Saki 2.10: Wrath of a Gentle Giant

Why not give the wrestler who stands out most of all the longest flashback in the season? she deserves it imo. After all, it’s clear that The Toyone Family is the most interesting and diverse team of the three that Team Magnus had to face this season.

Break drink of loveNodoka; Drink up, my sweet honeyBetcha Nodoka drank from the cup after Saki went back to the ring. Saki’s still focused on making her victims bleed profusely but Nodoka assures her that her “pillows” will always be there for Saki to sleep on and kiss.

Toyone and Shiro

Shiro assuring the matriarch that her comrade, “The Merciless One” has fully recovered.

Greetings from the DamnedTo recap, the match started with Faith coming in strong with three quick Rons but then Saki brutally shook her spine and later Sister Toyone picked up the scraps with three painful “Buzzard Talon” attacks.

Toyone strikes againAfter the break, Sister Toyone once again goes on the offensive with a Pon-Chii-Pon-Chii Naked Call setup ending with a 2000 Point all Tsumo. The “Greetings From the Damned” as I’d like to call it.Toyone seeks more potential family members to join her “entourage of the damned”.

Mother Clarissa was hoping the matriarch would save that move for the finals but Saki’s new bloodthirsty nature was too strong to deny.

The Outcast meets the SketcherI did say in the intro that this flashback focused on Toyone but it’s more of a continuation on the formation of The Toyone Family from Sae’s flashback. Sister Sketcher started off not knowing how to play mahjong at all. For some reason Shiro was intrigued by this adorable foreigner so she invited her to meet Mother Clarissa’s “guest” as it were.

Meeting ToyoneThe gang meet the colossal cutie with the scary eyes for the first time. Mother Clarissa has the four play as Miss Sketcher watches on.

A tearful and lonely giantAnd thus the classic “Gentle Giant” trope is given to Toyone. She gladly tortures her victims in the squared circle but outside of the ring she’s a caring and lonely girl who just wants to play. In some ways she’s similar to The Koromo.

Adorable ToyoneI really hope there’s a beach special (The manga supposedly has one) and Toyone wears a two-piece.

Jolly GiantA smitten foreignerNow from a casual viewer these eyes are those of someone impressed by The Jolly Giant’s dominance. However, those equipped with the “Lens of Truth” know full well that Sketcher wanted to eat the sister’s beefy taco.

Sketcher wants to win the goldShe also wants to win the gold.

Toyone's back to serious modeThe matriarch is fueled with a burning passion to lead her family to victory and acquire more souls as she unleashes yet another “Greetings From the Damned”.

Kasumi ready to rumbleThe Grand Wall, Queen Kasumi sees the futility in her defensive style and will unleash her fury (hopefully) next week.

Next week It’s all-out war.

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8 Responses to Saki 2.10: Wrath of a Gentle Giant

  1. ArcaJ says:

    I looked at the Yuri content from a slightly different angle. All these flashbacks seem to center around a single truth. Shiro is (probably accidentally) building her own harem. All the girls seem to love her and follow her lead. Even two random classmates wanted more time with Shiro’s “bedroom eyes.”

    My brain has found a new way to work. I call it the Yuri Zone. ^_^


    • Overlord-G says:

      The clues you spotted in your own analysis were all quite fascinating. I shall make a note of your discovery soon enough.


  2. Alexis says:

    OMG Toyone es un amor
    Si le ponemos un sombrero de punta bien pudiera ser una brujita. En el manga hay capitulo playero y las chicas de Miyamori se van de pinta con cierto equipo que no mencionaré para no hacer más spoiler, si lo hacen ojalá que sea un OVA que sirva como preambulo a la aparición de la “legión extrangera”


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ai mamacita, que dulzura seria para ver ese episodio. Tengo muchisimas ganas de ver La Francesa en combate cuando llegue ese tiempo.


      • Alexis says:

        tengo la extraña sensación de que el diseño Choe Myeonghwa es ligeramente parecido al de Awai Ooshi, a mi también me gustaría verla en acción junto con Nelly Virzaladze que supuestamente también es una maoh… pero esa es otra historia.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Veremos cuando el tiempo llegue.


  3. yurimylove says:

    “In some ways she’s similar to The Koromo.” A most insightful observation! Their appearance are polar opposites but this trait is very similar indeed.

    And the “Lens of Truth”, haha well put. Yep, yuri is truth XD


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