Life Lessons: Are Episodics Passe?

Recently I read two posts regarding someone quitting episodics and another one discussing whether episodics are still worth writing in this day and age. I figured I’d throw my two cents into the subject.

Cute Yamada and Kase-san


Macho Chikorita

Sorrows Neptune

Both cool people above have brought up the discussion of how episodic posts are slowly declining or not worth putting time and effort into writing them anymore. Both also brought forward valid arguments as to why in the long run they are not worth writing anymore.

Examples of arguments include:

  • Will not stand the test of time.
  • Episodics are not as fulfilling or satisfying to write as editorials or similar posts.
  • The present day rise of legal anime streaming websites makes it not worthwhile to write weekly episodic summaries since animeniacs can access shows with ease or find more refined means of discussing anime.
  • Unlike editorials, reviews and other major posts episodics will not stand the test of time.

Team Teddly Furry ModeAgain those were some of the arguments shared by both lovely people and I am sure there are others who also feel episodics are no longer writing that have their own unique reasons. I choose to continue writing episodics for a couple of reasons.

1: Very few of the shows I talk about weekly have epiphany inducing storylines and morals. The shows I cover weekly do not exactly contain academy award nominated scriptwriting and the ones that do I do my best to discuss the show’s more important themes in detail during a specific episode and then summarize the message in the reviews. Basically I talk about shows that few others are covering and are within my interests.

2: My episodics are more like highlight reels than full detail coverage with morals in them. I mostly mention my favorite parts on the show and briefly touch on what happened rather than explaining the whole thing in verbatim.

3: They’re fun to type.

4: The most important reason, to talk about the shows with my fans, fellow council members and visitors who are also interested in them.

I suppose I could save a lot of time by not doing episodics and simply talking about the shows with my closest associates on Facebook (Twitter or anime forum sites are a no-go). Still because I enjoy doing them and see no reason to stop making them I will not stop for the time being. Besides they serve their purpose of providing minor conversations on each episode. They don’t have to be

Back to the main topic of whether episodics are passe or not. They are to a certain degree. For the longest time I noticed the rise of editorials and fall of talking about anime episodes weekly. It is better to make a single post about an interesting topic an anime/manga/movie covers related to real life instead of what happened on an episode the viewer probably already saw. The reason being that as Macho Chikorita mentioned in his post legal anime streaming sites have made it easier for animeniacs with internet access to watch shows and have less need to read about what happened in an episode from an aniblog.

Princess TamiI will continue writing them until visitors lose interest. That is when I will finally put my episodics to rest. I would then go back to only posting one final review of the seasonal shows I pick up. On the bright side, if that day were to come I have plenty of other ways I talk about shows besides episodics.

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20 Responses to Life Lessons: Are Episodics Passe?

  1. Platon says:

    Hope you are going to have anough readers, you can count on me. 🙂


  2. Arc says:

    Non-Episodic Blogs: Episodic blogs are bad and unfulfilling and worthless and nobody cares about them.
    Episodic Blogs: Can’t hear you, too busy blogging.


  3. Silvachief says:

    I don’t particularly like episodic posts. I’d much rather read reviews or broader discussions.
    However, there are people that like episodic blogs and that’s absolutely fine. I don’t think it’s going to stop happening any time soon.


  4. shiizumi says:

    I write episodic posts because it can be a really fun thing to do although it can become quite a chore sometimes (if one has to stick to it). I also enjoy reading episodic posts! I mean, it’s really fun reading the reactions and views of a blogger regarding that particular episode. It can be a mean for me to see some details that I’ve overlooked, something like that.

    I don’t really have that much peers irl to talk to about these stuffs that’s why those posts serves as my outlet to blurt out all the things that I wanted to say about an episode. Yeah, I admit that it’s inferior to an editorial post but it is still a way of expressing your reactions to a show.

    Anyway, I plan on writing episodic again once I’m done with this semester.

    Keep the episodic posts alive my friend! 😉


    • Overlord-G says:

      It all depends if other anibloggers are discussing the shows as we are though it sometimes can motivate newcomers to give a show they initially did not pick up a try.

      The important thing is that writing episodics has a purpose for the writer and you sound like you get why episodics can still work to some degree.

      I’ll keep going till the fun stops dood.


  5. chikorita157 says:

    While I don’t have much to say, but of course, time is also an issue which is why I decided to only do it for one show. During my first semester of Grad School, the work load simply crushed me since I really had to study on top of all that programming. But still have to admit that I still had fun writing them as they are really focused on my thoughts. Of course, there aren’t many shows where I can really make a full post nowadays in my eyes.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah the dreaded clock. I know the heavy burden of being a college student all too well.
      It takes years of dedication to master the art of discussing the shows I enjoy more than others.


  6. kitsu260 says:

    I always will prefer episodics blog, first because the anime taste diferent in this format, the anime world now is so quick than the mood in a season to other or even weeks is feel diferent, somewhat very excite in some particular months like new year.
    Second is just like sport program, every game need it own commentary.


  7. MisterMasada says:

    I personally enjoy episodic blog posts, for the same reason that I enjoy reading reviews for things that I’ve watched, so I can see the reviewer’s reactions and read their opinions. As such, I feel I will always enjoy episodic blogs more than editorials. Not saying that editorials are bad though, not at all.


  8. yurimylove says:

    i love your episodics! the way you do them suit me just fine, which is less about the summary but more about the highlights — especially about things we all like such as yuri, subtext, bikinis, MILFs, moe, comedy etc. etc. It’s also good for me to read other viewers’ comments/feedbacks about a particular episode and their responses to your post. So all in all I’d definitely continue to enjoy your future episodics as I have been doing.


  9. Hanneman says:

    I really dont think i would be enjoying anime as much as i do now if it werent for your episodic posts and commenting on them. Most things are funnier to do when you can, in some way, interact with other people that have the same tastes as you. In fact, its the main reason why i keep coming to your blog, man. So keep doing them as long as you can, and have fun with it.


  10. Kerowyn says:

    This is the only place I’ve ever read episodic posts from, and only after I’d been searching your blog for reviews on shows to watch. I love your reviews! I feel like I get just enough detail and I appreciate all the images you add with cool/cute funny captions…. And I feel like your episodics are an extension of that. If I’m still not sure about an anime, I’ll read what you’ve said regarding some episodes to help me decide. Also, I don’t know anyone else who likes this type of anime, so after i finish watching an episode, I’m excited to check your site for what your thoughts and reactions to an episode were. I don’t tend to comment, but I’m reading.


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