Akuma no Riddle Boss Voting Thingy Results

Thanks to everyone who had the courage or time to vote. Now it’s time to find out how many votes everyone got and see who is the favorite amongst my fans.

Akuma no Chibi

As always I save my votes for the last day and reveal them then. I voted for Banba, Isuke and Kouko. Now then, on to the results.

11th place: Shiena with 3 votes.

10th place: Kouko with 4 votes.

9th place: Suzu with 8 votes.

8th place: Hitsugi with 9 votes.

7th place: Chitaru with 11 votes.

6th Place: Nio with 17 votes

5th place: Haruki with 19 votes

4th place: Isuke with 20 votes

And now the top 3 assassins

Otoya's ED3rd place: Otoya with 22 votes.

Hanabusa Credits2nd place: Hanabusa with 26 votes

And the fan favorite among my peeps is…

Pervy teacherBanba with 34 votes.

The funny thing is this could possibly mean that the most popular boss fight in the entire show was the one that did not have Tokaku in it…also the second favorite did not have Tokaku landing the finishing blow. Heh, probably coincidence. Anyway there you all have it. The Yuri Nation has spoken.

Oh and fans who have been by my side the longest have probably figured out that the reason I haven’t made a voting poll for the AnR pairings is that they (including TokaHaru) will be competing again at the 2014 “Yuri Couples Festival”!

HOWEVER, that brings me to the second question I will ask as we wrap this preview “Superstar of the Year” voting style poll. The first question is (if anyone wants to share) what are your thoughts on the end results of the voting? The second and most important question is the following. In case some viewers have not heard, there will be an Episode 13 OVA coming out sometime this Winter. The question is whether I should postpone the Akuma no Riddle category for the Yuri Couples Festival or proceed as planned with all the other categories in the first week of December?

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17 Responses to Akuma no Riddle Boss Voting Thingy Results

  1. Trailduster6bt says:

    Judging how episode 12 ended, the ova may gives quite a bit more reason to vote tokaharu


  2. what are your thoughts on the end results of the voting?
    My Opinion: I’m surprised Banba got the top spot. Definitely AnR started off strong with everyone’s favorite lesbian sadist Otoya. My top pick, Hanabusa, was an amazing game changer. But Banba? Really? I feel like folks only like her for dat hammer…
    Though it says a lot that Tokaku and Nio scored really low with their disappointing battle in the climax of AnR.

    2nd opinion: I heard a lot of griping that for a yuri anime, AnR doesn’t have much on screen yuri, not even a real kiss! Episode 13 might finally provide the edge that would push Tokaku and Haru’s relationship. I say postpone it.


    • lee503 says:

      Agreed, probably best to postpone it. The OVA could change some people’s minds depending on what happens


    • Overlord-G says:

      This voting was more about the girls as characters and less about their boss fight.

      For example I like Isuke because of her undeniable sexiness, sadistic nature, how she behaves casually and her boss fight.

      Kouko’s another fav because she’s hot, she gets an A for effort from me and she was not as crazy as the others. Then again neither was Suzu. Guess that’s why they became roommates. Oh and Kouko’s ED is in my top 3.

      Banba vs Haru happens to be my fav fight. It has little to do with her sledgehammer (even though you CANNOT deny its badassery). Mahiru’s adorable and Shinya’s nuts. So (I hope) it’s more than just the hammer.

      Nio’s liked because of her personality and deviousness.


    • Faust says:

      It wasnt about the hammer, but how interesting she seemed, split personality and all, unstable psychosis, that demonic grin, her character design, the voice acting for both personalities 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ray Hales says:

    I am very satisfied with results, I wanted Banba to win, not because of the sledgehammer (even though it’s totally badass) but because I loved her personality and just her character to begin with, but I am a major fan of hers and I’m not surprised she won, but I just thought her character was really unique including her back story (even though not too much was given) and the way shinya is like mahiru’s protector in a way, all in all I’m happy with the choice big time.

    Also, my top fav’s where the top 3 so that also makes me happy because all 3 of them are awesome as hell. Hanabusa is a beast and Otoya is a lady killer lol what’s not to love? 😀

    and as for the second question, in my opinion postponing it would be good that way you could discuss the ova around the same time you do that.

    Also, my sister said I acted a lot like Isuke whenever I’m around her and I can understand that but, my sister acts like Haruki a lot and I thought that pairing was funny lol

    Question: If you had to choose which personality would suit you best, out of all the assassins who would your personality fit most?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Split personality type characters usually mean interesting moments between both sides. It’s cool that Shinya cared about Mahiru.

      You have a cool sister.

      Probably a hybrid of Suzu and Kouko as I am laid back like Suzu but willing to fight if need be like Kouko.


      • Ray Hales says:

        Yeah, it would be nice to get some self-cest doujinshi for Shinya/Mahiru, tbh I would love to have some with every coupling >:D yeah, she’s awesome. At first I thought my sis was more like suzu, but then we just agreed on haruki and nice choices. And Koukos hot as hell too ^-^ either way I can wait for the OVA


      • Overlord-G says:

        I would not go that far but I’m sure someone will write it.
        We’ll have to wait quite a bit but hopefully it’ll be worth it.


  4. Lena K. says:

    I’m proud to see Banba being that popular~


    • Overlord-G says:

      She made a huge impact.


      • the_elevator_man says:

        Definitely left a huge impression.

        Really deserving #1. Team scarred for life/death looks primed to push Team Sexy and Team Teddly in the couples race.

        Random theory 983 that Chikane graduated from the Kurogumi: did any assassin give their notice better than Chikane’s ep10 letter-through-the-pajamas delivery?


      • Overlord-G says:

        I was only referring to Banba really. Hanabusa was more of a WTF moment than a major impact but still…

        To answer your second question I don’t know.


  5. A bit suprised for Banba being in the first place, did not thought that she was such a fanfavourite.

    Also, iit kinda warms my heart to see Hanabusa at the second place, since reading some of the manga, Hanabusa and Banba are just really cute together, I totally ship them

    I feel a bit sad for Haruki, I personally think she deserves better than place 5 😦

    And with this episode 13 thing, I think you should postpone, the reason was already said, episode 13 could contain some mor cuddle time between the assasins


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