214th G-View: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

This show was a surprise addition to my Winter lineup for a very specific reason. Was it worth picking up in the end? Find out as I review Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life, supernatural

Themes: goddesses, gods, school, unrequited love, yuri

Number of episodes: 10

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary (Wikipedia): Inari Fushimi is a clumsy girl who has a crush on classmate Kōji Tanbabashi. One day, after rescuing a fox pup named Kon from falling into a river, Inari is greeted by the shrine god Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, who gives Inari a portion of her power, allowing her to transform her appearance to that of any other human.

Sexy Uka-samaBest way I can describe this show is a superior Tamako Market. The show has a strong emphasis on friendship and love so the “power of friendship” is strong in this one. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on whether the viewer enjoys watching these kinds of stories or not.

There isn’t much I can say about this show. It’s a very simple premise. Adorable, likable, clumsy girl has a crush on cool guy, doesn’t know how to approach him, gets help from a goddess, fun times filled with mild drama and good life lessons ensue. The show’s charm is not in its drama or the relationship between humans and deities, its strength is in its simplicity and beautiful animation style and setting. Getting the obvious out of the way, the show’s short length is an obvious “manga lure” though it didn’t have a cliffhanger ending. Having said that, there was definitely one part I wanted to see more of, which I’ll get to in a bit.

The Land of the DeitiesAs I mentioned above the animation is really good. Whenever a wide shot of the city of deities is shown I am left in awe, despite it being nothing more than a rural Japanese city. The design of the inhabiting deities didn’t amaze me but were varied enough to be amusing. Inari’s “Inari Konkon” sequences are, like most mahou shoujo henshin sequences, awesome. Simply put the show’s pretty.

The music felt calm and soothing, like being in a less rural Japanese setting.

The music and animation point out yet another strong asset the show has, its relaxing atmosphere. Watching this anime filled my mind with ease, dramatic moments aside.

Inari's PosseShort explanation about all the characters on the show, everyone except Inari’s older brother Touka are really cool. The reason being that Touka is a stereotypical “bad boy” character adolescent and teenage girls go crazy over. I personally felt indifferent about the guy because I find his stereotype boring.

KonAnother reason why I liked this show more than Tamako Market, Kon is a much better mascot character than Mochiyukky. Plus she’s sooooooooo cute! I don’t know if anti-mascot animeniacs will like Kon but that’s their problem. I don’t hate mascot characters…most of the time. Mochiyukky’s funny but Kon’s superior.

Anyway back to Inari and her posse. Besides being adorable and likable, Inari’s strength lies in her determination to do the right thing and work hard to succeed. I’m a sucker for hard workers. I must say though that the guilt for some of her actions were unnecessary. She was only acting on her human instincts. She didn’t need to worry so much. Then again, it’s part of her character so it’s no big deal.

A very special thumbs up goes to the character of Maru-chan. I demand more cute, chubby, likable anime girls. The anime world should be not be described as one full of ONLY well-endowed high school girls, women and omnipotent lolis. Chubby people need love too! I NEED LOVE TOO! Respect to Maru-chan!

Inari and Uka-SamaBefore I get to the #1 reason I picked this show up, let’s talk about Inari and Lady Uka’s relationship. This relationship is where the more interesting parts of the show take place, the relationship between humans and deities and whether they are capable of coexisting with one another. The dynamic between Inari and Lady Uka made me forget that Inari liked a boy because they looked so cute together. Maybe their bond was seen as sisterly amongst casual viewers but as far as I’m concerned…you know.

Lady Uka also happens to be a fanservice character in more ways than one. Not only is she beautiful but she’s also very kindhearted, strong, feisty when needed and most important of all, loves video games. Thumbs WAY up!

Tomboy and BishoujoAnd now for the main event and one of my biggest gripes with the show, the “developing” relationship between the bishoujo Akemi Sumizome and her beloved tomboy Keiko Sanjo. First of all, LOVE the fact this is not a stereotypical “Big and Small” yuri pairing. Second, despite being an innocent cutie admired by many for her looks alone, Sumizome-san is no weakling…after certain events developed of course. Third, Keiko’s one good looking superbabe and she has an attitude to boot, which thankfully is nowhere near as bad as Touka’s.

Sexy coupleSummer Vacation arc, my favorite arc on the show.

This also leads to my main gripe with the show…


I know they’re only a side-couple but COME ON! Oh well, at least they got more screen time than Yayoi X Shion…barely.

Overall, Inakon’s strengths lie in its simplicity, really good animation and mostly likable cast of characters. I had a lot of fun watching this one even though the yuri was insufficient. Despite its short length it did accomplish its purpose into getting me to pick up the manga if a second season does not air. Others who have seen the show can point out bigger flaws than what I mentioned but they aren’t bad enough to make this show any less enjoyable…unless the viewer loathes either Kon, Touka or any other cast member with a passion. Other than that, highly recommended to slice of life/ lighthearted rom-com enthusiasts.

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6 Responses to 214th G-View: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

  1. shiroganeseta says:

    i watched the show after reading your review :3 The first episode already hooked me to this anime. Excellent animation, graphic and soothing musics ❤
    Inari is reaaaalllyyy cute, this is the first time i like that type's character, she's so adorable. No words needed for Uka-sama .<

    Honestly, i can see Tanbabashi and Inari together, usually i don't really like het couple but Tanbabashi is a good guy and not stereotypical so.. i just don't like Inari's older brother, he ruins the show tbh… too much screentime focusing on Uka-Touka relationship than Uka-Inari's

    But the show is mostly enjoyable to watch and the comedy is so funny XD. and we need more Sumizome-Sanjo ❤


  2. Cyan says:

    It was really fun watching it.
    True not much yuri but it was enjoyable especially when everything turned out unexpected,

    I suddenly liked Akemi’s character when she wasn’t the typical girl i thought she would be… love that she turned gay and declared it. hahaha she has my support if their relationship levels up in the manga.

    Maru’s part was really nice, I like how she was honest with her feelings. The friendship of the show was really nice, how jealousy can ruin them and trust can mend them.

    Big brother Touka was funny, like… is that how adults see us when we were teenagers? hahaha but i don’t think i was that crazy.

    Lady Uka is my favorite! what you said was true my friend, her relationship with Inari doesn’t make my eyes blurry, they do look cute together, but there friendship is stronger at least we have AkemiXKeiko.
    Lady Uka is adorable! especially when she plays video games! I love how she looses her composure and acts like a child whenever she wants to play.
    Are there more anime with characters like her? if there are let me know please?

    I think this show really pushed the stereotypes further and gave them a really nice touch in the end, it’s nice knowing that this anime showed the stereotypes are possible in real life.


    • Overlord-G says:

      SumiSanjo is a really cute couple and more from them would be appreciated. Maybe in the upcoming OVA.
      Maybe there are other shows like this one but I don’t remember which ones honestly.
      Touka still sucks regardless of his stereotype.
      Lady-Uka is love, plain and simple.


  3. judge212 says:

    I really enjoyed Inari konkon (even have Uka-sama as my current Twitter profile pic). It’s such a sweet and relaxing show. I know one of my writers reviewed a bunch of the chapters way before the anime came out and told me about it. SumiSanjo gets pretty good in the manga. Also, I don’t mind Touka. He has his purpose. This show/manga is as much about Inari’s search for love and happiness as it is about Uka-sama’s. She finds that in Touka. Although unlikely, I’d love a second season.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I heard SumiSajo got better as their relationship progressed.
      If only Touka weren’t such a lame stereotype I wouldn’t mind that he’s Uka’s destined prison.


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