Saki 2.9: The Leading Lady Returns

It’s been nearly five years since this great warrior had been seen in an official televised match. The wait is finally over as the titular protagonist laces her boots and prepares for battle complete with a new look and resolve. This is not the same Saki who faced off with The Koromo in a battle for the ages. Before that let’s watch the conclusion of the fourth match.

Nodoka being cursed

Nodocchi getting creamedChamaka once again called upon the power of the ancient Samoans, this time to cast a curse on Nodoka.

Foiled againUnfortunately for her, as explained last week, Nodoka is immune to “magic” and called a “No Tenpai”, avoiding certain doom and breaking Chamaka’s groove. The move Chamaka tried to apply was a Shousuushii, which three winds plus a pair of the fourth. One of these days I will play “4 Winds 2”.

Sae taking advantageThe Merciless One takes advantage and hits Chamaka with a Tanyao, two dora + three bonus Ron combo for 6100 points.

Ron CounterNot wanting to fall behind and determined to make Honky Tonky proud, Jelly Juggy counters Nodoka’s riichi with a Ron for 3900 points. She immediately strikes again with a 2000, 4000 point Mangan Tsumo. I can’t give any of her attacks cool names because her fighting style isn’t very flashy compared to the other three.

Fourth time may be the charmThis is the last North hand of the game and Chamaka summons her ancestors one more time.

Phase 2 of the curseSae does not seal the gate this time for if Chamaka were to successfully take down Nodoka it would benefit Sae. Juggy wouldn’t be so lucky though.

Finally!Is it sad that I gave Chamaka a pity applause instead of jump off my seat. Granted, “Curse of the Ancient Samoans” was an epic move and worth seeing but the poor kid got burned so many times throughout the match that it kinda lowered its shock value. I could relate with Nodoka’s unfazed reaction. Maybe Nodoka’s luck ran out that time. Sae gets one last Ron for 3900 points and that’s it for match 4.

Saki looks at NodokaNodoka looks at SakiAlthough the yuri’s somewhat toned down this season it’s nice to see SakiDoka’s love remains as strong as ever.

I’m not gonna lie ladies and gentlemen, the tension during the combatants’ entrances in the last match of the round could be cut with a knife. I felt chills running down my spine. 5 years of waiting had come to an end…This may not be the “destined battle” but it’s a match of epic proportions nonetheless.

KyoukoIntroducing first, representing The Boogie Rockers, weighing in at 125 lbs, Faith!

KasumiNext, representing The Killer Mikos, weighing in at 210 lbs, The Grand Wall, Queen Kasumi!

Toyone appearsThird, representing The Toyone Family, from the coldest regions of Siberia, standing at over 10 foot tall, weighing in at 270 lbs, The Toyone family Matriarch, Sister Toyone!

Saki returning to the squared circleLast but not least, representing Team Magnus, weighing in at 134 lbs, the reigning Intercontinental Champion and the only Olympic gold medalist in mahjong history, Saki Magnus!

First John Cena, then Kurt Angle and now Magnus. I’ve sure given this woman a lot of nicknames.

Kyouko makes the first moveFaith surprises Toyone by making the first move of a 3900 point Ron. She then follows it up with a 1000, 2000 point Ron. Her third move is yet another Ron for 2600 points. Her adversaries are unfazed by her early flurry of clotheslines and dropkicks.

Saki's thunderous takedownSaki counters with a THUNDEROUS SPINEBUSTER Tsumo. Rinshan Kaihou for 8900 points, making Faith’s initial beatdown a futile effort…holy shit. Saki craves blood.

Toyone's first moveToyone sets her infernal eyes on Faith and hits her with a nasty “Buzzard Talon” for 5200 points. Coming from someone like her, a slap is as effective as a haymaker. Then she hits with another one for 3900 points.

Kasumi's first moveThe queen is next to attack with a body slam tsumo for 1300, 2600. Saki hits a slightly weaker Rinshan Kaihou for 2000 points.

Toyone claws Kyouko againToyone chases Faith for a third time and slashes her with a third Buzzard Talon for 2900. Toyone wants to kill her, Toyone wants to kill her.

Death's GlareFaith wants to confirm something and goes for a fourth Riichi. The Matriarch once again claws her prey.

Next week, the Matriarch continues her onslaught.

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12 Responses to Saki 2.9: The Leading Lady Returns

  1. Alexis says:

    OMG para todo el episodio
    Me gustó el juego de Hatsumi liberando a sus almas en pena y llevandose a sus oponentes al mundo de los muertos, pero hubiera estado de lujo si la miko maligna hubiera arrojado a Nodoka por la cuesta del Yomotsu y que decir de Toyone, con ese sombrero pareciera que está preparando una emboscada al viejo estilo siliciano pero cuando la entrenadora dijo su apodo, ahora tengo la sensación de que es la muerte misma o uno de esos espiritus errantes.

    OMG quiero ver el siguiente episodio


    • Overlord-G says:

      Toyone es una peleadora muy espantosa y valio la pena esperar para esta gran pelea. No puedo esperar para ver como Saki y las demas pelearan contra este oponente formidable.


  2. Mercuria. says:

    I’m always amazed by the way you’re reviewing Saki xD

    How many episode do you think they will give for our Saki’s match?


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s how I enjoy the show. I like to think this approach to reviewing Saki is what makes me unique.

      Probably 3 episodes and the last one will be a cliffhanger for the next match against the international team.


  3. Hanneman says:

    Damn, that first Rinshan Kaihou had me screaming like crazy here. Also, that SakiDoka moment was pure bliss. Toyone looks like a psychopath, when playing (well, she does seem like a psycho all the time). Also, the miko will, probably, make some moves and be active throughout the match as well.

    Oh, i’m hyped for next week. (I hope i won’t miss next week episode, cuz this week Dark Souls 2 will be released. Next week will be glorious!)


    • Overlord-G says:

      Not interested in Dark Souls 2 but hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. I’m more hyped for more Saki vs Toyone combat.


  4. mhazaru says:

    Toyone reminds me of the Undertaker, that old wrestler 😀 At least in appearance. Anyway, looks like they juiced up her personality from the manga, as she seems more stalker’ish/darker now. I like it!

    Glad Kyouko is finally on the screen now. She’s personally my favorite character. I lover her trendy outfit and jewelry and how serious she is.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I knew someone would notice the similarities in their attire. Yes, Toyone does look like classic Undertaker but her mannerisms and fighting style are more akin to Bray Wyatt, which is why I feel the insane cult leader gimmick fits her better than the Grim Reaper gimmick.


  5. mhazaru says:

    I hope another character comes along that does fit the Undertaker name. Would love seeing that all over your Saki posts 🙂


  6. Yurimylove says:

    I was happy for Tiki-loli when she finally hit the jackpot, regardless of how futile it may have been by that point. I admit her teary, sad face each time she got shot down got to me a bit.

    I found Toyone an interesting character. She seems mysterious, and I like that odd mismatch between her evil eyes under the hat with that unexpectedly sunny/cheery voice.

    That brief moment between Saki and Nodoka was really sweet, I love it! But to be honest, i would’ve like to see a bit more screen time for these 2 by this point in the season. I’m hoping that they’re “saving the beat for last”, to give us their intimate moments if not at the end of this season, then certainly before the series concludes (however many years from now)..


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