Saki 2.4: Latino Heat, Divine Light, Lost Traveler and a kid

It’s the battle of the Mexican-Asian loli, Taco Guerrero against the well-endowed princess, Drowzy Outsider and Somkidd.

Beware the Taco PowerWe kick things off with Somkidd getting some info at a Boogie Rockers strategy meeting on Taco Guerrero’s fighting style but it did not do her much good especially when the turn is on the first East Hand. Drowzy’s just going with the flow and the Princess was biding her time.

Wise words from the People's LoliTaco was a bit worried about what would happen if she were to get knocked back from her East Hand 1 forte but then remembered the wise words from The People’s Loli, “Keep on laying the smack down on candy asses and never lose your East Hand 1 winning streak”.

Taco ass kickingWhile Somkidd was still struggling with Taco’s offense, Drowzy was wary of the Princess’ calmness, mainly because Princess broke what could have been a massive 8000 all blow by Taco while biding. Taco got a 4000 all Tsumo instead.

Double RiichiTaco later strikes again with a “Orgullo de mi raza” combo move staring with a Double Riichi, then a Ron Ippatsu plus bonus for an 8300 blow against Somkidd.

Divine Light AwakenedUh-oh. Princess is done biding and ready to kick ass.

Meppin IppatsuWhoa. Somekidd actually got a move in. Too bad Taco was the most affected by her surprise attack. She got a Meppin Ippatsu plus an Ura Dora and three bonuses for 8900 points.

Lost EchoOutsider's GreetingThe Drowzy Outsider relied on her “Lost Echo” technique, drawing uncertain tiles as though she was being guided through a lost forest to that one tile necessary for her “Outsider’s Greeting” signature move.

Deuces and FoursI SO WANT TO SEE THE GREAT TOYONE WRESTLE! It’d be epic if Saki were to be one of her opponents. I know someone who read the manga is itching to spoil who she’s fighting.

Princess' Divine LightWe’ll have to wait till next week to find out what the Princess’ signature move is and the second match also begin.

Bonus pic for Miss AJ:

Jun's casual clothes

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17 Responses to Saki 2.4: Latino Heat, Divine Light, Lost Traveler and a kid

  1. Alexis says:

    El ambiente comienza a calentar, a esperar el siguiente episodio para ver si yuki sobrevive a la ronda. Quisiera oir True Gate, por lo visto en esta temporada también va a tener un ending epico y uno en chibi como con las Achiga.
    Algo más que me gusta de esta serie es la forma en que Ritz Kobayashi trata de cada personaje tenga un rasgo muy característico y lo digo por Toyone y su sombrero fabuloso… need more Toyone… sin embargo eso no evita que piense que en ocasiones parece una capomafia y por eso se le quedan viendo raro. Recomendaria que Toyone usara uno de estos:



    • Overlord-G says:

      Pensaba dar el equipo de Toyone un otro nomber de equipo como “The Moe Mafia” pero Toyone es el unico que parece mafioso. Creo que su vestuario parece mas al clasico Undertaker en el inico de su carrera en el WWF.


  2. x says:

    now I’m hungry to get some tacos


  3. mutopis says:

    I want tacos to win, she is never taken seriously.


  4. Baka says:

    That pic from The Koromo is just glorious!

    The cool thing from this episode was that everyone from the table had the spotlight, even for just a couple of minutes. Well, the Princess will have the spotlight for the next episode, i think, because she’s probably goin’ to sweep the table anyway.

    I actually thought that Toyone had a stronger voice, but she actually turns out to have a pretty normal voice for someone that big. I’m really hyped to see her playing, she seems to be a strong player.

    Next week will probably start the round Mako will be in. I’m curious to see how she enhanced her game.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The Koromo is a legend.

      That’s true. Everyone got to do something cool.

      The day Toyone fights will be a very special one.

      Mako’s training will hopefully pay off in the upcoming match.


  5. ArcaJ says:

    Need a pic of Jun’s casual clothes. (squee!) How old is Koromo again? Finally:

    We get it animators. panties do not exist in this world.


  6. blazerj says:

    ´´orgullo de mi raza ´´ I think she´s mexican that reminds me a los tacos de canasta :3


  7. Yurimylove says:

    I’d like to supply Yuuki with a box of tacos from “Amigo Taco” — complete with delivery service by Nadie and Ellis in their waitress uniform 🙂


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