Akuma no Riddle Episode 13 Update

Minor tidbit on what we can expect from the upcoming episode. Thanks to the dedicated masochist known as “the elevator man” for the info.

Akuma no Maid

Report is based on the manga translator’s (iHoshiku Translation) findings.


  • Episode title will be “Who is the Winner” (Pop Quiz)
  • It’ll be divided into two parts rather than one 40+ minute OVA.
  • The episode will take place on a deserted island where only the Black Class assassins will be there. Something like Battle Royale I suppose. Hopefully this will lead to temporary alliances between the other pairings and not just TokaHaru.
  • This episode has nothing to do with the main story meaning critics will not get their redemption and will continue raging for days.

All I want is more skinship and smooching. The OVAs will come out December 17th. Heaven knows when they’ll be subbed.



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8 Responses to Akuma no Riddle Episode 13 Update

  1. MisterMasada says:

    Nail on the head with what I want too. More pairings, a few heartfelt kisses, and probably some skin too.

    As for the subbing, well, I just hope it’s soon thereafter, because I’m already very excited for this.


  2. x says:

    So it could but a new enemy that attacks them all and they have to fight them.


  3. Pauline says:

    hey, can anybody help me please?
    I just found the first part, can you tell me where i can find the second part?
    Thanks in advance


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