222nd G-View: Engaged to the Unidentified

There was really only one major reason why I picked this show up and it was all thanks to Euro-Ninja and The Yuri Reaper. This is The Adventures of The Mighty Benio-sama.

engaged to the unidentified Cover

Alternate Title: Mikakunin de Shinkōkei

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Themes: Family, Unrequited Love, UMA

Number of episodes: 12 + 2 OVAs

G-Rating: 8/10 (With Benio), 7/10 (Without Benio)

Pink text is my twisted mind at work. The black text is the actual review.

The Mighty BenioThe Adventures of the Mighty Benio-sama is the tale of a mighty demi-goddess who is good at studying, sports, is very attractive, is the student council president and is admired (possibly loved) by fellow students of all genders. However, she is bad at housework.  Basically on the outside she is the stereotypical “perfect love interest” that are rampant in several hetero rom-coms. Her true identity however, is that of a charismatic and powerful  loli-siscon who has trained very hard to master the art of the “likable loli/siscon” but kind of came short. See while her carnal desire for young female flesh of ladies related to her is not a secret to anyone she is close to she cleverly uses her divine powers to camouflage her insatiable lust from innocent bystanders.She also gets bonus points for being allergic to cliche hetero rom-com antics.

Mashiro the witchBenio's blissBesides, her eyes are only set on her sisters (and a possible third prey). She is also very supportive and kind to her sisters when she does not want to eat them up. Basically she is a lot less dangerous than Haruka from Kanamemo but not as discreet as Akane from Yuru Yuri ♪♪.

Benio's dreamThe Mighty Benio-sama’s life goal is to build a paradise that is free of men where only she and her beloved imouto (and possibly a third figure) can live freely and have many fun filled days together, in more ways than one. While there is a deeper reason behind her greatness and why she is a loli-siscon, her raison d’etre remains her admirable life goal.

Sexy BenioOf course if some of my readers are appalled by people like The Mighty Benio-sama, then it is best to not pay attention to her antics when she is around…which can be difficult as she IS one of the two main characters of the show along with Mashiro.

And now, on to the real review.

Plot Summary: Kobeni Yonomori, an ordinary girl, finds out on her 16th birthday that she is betrothed to Hakuya Mitsumine, a boy the same age as her. Hakuya moves in from the countryside and starts living with her, bringing his younger sister who is still a primary school student with him.

The show’s secondary plot is about Kobeni and Hakuya’s slowly developing relationship. I personally dislike the idea of arranged marriage story lines because it usually has one of (or sometimes both) the characters , usually the girl, disapproving the idea but slowly accepting it. Unidentified does not stray away from the formula but it does not promote the radical idea of “arranged marriage not being so bad” either. It instead follows a slow and steady pace by having the two getting along as friends and occasionally growing closer together. Neither character is unlikable so it does not come off as forced at all, thus making the storyline more tolerable. Really the only one who makes a big deal of the whole marriage thing is Mashiro, Hakuya’s younger sister and the second main character of the show.

Mashiro MitsumineWhile there is no doubt that Mashiro is an undeniable adorable creature in every sense of the word she is not “Omega-Kawaii” levels of cute in my eyes. She’s just cute. Her antics are the second most important part of the show alongside The Mighty Benio-sama’s quest for young love.

Back to the main story. It is a straightforward hetero com-com that does little to break new grounds or defy the natural formula. However, that is in some ways its greatest strength. Its simplistic execution assures that nobody will be appalled by the show’s end result nor will anyone have to expect much from it. I suppose viewers who take het rom-coms very seriously will find this statement to be a downer.

The supernatural element of the show is merely mentioned and even when it is hinted at several times or shown it does not play a major role. Basically it is a means to an end and not a pivotal part of the plot. I suppose “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or “Looks can be deceiving” are one of the most important morals of the show.

The animation quality is pretty and soothing. The serenity of the scenery is not as calming as Non Non Biyori but it still peaceful. Other than the fun OP and neat ED the overall soundtrack is average outside of Benio’s three themes.

KobeniBeniko is presented as a kindhearted girl who dislikes being mean to other people (I can personally relate to that aspect in the real world. Not so much on the internet) and a subtle/minor inferiority complex. As mentioned earlier she initially disapproves the idea of the arranged marriage but quickly sees that Hakuya is a cool dude so she does not brush off the idea entirely. She just does not want it to become a major issue. She also dislikes being alone and has a nice body but other than the clip show in the OP the fanservice is very minor.

HakuyaHakuya, in short is like Komari’s older brother from Non Non Biyori if he were given some speaking lines. Coming from me that is a compliment as Komari’s brother is one of the greatest male anime characters of all time next to Love Lab’s Huggy. Hakuya does not get in the way, does not ridicule himself in public nor does he make me want to break glass with a sledgehammer. He is a cool, laid back dude who cares deeply for Kobeni and others (but mainly Kobeni) and goes with the flow. Good man.

Benio's #1 fan SuetsugiThis girl right here happens to be The Mighty Benio-sama’s #1 fan. She gets a mixed reaction from me but is mostly a favorable person as she is voiced by a very special person who yells the name of her loved one so that everyone worldwide can hear her. Sadly Konoha Suetsugi here does not yell out The Mighty Benio-sama’s full name.

Oh and the side characters are cool too.

engaged to the unidentified main trioOverall Engaged to the Unidentified is a solid, lighthearted het rom-com that does not overstay its welcome. It is a fun and simple watch. Viewers who want an over the top rom-com may be somewhat disappointed but anyone who did not cringe after reading my description of The Mighty Benio-sama will find a fun show to pass the time when they feel like watching one.



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13 Responses to 222nd G-View: Engaged to the Unidentified

  1. Benio was the sole reason for me to watch it even tho the ending and ova aren’t as good as Benio-sama.oh and her no1 fangirl just happen to be a fangirl ..no more no less


  2. SPFan says:

    Great review of a great anime! Yes, without Benio-sama this show would be a so-so het romcom. Of course, she’s a pedo-lesbian maniac, but that’s not the only reason we love and adore her so much.


  3. yurimylove says:

    “how to make a het rom-com anime not suck”

    • add intelligent, sporty, attractive bis sis character, who’s also “charismatic and powerful loli-siscon”
    • add tsundere girl who’s constantly fangirling over said big sis character
    • add adorable little sister character, preferrably one who dances cutely
    • add lead male character who’s not loud-mouth or clueless
    • add lead female character who’s not brain-dead

    mix ’em all up, and you might end up with something enjoyable like Mikakunin… 🙂


    • Overlord-G says:

      -The Mighty Benio-sama is love.
      -Suetsugi was fun.
      -Mashiro was cute but not SUPER cute.
      -Hakuya rocks.
      -Kobeni was a likable female lead.


  4. Faito says:

    Oh my God…
    Benio’s just great.
    This show would mean definitively nothing without Benio…


  5. kracen says:

    I tried watching this a while ago, and you can likely guess where this going due to the whole hetero relationship focus in it… But i actually dropped it at episode 4 and can not bring myself to go back to it.
    Benio is awesome.
    Kobeni is awesome.
    Mashiro is adorable and awesome.
    But, Hakuya existed… He didn’t say much so i tried to ignore him but just seeing him annoyed me, sure he genuinely cares for her and that’s nice and all but its not Yuri so i don’t like it…
    I tried to just enjoy the Benio moments, which i did… Same with the Mashiro moments.
    The whole hetero focus thing already had me on edge with this anime but it wasn’t the thing that tipped it over the edge for me… What really did it for me, was how it just seemed like some normal anime rom-com then all of a sudden… Theyre werewolves, with no supernatural things beforehand, just out of the blue, sudden anime twilight, and that just ruined it for me, the Benio and Mashiro moments that were yet to come could not convince me to keep watching after that.
    Am i missing out? Most likely, but this one will forever remain on my dropped list.


  6. Kuroneko says:

    Why is this under the “overheat” category? I couldn’t find any overheat scenes.


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