223rd G-View: SoniAni – Super Sonico The Animation

It’s time for some Super Sonic Racing as we take a look at Super Sonico TV in this latest G-View.

soniani super sonico the animation

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life.

Themes: Music, Idols.

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: SoniAni is a show about the daily life of Super Sonico, a college student who jumbles several activities at once. The four most important being her marine biology studies, helping out at her grandma’s bar, working as a gravure model and being the lead singer of her indie rock group, First Astronomical Velocity.

I will begin the review by stating the most important fact. SoniAni is not a show for people who have short attention spans or little patience. That is a because a large portion of the show focuses on some aspects of Sonico’s daily life at one of the four activities/jobs mentioned in the summary. The one getting the least attention being her college studies which is treated like any run of the mill school anime setting.

KitamuraAt her modelling job she is accompanied by her badass manager behind the ominous hannya mask, Kitamura, enemy to perverts wanting Sonico’s body for commercial reasons, friend to everyone and guardian/father figure of Sonico’s.

In short SoniAni is a documentary or a reality TV show starring a small (I think) Japanese town celebrity named Super Sonico, except nowhere near as poisonous to brain cells (depending on who the viewer asks of course). Basically do not expect an epic tale of an idol scraping her way from the bottom and change the world of music as she rises to the top. No she does that by just being herself, working hard and making others around her happy…so the concept is not that different from more popular idol shows when one stops to think about it.

Super Sonico photo shootLet’s continue with Sonico herself as a character.I read in some other reviews that everyone else on the cast was more interesting than Sonico herself. I assumed that meant Sonico is a Mary Sue and it is a proven fact that the internet LOATHE Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters. Sonico is not a Mary Sue at all. She’s just an inspirational, optimistic, hard working and determined woman whose willpower to face any challenge and her undying resolve and loyalty to her friends inspires and cheers up many people around her her. She also happens to be a heavy sleeper (With a workload and work ethic like hers it is not unbelievable), somewhat naive and used to be timid in her high school years or during first meetings. I can understand that because, while not a workhorse myself, I know what it feels like to be nervous to talk to strangers at first. I even knew a workhorse while attending college.

As I mentioned above Sonico’s influence, moe-ness, loyalty to her friends and devotion to doing a good job affects people around her who have their own personal trials to combat or agendas to reflect on their current actions and bring positive changes to their lives. So it’s technically a show about Sonico and the people she meets in her life.

Super Sonico TitanicSuzu, the girl behind Sonico, leader of the band Sonico’s in, happens to be my favorite female character on the show.

The first five episodes are formulaic in a sense that each one basically showed what Sonico did in one of her four main activities/jobs. Then episode six happened…Let’s just say I haven’t seen an episode as hilariously epic as this one in 2014 since episode 3 from Zvezda

Then, believe it or not, my favorite episode of the entire show kicks in, episode seven. I say it is unbelievable to some because to the naked eye nothing of value happens in that episode. However, to a person who enjoys slice of life anime A LOT happened there. It is, for the lack of a better term, an episode about discovering one’s self, broadening their horizons and be inspired by the wonders that the world has to offer just from taking a trip.

The other episodes after that swing from documentary to other characters. I mean Sonico’s “Kitty Rangers” get their own episode at one point.

Sonico and her old K-ON club friendsWith someone with a body like Sonico’s the show taking advantage of this is unsurprising…yet somehow it does not feel forced. It’s confusing but at no time did it feel like the fanservice on the show was being abused. It’s difficult to explain to a newcomer but for someone who has seen fanservice in MANY shows over the years it kind of makes sense. I will say that it took some getting used to before I became comfortable with Sonico’s head and body. I used to find her head and body did not match very well but I got over it as the show progressed.

The animation quality is decent. Many of the girls are hot and I think only Sonico and Fuuri have somewhat “different” body measurements. The show’s atmosphere, as is customary with most slice of life anime is relaxing and pleasant to look at in some occasions.

Helicopter bumpThe CG during the ED sequences in almost every episode are mixed. Some are pretty cool while others are okay at best. The OP and most of the EDs are probably songs from the Super Sonico series of games as I am not familiar with her series. I know who she was before the anime announcement at least. As for the show’s soundtrack, it reminded me of Yoshi’s Story because several of the show’s tunes are remixes of a the melody played after Sonico wakes up the first time. It’s pretty how many tunes can be played using only one melody.

As for potential yuri there is not much to be found here, unless the viewers accept the subtle hints in the first half of the show that Suzu could secretly be attracted to Sonico. They’d make a cute couple.

The reason why I enjoyed SoniAni so much is because I felt at peace while watching the show. It felt strangely relaxing and somehow taught me that when given the opportunity to go beyond the horizon (unintentional Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon reference) and see the wonders of life that exist both outside personal borders and inside the borders themselves. When making friends that you know are special, appreciate them as much as possible and most important of all…never trust weight loss cream or other skin care products.

Sonico and the band at the beachOverall I think many will say that I overrated SoniAni but that is how much I enjoyed the show. I do not whether readers will get the same experience watching this one as I did but SoL fans can at least give it a go sometime when bored. It is NOT AS BAD as some claim. It is simply not for people who are impatient or looking for a great tale about life changing idols and are willing to accept something similar but in a somewhat smaller scale.

PS: For the major Super Sonico fans out there, no the origin of her headphones is not explained and probably never meant to be.

PPS: I forgot to mention the show has many short montages accompanied by cool songs. I should get some of those insert songs.

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8 Responses to 223rd G-View: SoniAni – Super Sonico The Animation

  1. Antony says:

    The thing I really loved about this show was that while they could have got away with churning out some cheap fanservice-fest, they actually decided to give it their best shot. They had characters, and stories, and made what was on the whole a pretty decent show.

    Episode seven was particularly wonderful, an excellent slice of life anime, and rather sweet.

    Sonico’s granny was pretty damn cool too.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh yes. Many of the important side characters had their own personalities and did more than look pretty and cute if they were female.

      Good to know I’m not alone when it comes to episode 7.

      She was awesome both when young and old.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    lol 7 was my least liked episode. But I definitely enjoyed the show overall~ It was great!! Ene was my favorite actually 😀

    I think the final episode may have been my favorite, but it’s hard to say since it’s now been so long since I watched it.

    I would argue the subtext was stronger than “not much”, but that’s such a hard thing to gauge anyway.

    Episode 6 was hilarious and awesome at the same time


    • Overlord-G says:

      Had a feeling you wouldn’t. You don’t sound like a person who likes slow.

      It’s a semi clip show that brought everything full circle.

      It could be Grade 5 at best but who’s to say.

      That it was.


  3. x says:

    I like this show and the ED music was good for all of them.

    My favorite was ep 6 but I would have been awesome of that stuff work or change it completely to a new zombie thing but it was very funny anyways


  4. yurimylove says:

    I “get” you pal, as (I’m sure you know) I have similar tastes as you when it comes to SoL and moe anime. We appreciate many of the same elements. Episode 7, now i don’t know if you’ve watched Aria before (and if not I highly recommend it), but it’s very similar in tune/relaxed-atmosphere, seeing good in people/the world, right down to a glass-blower shop which is also featured in an episode of Aria. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, in fact I think it’s good as I love Aria. So yeah SoniAni is right up my alley. Episode 6 was hilarious of course. Episode 8 the murder case was pretty good and yuri too, also reminding me a bit of Milky Holmes.

    Some jokes I heard or made up about Sonico’s headphones:
    – they’re antennas
    – they’re emergency floatation device
    – they’re surgically attached
    – they’re organic and grows in size with her since her childhood (as proven in her baby photo)


    • Overlord-G says:

      You are one of my most loyal yuri council members so there is no doubt of how common our tastes in anime are. That is why I knew you would understand why episode 7 is so special. You too are well versed in the world SoL and its many wonders beyond the always near and appreciated power of moe.

      Aria is one of those legendary SoL anime that keep slipping my mind for one reason or another. My backlog is huge dood.

      Oh yes. Ena kinda reminded me of Sherlock and Neru.

      .Those headphones are quite the enigma.


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