Life Lessons: The Power of The Sloth

One of my closest confidants in the yuri council, Arca J (Miss AJ) developed a vision beyond what Yuri Goggles could offer. She called this advanced form of mental observation “The Yuri Zone”. It is thanks to the Yuri Zone that she noticed something quite interesting in “Saki: Zenkoku-hen”. That is the power of one Shiromi Kosegawa: “The Power of the Sloth”.

Drowzy Shiromi

The Yuri Zone helped Miss AJ come to the following conclusion and I quote: “Shiro is (probably accidentally) building her own harem. All the girls seem to love her and follow her lead. Even two random classmates wanted more time with Shiro’s “bedroom eyes.”

See, Shiro, or as I like to call her “The Drowzy Outcast” is usually portrayed as being very lazy and uncaring about most things around her. Other than in the ring or with her friends/harem girls, Shiro rarely shows any interest in the outside world. HOWEVER, based on the following observations it can be seen that Shiro became the (probably) unintentional manager, motivator and source of bliss for the team.

Recharge ModeChilly Bambino/The Magnificent Loli uses Shiro’s lap to “recharge her energy” similar to how Toki “The Psychonaut” transfers some of her power to “Mega Ryuuka” by sleeping on her lap.

A tired Sae looking up at ShiroWhen “Merciless” Sae was exhausted from her match only one person came to offer to nurse her back to health. I strongly believe Shiro and Sae are an item but The Yuri Zone confirmed that she is but one of many who were smitten by the sexy sloth.

A gift from Aislinn to ShiroI still believe the main reason Aislinn, Sister Sketcher, joined The Toyone Family was because she was smitten with Sister Toyone but The Yuri Zone classifies buying bread as part of “The Yuri Pantheon” so Sketcher was also taken aback by the sloth’s “charms”.

Toyone and ShiroFourth girl to want a piece of the sloth was the Toyone Family Matriarch herself, Sister Toyone who feels that Shiro “gets” her, according to Miss AJ’s astute observation.

Random girls wanting to hang out with ShiroLastly are these random girls who wanted to have lunch with Shiro.

Shiro's signature pose

In the end a reader may ask “What life lesson does this post teach?”. Teenage girls supposedly have a thing for bad boys or guys who look gloomy or broody or just some guy who looks like he needs a woman’s touch to get back on track. The life lesson here is, “Whatever men can do, women can do it too…and possibly be better at it.”

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16 Responses to Life Lessons: The Power of The Sloth

  1. DataportDoll says:

    It’s a shame the gloomy girls are never as popular in real life as portrayed on TV. THE BOX LIED TO ME! *cough* I mean…them…that…group of…uh…totally hypothetical people…yeah.


  2. Alexis says:

    Lo cierto es que Shiro tiene las palabras adecuadas en el momento oportuno como cuando perdió Aislinn y se preocupa por sus amigas aunque ella lo niegue, además su cara de flojera bien puede ser su sex appeal, ahora que pasaría si fuera más activa y supiera de su atractivo ¿sería alguién como Shizuma? cuantas probabilidades habrá…


  3. ArcaJ says:

    Slow clap…^_^


  4. Gobbothegreen says:

    Until the anime where the harem vibes started going fullswing I could mainly just see ShiroxAislinn, due to the laters slight clinginess towards her and the formaer being the only one who canfully decipher what Aislinn says (draws).


  5. kitsu260 says:

    Nice to see Chinese fans have goggle strong as us.


  6. Yurimylove says:

    looks like Miss AJ has leveled up her mental prowess. I must practice this advanced “Yuri Zone” skill to catch up.

    hmmm.. did Nibutani just bought milk for Dekomori? She practically proposed!! 😀


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