Saki 2.8: The Pain Before the Agony

Plenty of blood was shed in this ongoing fourth round, yet there was a well-deserved tender moment thrown in to ease the tension before it struck back again.

Ancient spirits of the underworldChamaka, having called the assistance of the Ancient Samoan, unleashes their wrath upon her foes. However…

Sadistic SealSae's Power Seal formthe merciless one was ready for Chamaka and had prepared her signature “Sadistic Seal” technique to severely weaken the Samoan priestess’ offense with her special soul lens but more on that in a bit.

Granny fanserviceI will give “Mother Clarissa” credit for one thing, her nudity is not as traumatizing as the late, great Mae Young’s was. Maybe she’s 40 something and not in her 60’s. The point of this scene and the one Jelly Juggy was in was that, as I mentioned last week, Chamaka’s seen as the greatest threat and both had built game plans specifically to combat the Samoan.

Destroying one's self for the greater goodSae Mercer didn’t count on Chamaka’s backup plan against her glare. She’s willing to “hurt herself” in order to break the seal, even if it means giving her opponents winning hands. Jelly Juggy got an 11200 point Ron because of it.

Two pons in a rowJelly tried to take advantage but there was one flaw in her attack and Chamaka countered.

Powering up againSealed againAs soon as she prepared to whip someone down, Sae not only sealed her again…

6700 Point Ronshe got her with a 6700 point Ron for good measure.

The previous wielder of the lensDuring the break period, we get the first legit flashback of the episode (The Anti-Chamaka game plan segments don’t count.). We learn the Mother Clarissa was a new transfer teacher and that Drowzy, Chilly and Sae were the only members back then before Miss Sketcher and Sister Toyone joined the team later on. And as everyone can see, Sae inherited the Soul Lens from Mother Clarissa. The lens mainly serves to amplify The Merciless One’s Sadistic Seal.

Sae and Shiro walkingIt took a while but we finally got a potential pairing from The Toyone Family. Sae and Shiro. Sae was talking about the usual “How important the team is” and “I want this time to last forever” while Shiro did her best impression of a lazy, supportive yuri tsundere.

Nodoka still in Nodocchi ModeStarting off the second round, Sae faced the problem Juggy had when combating Chamaka, Nodoka was not cooperating. She played her own game, which was not something either Juggy or especially Sae could afford.

A bit more explanation thanks to Miss AJ. Nodoka’s fighting style is technological, meaning she plays most games as if she’s playing online mahjong. This was an initial weakness until she received training to develop a new style combining parts of online and offline combat. Her greatest asset is her immunity to “area of effect” abilities and mind games. Special abilities that rely on psychological warfare have no effect no Nodoka. Her main weakness are fighting styles that have vague explanations, like Saki’s.

Priestess ready to feast againChamaka’s time to strike back with full force had finally come…but we’ll have to wait till next week. Also next week, the beginning of the main event.

Sae X ShiroThe most important part of this episode.

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16 Responses to Saki 2.8: The Pain Before the Agony

  1. x says:

    for a battle like this never forget the third player


  2. ArcaJ says:

    Hisa gave Nodoka some good advice for the match. However, Nodoka’s dogged disbelief in the supernatural is both a blessing and a curse. Attacks that affect other players like Momo’s Stealth Mode, and Jun’s Flow Walking, don’t affect her, because she doesn’t pay attention to other players. However, players with internal factors, like Saki’s ridiculous luck, can catch her completely off guard.


    • Overlord-G says:

      She’s part of the Scientology religion after all.


      • mhazaru says:

        I don’t think Scientologist is a good nick for her. If anything, she’d be the one *against* any sort of religion or superstition, and Scientology is pretty nutty. If occult powers in Saki could be considered as some sort of religion, then Nodoka would be more like the atheist of the group in a sense.

        In other words, she’s the Wilma to all the Shaggys 🙂


      • Overlord-G says:

        Fair enough. You meant to say Velma by the way.


    • mhazaru says:

      I really like that part of Nodoka. I feel her appearance is comical, so from a visual perspective it’s hard to take her seriously, but her attitude is pretty cool. Her logical approach to things is a good contrast versus pretty much everyone else around her. She says some pretty wise things sometimes as well, such as how she informed Hisa that even the best players lose.


  3. Hanneman says:

    Finally we got a bloody match. I was waiting for it since the start of this season, and maybe is the reason why i’m not enjoying it as much as the first season. I love Saki and didn’t care much for the bad pacing in Achiga, but for God’s sake, doing the same error again it’s frickin stupid. (Sorry for the rambling).

    But the episode itself was wonderful. The Miyamori girl is playing like Toki, using a power that drains her energy and all that (of course Toki was more extreme in that matter). I was expecting Nodoka to make a surprise attack in the end, but she didn’t, so maybe next week she’ll make a little surprise.

    Oh, and i’m curious about your thoughts on this season of Saki.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Umm, we’ve been getting matches for weeks in the second half of Zenkoku. Maybe they felt short to you but every televised match so far between these four teams has been 1 to 1 1/2 episodes long. The Nodoka match is the only one that is 2 episodes.


      • Hanneman says:

        Yeah, but the quality of the matches are questionable. I think the biggest problem is when they cut the battles for the next week. In a week the characters are pumped up, ready to win several points, and in the next week they’re back at the “omg, this is not looking good” state. It happenned in Yuuki’s match and in Hisa’s. Mako didn’t had this problem because her match only took 1 episode. I don’t know about you, but it really pisses me off when they do it.


      • Overlord-G says:

        I’ve watched this show long enough to not concern myself with such things. I watch the show for yuri subtext and to see women beat each other up with barb-wire baseball bats.


    • mhazaru says:

      I think one difference is the flashbacks of characters. I feel like I got to know the other teams better in Achiga/S1 than S2, and all those flashbacks make the matches last longer. Someone else also pointed out to me that there isn’t as much match material to draw from in the part of the manga that they’re in now.


  4. Yurimylove says:

    so that’s what the huge mask is for — to hide behind while crying XD

    While I’m not a particular big fan of “Tiki-loli” (she’s recently introduced and there isn’t much background information on her for me to get to know her), I do feel kinda sad that she keeps getting shut down, with those teardrops in her eyes. She’s already lost so many points, one big win is not gonna make a big difference is it?


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