220th G-View: Yama no Susume

In preparation for the second season I decided to give a quick overview of the first season of Encouragement of Cimb/Yama no Susume.

Yama no Susume Cover

Alternate Title: Encouragement of Climb.

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Themes: Mountain Climbing, family, educational, growing up

Number of episodes: 12 (3 1/2 minutes) + 1 OVA (5 3/4 minutes)

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Summary:Aoi and Hinata are childhood friends. Aoi prefers staying indoors and is afraid of heights, whereas Hinata is outgoing and loves mountaineering. They both decide to climb a mountain, in order to see a sunrise they saw together when they were younger.

Hinata and Aoi made a promise to each other when they were very young to climb a mountain. Years later they get in contact again and start acting on that promise. However Aoi has developed a fear of heights, and Hinata has little patience for planning and even less caution.

Yama no SusumeYama no Susume felt like a prologue to something bigger, which is exactly what it was after the second season was announced. The show is about two childhood friends, Aoi and Hinata who made a promise to climb a mountain high enough so they can relive the amazing view of the sunrise they saw when they were younger.

The show has cute girls learning about all the necessary items and skills needed for mountain climbing from the required equipment, pacing, rations, and techniques. When they’re not doing that they’re just doing cute things.

The animation quality and music are both very laid back and help enhance the feel of living in a town near mountains that are both tourist attractions and actual mountains to climb. The actual mountains will play a role in the next season as in the first season the girls visited tourist attraction mountains to prepare themselves for the big guns. There was some 3D imagery used but it was only in 2 episodes or so.

Four main charactersAs far as characters go Aoi (far right) is the introverted girl who has a good reason to suddenly become scared of heights but with Hinata’s (twin tail girl) help she opens up more and slowly regains her dormant desire to climb mountains again. Hinata herself is the classic energetic and optimistic girl who is a forward thinking person most of her actions are motivated by her desire to support Aoi. Kaede (megane babe) is the experienced sempai of the group and Kokona (Left girl) is “the cute(est) one” of the group.

As far as yuri goes there is nothing official yet and the subtext is very vague but there is clearly potential and hope that it will be expanded upon in season 2.

Overall YnS is an enjoyable watch that should not take more than an hour. The show does not do much to be a nuisance, the girls are all fun to watch and (as of 2014) the show serves its purpose of pumping up viewers for the second season. Recommended to anyone who likes SoL and Girls Club shows.

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10 Responses to 220th G-View: Yama no Susume

  1. ninetybeats says:

    This series was a good anime snack. I like how some anime series can go into detail around certain themes. For people who like cute girls doing cute stuff, this series is definitely a treat and was a bit underrated in my opinion.


    • Overlord-G says:

      At least it made enough of a profit to warrant a longer continuation that will hopefully expand on the greatness that is the world of adorable mountain climbers.


  2. yurimylove says:

    I love YnS and i’m very pumped for the second season with longer episodes.


  3. cirno9fan says:

    “Hinata herself is the classic energetic ad optimistic girl who goes forward and has no shame in most of her actions.”

    I honestly don’t feel this is true one bit. multiple episodes show how she cares how her actions affect others. That was one of the things I really liked about her, she seemed like that sort of character on the surface, but there was much more to her. In fact, she does everything she does because she is positive it will be helpful to Aoi (and others possibly), and so far was pretty correct. Recall, she was a worse sort of social person before she started forcing herself to try and help Aoi out.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Cool that you noticed that about her. Hinata must be your fav character. It’ll probably be further expanded in season 2.

      Anyway I changed her mini description to something less rude.


  4. mutopis says:

    cant wait for season 2


  5. x says:

    l like this anime it got me the urge the try mountain climbing and it was fun


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