Filler Post: Tokaku and Haru’s Parents


Amane + Hikari = TokakuShizuma + Nagisa = HaruWhat do you all think? Does this solve the mystery of their origin?

TokaHaru PyjamasTokaHaruIn any case TokaHaru are a lovely couple. They aren’t very intimate yet but the love is there.

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20 Responses to Filler Post: Tokaku and Haru’s Parents

  1. glory says:

    i love this couple, but i need more yuri content in this anime, hahahaha..


  2. E says:

    Hey OG have you heard of Faking It? I just watched the first two episodes, and while I though it was going to be horrible, it’s actually pretty good. Something new to watch if you’re bored making filler posts.


  3. x says:

    OG you might be right about there parents


  4. Alexis says:

    Aja, con que descendencia no reconocida, yo pensé que Tokaku era la hija de estas dos:

    hasta el mismo apellido llevan


  5. rocksteadyvibez says:

    Agreed with your origin of parents! Although, I might be able to see Tokaku as Chikane and Himeko’s child. And maybe ummm Harupoppo and Yuu are the parents for Haru 😀


    • Overlord-G says:

      Pretty good observations dood.


    • the_elevator_man says:

      I’m still sticking to my theory that manga Chikane and Himeko did it in the Lunar Shrine of Tokaku’s past, granting Chikane’s badass nature and Himeko’s fate-compassion/inability to kill. Afterwards, either Chikane did Tokaku’s hair (since no one touches Himeko’s hair), or else Himeko styled Tokaku in memoriam of the world’s biggest loveable loser Souma (to Chikane’s chagrin, but she bears with it).

      It has been said in many reviews that Spica was founded by Otochibana, so Amane/Hikari kinda fits, in the same way that Miator was founded by Lillian. Haru fits Nagisa paired with anyone really, whether it’s Shizuma, Tamao or even anime Himeko. Nagisa-Haru is just that obvious a connection, especially with the manga/novel StoPan.

      Not a great fan of StoPan, but the one thing they DID do correctly was dropping Nagisa’s third person tic. The only times the third person works is when the character is either a clone (Misaka) or a moeblob (Misaka). For someone skirting the line between sexy and cute, it doesn’t work.


      • Overlord-G says:

        You sure did your research dood. Then again you are a big time KnM fan so it should not be surprising.

        Pretty cool analysis regardless.


  6. SPFan says:

    That was hilarious! Personally I don’t see any Shizuma’s feature in Haru (aside from tragic mysterious past, though I doubt this id inheritable). She looks more like Nagisa+Tamao child.


  7. Sunnyy says:

    I love your filler posts:)


  8. Shizuma-Sama says:

    Kawaii ——


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