are times that I don’t know how to put things to words as well, but most of the time I am always able to convey to the viewers in someway or another especially when it comes to review or weekly episodic post. But i’ve experience quite a lot of problem writing an editorial post, because i’m trying so hard to look like a genius or something lol. Thus, i’ve never posted editorial post before. Though i’m trying to make one again in the future if God permits lol

    I also wanna try and post something like a mini post for news, but have yet to be able to find any plugins or anything that is good to suit what I want.


    • Overlord-G says:

      As mentioned in the post I am not that deep when it comes to editorials either so whatever interesting topic that pops in my head around that time I roll with it. Reviews and episodics are easier to write and in some regards reviews have some similarities with editorials because depending on what the writer mentions in their reviews it can come off sounding intellectual.

      I do not use many plugins myself so I apologize that I cannot be of much help.


  8. yurimylove says:

    I eagerly await your posts on The Best Friend, Foreign Exchange, etc. I have the gut feeling that they’ll be interesting to read once you’ve composed them…


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