Life Lessons: Be True to Yourself

Akuma no Chibi 2I love this pic and this show.

I wrote a review on Akuma no Riddle recently and I am not 100% proud of this one because outside factors affected my better judgment. I will explain why.

After reading the review again and noticing a particular comment I noticed that I wasn’t being true to myself in the writing. I had let the gripes and complaints of others in the AnR fanbase my better judgement of what I really thought about the show because I was trying to write a fair review that didn’t make me sound like I was a blind optimist. I let the opinions of others get to me. I LOVED Akuma no Riddle but the review kind of made it sound like I did not and that upset me. Let’s bring up the “plot holes” again to better explain what I’m talking about.

  • 5: I don’t even want to dig deeper by explaining the plot holes the plot has. I’ll try to name a few for kicks.

-Why does it have to be a one by one order?

-Why can’t some of the assassins cheat by taking out the competition before going for the gold themselves? (This one is sort of addressed)

-How do the janitors clean up the debris from previous battles in less than 24 hours?

-Are these assassins’ exoskeletons made of adamantium?

I’m being generous here. A pro cynic could have a field day poking holes into this water balloon. Then again these are the ones I vaguely heard about during my skirmish into fanbases.

All this right here, nothing but nitpicks based on online complaints I kept hearing about and letting them mess with my head. The truth is NONE of the red text bothered me in the slightest. I mentioned adamantium in an anime that had nothing to do with X-Men for Pete’s sake! Everything was calculated and felt like part of how the show was presented. The writers made sure to cover as much as they could with the allotted time they were given and they did a solid job as far as I’m concerned.

I could go further pointing out parts of the review that felt out of place for me but I will leave the review as a reminder of the mistake I made.

My honest opinion about AnR is that it is one of my top 5 favorite anime of 2014. I will stand by the opinion that AnR is a fun, yet flawed show but the flaws were not bad enough to make the show lame. Not even close.

In conclusion I humbly apologize to both my fans and especially myself for not being true to myself. I swear that after this review all others will be based on MY opinions alone. Any flaws, any inconsistencies, any gripes will be all my own and not be influenced by outside forces unless the complaints are valid. I will make sure to be true to myself and my loyal followers.

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19 Responses to Life Lessons: Be True to Yourself

  1. froggykun says:

    This resonated with me. I actually had similar problems bringing myself to enjoy No Game No Life. Many critics whom I respect were pointing out how poisonous the subtext is, and even though the show is really fun as a spectacle, I can’t bring myself to accept it. It still doesn’t sit right with me. But it’s normally the sort of thing I enjoy, soooooo yeah.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It goes back to the old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”. Everyone has a right to their opinions but that does not mean they are all right.
      There are people whose opinions I usually respect as well but sometimes a show comes up where I do not see eye to eye with said people.
      It’s somewhat similar to revered authors who are popular for their work. Just because one or some of their work was critically acclaimed does not mean ALL their work is gold.


  2. Frozenrain says:

    It did actually sound like you didn’t like that much Akuma no riddle in your previous review, good you keep being true to yourself then.
    As you say, the show has holes, but they’re not close to make the plot lame or anything, it was good, overall.
    When Tokaku stabbed Haru I didn’t know what to think, my mind was full of “Why”, what I think I get was that she needed to stab Haru in order to prove she wasn’t under her control, that she was acting by her own free will. I find that actually pretty impressive.
    I appreciate that they let us know what happened with all the other assasins, I wasn’t sure of what would happen to them after they failed, in the end just seems they come back to have their lives as they were before.
    Now, there’s just one thing I don’t believe per say, I don’t know how Chitaru and Itsugi survived, I mean I was glad, but how is that possible? specially Itsugi, she drinked poison thinking her beloved one was dead, and that takes a lot of weight from that superb scene.

    PD: What the hell is that guy beside Isuke? I’m sure he wasn’t her dad. I hope it was her brother or something, Isuke-sama is just for Haruki and I’ll miss a little Nio’s tsu~


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. AnR was awesome.
      Correct. As another nation member mentioned previously, Tokaku going that far to find the truth was part of a moral dilemma directed at viewers asking whether they would have done the same thing Tokaku did to discover their true feelings.

      Best explanation is either the they found unbiased doctors who weren’t hiding the cure for cancer from society and they had access to an antidote or chitaru didn’t stab Hitsugi in her heart.
      The other explanation was because of Haru’s willpower. The second is the most preposterous but whatever.

      That was “Mama” next to Isuke, remember?


  3. Cheshire Cat says:

    “How do the janitors clean up the debris from previous battles in less than 24 hours?” –> What a ridiculous question…. I will really feel bad if answering any kind of that question.

    Even though I was expected a lot from AnR, but honestly, your reviews were the things I look forward to reading after watching each ep :). Keep going on, my bud, this is your blog after all :).


    • Overlord-G says:

      They were already answered actually.

      People often do that and it come back to bite them in the rear. I pumped myself up more for Sakura Trick and knew it would deliver because it was an easier investment to make on that one being super awesome.


  4. the_elevator_man says:

    I think we all run through animes hoping for a keeper, hoping for the next ____, hoping for a masterpiece. Course, they’re rare. And then so many people drop/crap on them as it’s not flavour of the month anymore. But after the disillusionment that not everything is or can be a masterpiece, you realize the key question isn’t “is your life a masterpiece” but “are you happy in life?”

    AnR isn’t a masterpiece, isn’t going to go down the archives like Evangelion, Sailor Moon, FMA, or whatever popular series is popular. What it is, is a good campy, niche/cult little series that says “hey yuri fans who returned after Sakura Trick appetizers (desert), we’re the meat and potatoes lovechildren of dark yuri like GR0 or KnM. We rock cool characters, action, yuri heartwrenchers and a kickass soundtrack. We don’t really have a plot, but we’ll stab you in the feels, throw them down a roller coaster, and make you like it.”

    It worked.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I stopped caring about what would be labeled the next big thing in the yuri nation after what has currently been labeled “The next Girl Friends”. I just want to smile and enjoy myself while watching shows.

      Most action yuri shows aren’t mainstream sweethearts unless they’re by Bee Train and even those aren’t blockbusters from what I know.


  5. Lena K. says:

    You’re so right with that, and isn’t this always a problem?
    Reading what others don’t like about the show will probably make you think about it, and in most cases, you’ll notice these flaws even more in the end.
    While writing a review, I sometimes wonder whether being too positive or too negative about a show will make people hate the review or my opinion in general.
    Ah well, in the end, in Akuma no Riddles case, it’s just like you said, there are so many plot holes and they are so obvious, and yet we don’t care, because we can love it anyway.
    The same goes for Citrus.
    People will hate it and some have good reasons to do so, but while writing a review about it, I want to be true to myself and give it the rating that I think it deserves, instead of giving it the rating that I think the internet thinks it deserves.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s what happened here. Avoiding these gripers would a solution but even then there’s usually a chance that one would end up in yet another cesspool with gripers. They are inescapable as long as we continue using the internet.

      That has recently bothered me as well. Do I come off as being too optimistic sometimes or annoying? I then remembered that people keep visiting BECAUSE I’m usually chipper and viewers can tell I write using my honest feelings about stuff.

      Yup. AnR is lovely.

      You know how I feel about Citrus but my dislike for it stems more from how it has been labeled by fans than it being overrated. I will explain as soon as I get into the mood to write my Volume 2 review.


  6. mutopis says:

    given the lack of yuri over the past, we are lucky we are getting some stuff at least. This was a good anime overall, it could had been much better, but at least something is better than nothing. I am hoping for an OVA.


  7. kitsu260 says:

    When I defense a show I like so much I use the argument ”My Love is more Stronger than Your Hate”


  8. reville says:

    hey there OG

    so i just finished AnR, and i must say, massive loads of fun!!! woohoo!!!!

    totally loved the action, and the movements, oh, tokaku’s movements. sublime! and when she goes ‘red’ or ‘yellow’, totally perfect!!

    she can totally OP, but i love how they didn’t overdo it, like when it came to our resident cyborg sumeriko, even with all her prowess, as the best assassin in the world, [for me she totally is], when faced with a cyborg assassin that’s really good and can augment herself, i think i didn’t mind her being beat there, and what’s more, by the object that she thought would surely put her opponent down and out! anyhow, lemme stop there, i’m not gonna fawn over her through this whole thing

    i also loved haru’s ingenuity, that hadn’t been shown fully really, i’m guessing her time with azuma really paid off when it came to strategy and she wasn’t just goofing off, as it were, all that time

    and for the yuri, why i started watching it in the first place, from the get go obviously, apart from the ‘love-at-first-sight-somewhat-at-the-door’, chitaru and hitsugi was just meant to be, even though they really were the fated-tragic-lovers, all the times we saw them, they just seemed to click so effortlessly, and their romeo-juliet death, after all realization, a good send-off i thought

    but really, i loved, OBVIOUSLY, tokaku x haru, and their ‘even though you wanna protect me, i still wanna be my own self as much as i can’, and the decision to kill to prove her love is true, LOVED IT!

    and to think that that action made haru love her even more, what more could i want! and when she said, ‘daisuki!’, running right into her death, priceless!!

    even though it was soo clear that azuma loved her, and showed her that time and again, i still wish she’d said it, verbalized it at some point, even the end, y’know, i just love to hear the words, even over and after everything and when it’s soo obvious. still, the waiting after graduation and haru slipping her arm inside tokaku’s as the walk away, nice

    just one thing i wished with all i had, and i still wish…


    i simply hated her! i just wish azuma had gone all ‘family-name’ on her and completely obliterated her after that stab and cut her up into tiny little neat pieces beginning with that smirking mouth and lips and head!!

    anyhow, AnR is totally awesome and ToHaru is simply perfect!!

    arigatou gozaimasu!


    • OG-Man says:

      Sorry for taking this long to reply to your comment. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show and how much you liked and disliked cast members. It isn’t very popular but to say it sucks is an exaggeration.


  9. Faust says:

    To be honest, I also very much enjoyed Akuma no Riddle, just loved it
    I just saw that it had a low rating on and mostly bad reviews and I felt really bad for having enjoyed it, I feel like I can’t recommend to anyone, if most people didnt like it
    People call it generic but I thought it was fun as hell, I thought that it was a really cool and original setting ;u;
    Glad to hear you liked it too


    • OG-Man says:

      I could care less what the majority say most of the time when it comes to shows I liked. They’re free to dislike it, they just won’t get me to agree when it’s a show I enjoyed.


  10. noxartcz says:

    Late comment. I really like both this post and AnR. Really love this post. In general it’s not bad to hear other opinions and be critically thinking. But I think it has the power to turn something you enjoy sour – no work can be perfect and yet we love it … there are certain qualities in it that resonate with us and that’s why we watch it.

    For e-v-e-r-y single work there will be someone who really disliked it and could not stand it. The things that matter to them are not there or not the way they like. And on the other side people that love it, so even those who do care for opinions of others (I mean, it’s still in our nature to some degree) – you wouldn’t be alone in liking it.

    Also a reason why I try to stay away from ratings and comments before watching something – I know it does affect me, so I’d might even not give a chance to something I could have loved.

    I wish some things about AnR were a bit improved (maybe it was a full run), but I still enjoyed it (and will likely watch it again). Haru is actually among the cutest anime girls I’ve seen so far, it’s doki-doki every second of screentime she gets

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