Saki 2.11: Total Annihilation

Being initially taken aback by The Matriarch and her legion of the damned, Queen Kasumi goes on the offensive and releases her own army of chaotic spirits. However…

Kasumi releasing demonic spiritsAnd you all thought I gave the queen the nickname “The Grand Wall” mainly because of her kazangas.

Kasumi shrouded in chaos3200, 6200 TsumoThe Queen takes complete control over the first half of the show. First she pins everyone down with her “Gentle Berzerker” power up and “Holy Demon” attack. See, she’s a human vessel that used to contain all the chaotic demons that want to consume the Princess. The Queen also mentions that after she uses this deadly move she needs to quickly “cleanse” her body with the assistance of the other Mikos but she can’t because she used the move after the halftime break so she has no choice but to keep going. Perhaps she’ll get an “extra special cleansing” after the match from the princess.

Self doubtFaith temporarily doubts her power as she’s faced with three A-Class wrestlers yet refuses to give up. However…

Kasumi's menzen, chinitsu, tsumo, iipeikouMenzen, chinitsu, tsumo, iipeikou.

…the Queen surprises everyone with an all-bamboo hand for 4000, 8000 points taking the lead for the Killer Mikos.

Kasumi's Quick TsumoFor the time being all Faith can rely on is her superb speed as she gets a quick Tsumo for 1000, 2000 points breaking the Queen’s dominant rampage.

Saki letting a play goUnfortunately for Kyouko, Chamaka noticed that Saki let her get a move in on purpose. Nodoka then notices a change in Saki’s expression. Translation: “Oh shit.”

Toyone going after SakiSaki plays some of her vintage tiles and the Matriarch smells fresh meat, preparing a “Buzzard Talon” just for her.

Saki's signature moveIn short Saki used a third Rinshan Kaihou to crush Toyone and also took advantage of the Queen’s open walls for 4000, 2000 points.

Toyone got a raging ring bonerMiss AJ noticed Toyone getting a raging ring boner from Saki’s badassery.

Saki's thirst to kill rising

Saki declaring ultimate destructionSakiryukenWhat follows can only be described as total annihilation.

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17 Responses to Saki 2.11: Total Annihilation

  1. sayuri says:

    Wouldn’t be a surprise if in the next episode we see shit on the floor and blood all over the wall. ahahaha


  2. Alexis says:

    Sentimientos encontrados, estan peleando con todo en las ronda de los capitanes es emocionante se dan hasta con la cubeta, pero también mientras veía a Saki en modo demon se me ocurrió otro título: “sientan el poder del plot”, me gustaría discutirlo cuando hagas el review.



  3. MarkS00N says:

    I don’t even hyped by kill la kill and symphogear, but saki manage to do so…

    So evuuulllssss…
    Its SAKI TIME!!!

    It also very amusing when one remember that the manga chapter was released along side Teru’s rampage in Achiga…
    Kinda like show that they are truly sisters and gives mark on name ‘Miyanaga’, a family name you need to run fast…


  4. ArcaJ says:

    LOL Toyone’s epic O-Face. Everyone else looked frightened, and she was looking for a cigarette.

    She’s going to make her sleepy sempai jealous.!


  5. yurimylove says:

    if that’s what kasumi does whenever she’s “releasing demonic spirits”… lucky mikos in her team XD


  6. Vincent says:

    Love the last part of your post with just the Saki pics. No words can describe her going Super OP and also the Super menacing pressure on just a discard tile…she’s just toying with them.


  7. x says:

    For those how thought saki was a pushover in this match was dead wrong


  8. x says:

    My bad: Who


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