Saki 2.12: Passing of the Storm

The big match that had captured Saki fans’ undivided attention came to an end this week. Which two of the four teams were left standing and which ones were eliminated?

Saki's murderer face

Tsumo 4000, 8000In a surprising (or maybe not) turn of events, Faith came back from a beating used her wits to not only stand her own but actually pull off a pretty good Tsumo (4000, 8000) and hold her own in second place for the rest of the match. I guess the writers were going for a “human intellect outsmarting gods” booking by having The Boogie Rockers make the semi-finals.

Toyone pulling out all the stopsSister Toyone had not been able to get a move in since last week’s episode and went all kamikaze on their asses…

Toyone defeatedUnfortunately it wasn’t enough and the Toyone Family had been eliminated. I did NOT see that coming. I thought they’d at least get second place.

Kasumi's last standQueen Kasumi was also willing to bear the pain and lash out a final attack.

Kasumi's cleansingUnfortunately the Killer Mikos were also out of luck and got the boot. At least the queen got her cleansing and me wishing to see a mini OVA centered around this ritual.

Saki's murderer faceAs for Saki she spared her victims and chose the safe way out by “tripping” her opponents and stopping anyone from unleashing a powerful attack.

Kawaii FaithAlthough Faith was happy she helped the Boogie Rockers qualify for the semifinals she was disappointed with her performance. In her own way the coach recommended Faith chilled out a bit and changed her image…or something.

Bad Engrish Pro GirlCoach did call “Bad Engrish Pro Girru” and some others to help the Boogie Rockers prepare for the semifinals and have Faith wrestle someone with similar skills to Saki.

Sad giant and her teamThe Toyone Family console their inspirational matriarch who got some autographs to take home with her.

The Princess' floatieAlthough they lost a shot at the “World Mahjong Tag Team Championship”, The Killer Mikos and The Toyone Family at least have a shot at the gold as each team has two members competing for the “Universal Mahjong Championship”. In the meantime they stopped by to invite The Toyone Family to go film a beach OVA with them. Hopefully it’ll be a bonus episode that will include a “cleansing” segment.

One of the strongest mahjong players in the universeOur heroine ladies and gentlemen.

Worried SakiSaki’s worried about Faith and her superior intellect. Hisa also notes that Saki did not take her shoes off during the match putting into speculation whether Faith’s last minute tsumo was a fluke or Saki really did underestimate her.

Achiga CameoWe close the episode off with Mother Clarissa having tea with Coach Anderson bringing back memories of Achiga-hen.

Next week will probably be a sendoff episode hopefully with an announcement of the next season not taking another 5 years to make.

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14 Responses to Saki 2.12: Passing of the Storm

  1. 14_of_12 says:

    I liked how saki said she was still trying to get +/- 0 in her head. That coupled with her socks being still on in hinting that the monster is still shackled. The thought of those shackles coming off is making chills run down my spine.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Indeed. I was surprised that Saki emitted such a frightening aura last week…AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN TAKE OFF HER SHOES AND SOCKS! “Shivers”


  2. ArcaJ says:

    I WANT TO SEE SAKI’S FEET DANG IT! OK, that was weird….

    Anyway, Toyone ends up the big winner today, as she’s got all her teammates (and Sleepy Sempai) to comfort her. Notice how excited Shiro was about the beach trip. (Trust me, that was her being ecstatic). Plus, we got an Achiga sighting. Shizuno needs to visit a lingere store badly. (the chafing! Think of the chafing!) Coach says it’s about the team, but she’s thinking of sweet Arata-chan. (in my head!)

    I’m starting to think Himematsu’s coach is Fujita-Pro’s ex. Yes, I am making a sexy MahJong romance novel in my head. Starring the Pros!

    I think I sprained something.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      Saki’s feet are adorable.
      Shiro may secretly want to see her harem wearing swimsuits.
      Shizu needs to wear pants.
      The day Coach forgets about Arata is the day her career hits rock bottom…nah. Arata’s too good for Coach Anderson to ever forget.

      You do like hooking up side-characters, especially adults. I do agree that we need more yuri anime with protagonists ages 20 and up.


  3. kitsu260 says:

    I don’t Kiyosumi in this arc, they lost they charism
    Other team were a lot more impresed, specially Toyone and Hirue


  4. Cytrus says:

    It is almost certain that Saki made Suehara win that hand and increased Suehara’s score by calling that kan. Saki needed to lose those points in order to aim for her +/- zero and retain full flow control in the final hand..

    The big deal, from Saki’s perspective, is that she even had to resort to this tactic rather than just crush everybody outright with a huge point lead. But this hand and match remain one of the biggest mysteries of power balance in the series so far.


  5. yurimylove says:

    Kiyosumi winning is a given. Of the remaining 3 teams I rooted for Toyone’s team the most (even though i like other teams as well). But that’s okay even if they don’t qualify looks like we’ll still get to see more of Toyone and her friends. In the individual tournament maybe? sigh There’re so many loveable characters in Saki but they can’t all win, too bad ^^ I hope the next episode will give us more Saki x Nodoka moments that’s sorely lacking in this season.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s a given with this show, lots of cuties to cheer for. More NodoSaki goodness is needed. We did not get enough.


  6. Cyan says:

    I also thought Toyone family would make it. Anyway, what gives? This season is short, hope the continuation doesn’t take too long.
    What did you think about Achiga-hen? I didn’t enjoy it much, felt rushed and didn’t see much challenge from them so it was weird how they all got into the finals. it wasn’t as challenging as what saki’s entire team had to go through. So i don’t think i am excited to see them, hope they change that and make them seem cooler. But i am looking forward to the Miyanaga sisters.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I reviewed Achiga-hen and it was enjoyable. I also look forward to a short interval and one that does not take very long.


  7. Hanneman says:

    I, unintentionally, spoiled the results for myself almost 3 weeks ago. When the chapter 120 of the manga was released, i took a peek just to see how was it like. On the first page there was Hiroe and Hisa playing with 2 other girls that werent from the other teams. Well, i only got myself to blame for that.


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