Saki 2.7: Of Restored Hearts and Anorexic Samoans

Now that the Winter Olympics are over with (It was enjoyable), it’s time to get back to some REAL bone shattering action as Mahjongmania returns from a one week break.

Adorable gaze of doomThe Silent Demon makes the first move with a swift 1300 point Ron taking The Heartbreak Chick by surprise.

TsumoChilly Bambino, still using her creepy ass Poker Face, uses her Devil’s Hand to get a 1600, 3200 Tsumo.

[HorribleSubs] Saki - The Nationals - 07 [480p].mkv_snapshot_02.56_[2014.02.23_18.50.40]The adorable Silent Demon attempts to beat Honky Tonky with a Chi but Honky smacks her in the guitar and gets a 5200 point Ron off her.

Cocky Mahjong PlayerHonky continues running her mouth like the cocky heel wrestler she is…because she can. Chilly once again shuts her mouth for a second.

Hisa gets a joygasmAll that intense combat gave our sexy beast a joygasm. She feels thankful for being in such a big spot and fighting tough opponents.

Hisa's match ending TsumoHisa ends the third match by outperforming Chilly with a Tsumo for 3000, 6000 points.

The rest of the match had a lot of technical discussions on what each wrestler’s next move would be. I’m just a “Color Commentator”. Cytrus will cover the more detailed moves whenever he can do so.

The scores so far are as follows:

  • Honky Tonky got The Boogie Rockers from last to first with 127500.
  • Hisa Michaels held her own and recovering from her short slump kept Team Magnus in second place with 97700
  • Chilly Bambino’s Poker Face was enough to stay in third with 90000
  • Silent Demon was overpowered and caused her team drop down to last place with 84800

After a short break it was time for the fourth match to begin. Let’s take a look at the competitors.

SaeRepresenting The Toyone Family, the girl with the soul piercing lens, “Merciless” Sae Mercer!

ChamakaRepresenting The Killer Mikos, the wrestler considered by many to be the wild card in this fourth match. From the isle of Samoa, weighing in at a worrisome 45 lbs. The Samoan Priestess, CHAAAAAMAKAAAA!

Etopen KickoffRepresenting the Boogie Rockers is Honky Tonky’s younger sister who happens to be a pretty good football player, Jelly Juggy!

Penguin Plushie Goal Kick

Etopen KO'edLast but not least, representing Team Magnus, the Scientology marvel who is tending to her “Best man to the SakiDoka wedding” Etopen after getting its plushie ass kicked by JJ…The Cleavage of Excellence, the Breast there is, the breast there was and the breast that ever will be, Nodoka Hart!

Nodocchi ReturnsNodoka wastes no time getting serious. She’s fighting for her friends, her fiancee and cupcakes. Nodoka awakens her orgasm inducing Nodocchi Mode and is ready to make her foes TAP OUT!

Blushing KinuThis week’s character developing flashback goes to Jelly Juggy, a wrestler who sees herself as inferior to her older sister but still wants to fight hard to be deserving of her spot on The Boogie Rockers. Is she incestuous like Kuro and Yuu are for each other? Who knows?

Super SamoanSome decent moves were made but the real battle begins starts next week as Chamaka calls on the ancient powers of her Samoan ancestors to raise hell.

Sae, ready to taste bloodAnd The Merciless One is ready to taste blood.

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6 Responses to Saki 2.7: Of Restored Hearts and Anorexic Samoans

  1. Alexis says:

    Esperaba este capítulo desde la otra semana (fucking juegos olimpicos, en mi país no hay nieve, bueno sí pero es efímera y la unica vez que fui a una pista de hielo me caí varias veces y al otro día me enfermé… ups off topic), estuvo alucinante, por alguna extraña razón esa Hatsumi me recuerda a los santos dorados de cancer por eso de los fuegos fatuos y por mandar a sus oponentes al mundo de los muertos, los tambores que sonaban en el fondo y para rematar el otro ending (True Gate) me dejaron con ganas de más. Esperaré el OST para tener la canción de batalla de Hatsumi.


  2. Yurimylove says:

    yeah you know the competition is fierce when you start summoning gods in order to defeat your opponent.

    In other news, a new form of evolution has just been discovered when a teenage girl was observed sprouting wings right in front of a roomful of mahjong competitors.


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