Sono Hanabira 14.2: “My Sworn Love For You” Announced

The list of untranslated yuri visual novels continue to pile up as another Sono Hanabira game was announced starring my favorite pairing in the franchise in their third fun filled and steamy adventure.

Eris and Shizuku's 3rd adventure

Thanks again to AXYPB for the info.


The story takes place during and after episode 14, Snow White’s Knight and was conceived per request by the fans who didn’t get to see two couples engage in ultimate glory. Those couples were Runa and Takako and the champs right here.

Story summary: The College Queens still had some time left of their Summer vacation along with Runa, Takako and Rena. Unfortunately for Shizuku, Eris was still a lady killer who unintentionally got plenty of other lovely ladies wanting a piece of foreign perfection in their love lives. Shizuku still feels uncomfortable watching her woman getting looks from other women and so proceeds to ask Iono-sama prodigy Rena Houraisen for advice.

Eris and Shizuku 3Long story short, the sexiest women in yuri history, wearing bikinis, having fun in the sun, getting into arguments and then having the most amazing CG drawn lesbian lovemaking I have ever seen and heard in my life. These girls are the best of the best is what I’m saying.

Hopefully Lily Platinum’s English patch isn’t too far behind because I NEED more College Queen greatness.

Eris and Shizuku 3-2The release dates are as follows:

  • Download version will be available May 23rd
  • Hard copies will be released May 31st

Additional thanks goes to my fellow Sono Hanabira fan and College Queen supporter, the Euro-Ninja Lena K.

Eris and Shizuku 3-3They’re simply the best.

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22 Responses to Sono Hanabira 14.2: “My Sworn Love For You” Announced

  1. Lena K. says:

    I’m starting to really like my new title “Euro Ninja” 😛
    Also, only a few more days and we’ll get the delicious CGs featuring our favorite couple making love on the beach~
    Can’t wait!


  2. Hanneman says:

    A part of me is loving having another ErisxShizuku game, and is fanboying as crazy. But the other part insist on reminding me that we might have to wait some years to play it. Seriously, Yurin Yurin could at least have a internal translation team. Or let Petals Garden do the job. Its almost impossible for them not to know the amount of fans they have on their product. Anyway, i’ll try to forget this announcement.


  3. Alexis says:

    OMG, un capítulo para mi pareja favorita, todas tienen algo especial pero el diseño de Eris y Shizuku es muy atractivo y son muy contrastantes tanto en el físico como la personalidad. Shizuku está más decidida y no permitirá que le quiten a Eris. Espero que se casen y tengan una linda princesa. He visto algo y mi mente no puede evitar imaginar a estas dos tortolitas teniendo sexo en la playa.
    Se están tardando con un capitulo para Rena ¿que será bueno? que la emparejen con una alumna sumisa e inocente o con una profesora coqueta y dificil de “capturar”, a mi me gustan difíciles y para Rena sería un reto.



    • Overlord-G says:

      Por supuesto que habran escenas de amor en la playa.

      Tal vez Rena ya ha encontrado una esposa de las “miles” de chicas con quienes ella supuestamente durmio con, pero obviamente me gustaria ver un capitulo con Rena.

      Espero que llegue un gran final donde las parejas se casen y adopten una hija cada una.


  4. Cheshire Cat says:

    Those Yuri goddesses are back ^^ Woohoo~


  5. Cyan says:

    How do I put my feelings about this into words?! I am so happy! I may be a little late hearing about this but I don’t mind as long as this game is released!
    Eris x Shizuku are also my favorite from the Sono Hanabira series. They are just the perfect couple! talk about having two mature ladies who can be so confident and shy at the same time. perfection! I love the both of them and getting a third installment from these two is awesome.
    The perfect couple, the perfect yuri storyline, and the perfect CG drawings, all that’s left is an anime version (I wish! but I’m satisfied with this) Thank you so much creators!
    I’m still playing Lily Platinum because the English translation isn’t done yet. I hope this version also gets done at the right time.

    These two are just so sexy, I am not surprised that there is jealousy in their relationship. Yuri Goddesses. <<True.

    Eris x Shizuku in the bath together… that picture!! so adorable together, Peco's artwork is just so awesome! They are the best couple in the series!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh yes. their sexiness knows no bounds and their greatness is equally boundless.

      I’ve been waiting for a Sonohana OVA sequel starring Eris and Shizuku for years.


  6. yurimylove says:

    beautiful artworks! did you say Eris is foreign? As in caucasian? well if that’s the case, then Shizuku is already living Shino’s dream from Kin-iro Mosaic…


  7. Miun216 says:

    Where i can download the english version ? I can’t find anywhere !!!


  8. Zahc says:

    Is the English translate version of this out yet.


  9. ES says:

    I’m just catching up to Sono Hana series and I started with Eris x Shizuku. They are just so adorable together.

    But my Lily Platinum VN always end on the “incomplete end” is there a way to play the entire game.


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