Summer Anime Impression Pack 2

Got four more shows to quickly talk about.

Butt JabBarakamon looks like a show about a city boy who had it rough there moving to the countryside and developing a new outlook on life thanks to the strange and energetic residents. Sounds good to me as our lead’s pessimism and ego remind me of myself at one point. Also Naru’s a devilishly adorable sidekick to help our guy take a chill pill and loosen up to further improve his calligraphy career. Good first two episodes and will be paying close attention to this one. Won’t be covering it though like I mentioned in my update post.

Momo Kyun SwordMomo Kyun Sword is another alteration of some historic era in Japan or legend. In this show’s case the legend of Momotaro. It’s basically a straightforward action adventure show starring several attractive women with gravity defying breasts.I’m not expecting anything life changing from this one. The #1 reason I picked this show up is to see the gorgeous Onihime in action. Other than that I hope this show will be somewhat better than “Blade and Soul”. Nothing amazing but I’ll keep watching for Onihime.

Yama no Susume 2 campingYama no Susume 2’s like a refresher course of who is who and the fun times our leading ladies have preparing for some intense mountain climbing action. Aoi and Hinata still have the potential of being paired up, Kokona’s still an adorable peach and Kaede’s still the experienced sempai whose sexiness is not overdone but presented in a casual manner. The girls had fun setting up camp and our leading duo’s dream to see the magical sunset again is as strong as ever. Will wait until something amazing happens but until the I won’t be covering this show episodically.

Big upside down headTokyo ESP. One of two Summer 2014 anime with Japan’s capital in the title that look to be super violent. The kind of stuff the mainstream goes crazy for. Myself, eh. The first episode is a basic super powered beings terrorist attack, like the Brotherhood of Evil from X-Men. The leader reminds me of Magneto and Professor X combined. Anyway the episode is a long terrorist attack with the good Espers taking action in the last couple of minutes. I guess it’ll be an interesting show to watch but I’m not exactly mega hot on it.

I suppose I’ll watch Tokyo Ghoul tomorrow and watch some dismemberment, mutilation, ultra violence, somber story setting and all that stuff the mainstream eats up like a hungry hippopotamus.

The hypocrisy that the mainstream LOVES these grim and violent shows but go berserk with rage the instant a woman shows off some skin and, heaven forbid, nipples is one of many reasons why I do not take the majority’s opinion seriously.

Kagura and Yomi cameoOh and the cameo by Kagura and Yomi confirms this show takes place in the Ga-Rei universe. What that means could only matter to diehard Ga-Rei fans, which I am not one of. I honestly didn’t GaRei Zero very much. It was okay I guess.


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14 Responses to Summer Anime Impression Pack 2

  1. Mercuria says:

    I’ve only watched Tokyo ESP and YnS2 so far.
    YnS2 is still being all cute and relaxed, though the feels don’t even come close to watching Hanagaymata.

    Tokyo ESP, as overall, is kinda okay just like Ga-Rei: Zero.
    But this show gave me such a sweet treat by showing me Yomi and Kagura.
    Damn, seeing Yomi, my waifu, all alive is the best thing ever happens to me this year :’)

    Oh, do watch Tokyo Ghoul asap. They have the hottest, ‘gluttony’, megane chick of the season :3


    • Overlord-G says:

      YnS2’s premiere was fun.

      It’s nice that they threw the nation a bone with her return. I assume this terrorist attack took place before she turned evil.

      I am not expecting much from Tokyo Ghoul but we’ll see what happens tomorrow when I pick it up.


  2. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    One thing Barakamon does great is I think that although there’s a tedency to idealize countryside this show also depicts how annoying and nerve-wrecking people there can be, too.


  3. MarkS00N says:

    Momokyun first episode reminds me of Kamen Rider (with poking to Super Sentai) so I hope they continue to use the Kamen Rider formula, always love that…
    Though some of its fanservice is forced here and there, so hopefully they won’t pushed it too hard (at least not every episode) or they become more natural as episodes goes on…

    About Tokyo ESP, as I only read several chapters that available either last year or two years ago so I might be wrong, but due to the number of cameos this series has, I lean more to believe this is an alternate universe which hopefully mean there is a chance that Yomi and Kagura never have the need to be separated from one another or going through any horrible event that befell to them in Ga-Rei series (like Yomi getting fiance 😛 )…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I expected the fanservice level of MMK to be high so it’s unsurprising. I can only imagine the level amping up when Onihime debuts.

      Whatever happens on ESP happens. Kagura X Yomi is not one of my favorite pairings in yuridom.


  4. i still can’t believe that i enjoy watching Love Stage!! and Free S2 (not a fan of Yaoi) .the anime is fun to watch despite it being that opposite genre that i like.. lastly. .good year for yuri. truly a blessing XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      Just because yuri is what we like does not mean we should not give yaoi a fair chance. It’s similar except with boys. I learned that in time.


  5. SilverFox says:

    Barakamon is a good comedy this season. It has some slightly serious points but for now it’s funny. The little Naru girl reminds me of my own daughter and how much of a ninja/troublemaker she can be. Little kids are smarter than adults give them credit for and they DO parrot things said around them without knowing the correct meaning. I’ve learned that the hard way.

    Tokyo ESP, I’ll keep watching it til something that holds a bigger interest to me comes along. I’ve never scene Ga-Rei so i had no idea who those two characters were, just figured they’d be significant in some manner. Same with Tokyo Ghoul on using it as filler to watch when i can’t find any other show that can keep my interest.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh yes. Naru is the quintessential 5-7 year old girl. Like I told you my niece is quite similar to Naru, both sharp and a kunoichi.

      Might as well keep watching them till they lose their appeal or get to the main crisis, whichever comes first.


  6. coolboysoldier says:

    Which anime takes place in ga-rei universe? Man, ga-rei was so beautiful I like to believe it was shoujo-ai but even if it was not those voices and music mixed together wow. If there is something in ga-rei universe its a must see for me. So Tokyo esp?


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