Saki 2.3: Hisa is a Pimp

The episode highlight speaks for itself.

Boobie dash

The Marvelous OneWe got a short flashback before the current flashback of how Nodoka Hart and Taco Guerrero met and were part of The Fundalics led by “The Marvelous One” Granny Hall.

MahoBack to the current flashback we get a glimpse of Maho’s power…unfortunately she spent too much time emulating her idols Nodoka and Taco and less time mastering her own style. Thus, while she is powerful, she knows not how to fully use it yet. It was an interesting experience and all according to Hisa’s plan to train her teammates.

The world's strongest meganeThe world’s strongest megane wearing wrestler. Feared by other megane babes everywhere.

Obligatory fanservice shotI wonder how many times Saki’s dreamed of sleeping on Nodoka’s pillows? She got to sleep next to Nodoka at least.

His rounding up her harem for a mahjong orgy“The Heartbreak Chick” Hisa stopped by three rooms to pick up The Koromo (too bad she didn’t go with The Billion Dollar Princess), Triple Y (Yumi Yuri Yuki) and of course her soulmate…

Mihoko's I Love Hisa face

Angry KittyMiss Elegance. Poor Kitty Bobo. She admits defeat and pushes Miss Elegance to fulfill her destiny.

Hisa and Yumi saying goodbye for nowTriple Y saying goodbye and wishing Hisa luck in at Mahjong Mania. Yumi gets a gift from Miss Elegance.

Jealous MomoMomo’s “Stay away from my woman, bitch!” face.

Sad faceFace of a threatAs usual, I’ll wait for Cytrus’ coverage to get the effectiveness of the plays during the snippets of their match.

Team Miko againIt’s nice seeing the Killer Mikos discussing things.

Saki readingMy best guess is Saki’s reading to feel relaxed and build up her strength and unleash it during mortal combat. Watching her sister wrestle would give her an orgasm, messing up her mojo.

Good morning, it isPlease don’t tell me these two are going to announce the next set of matches. Awww. I wanted the lovey-dovey duo, or at least Curry Gobbler and that other guy. Oh well, the monotone girl will probably amuse us with her random Engrish.

So next week will be the first televised match and here are the first round combatants:

Princess KomakiRepresenting the Killer Mikos it’s Princess Komaki. Holy cow. She’s gonna wrestle first for her team!? I suddenly don’t like the person representing Team Angle’s chances.

Drowzy ShiromiRepresenting Deuces and Fours it’s The Drowzy Outsider.

Some kidRepresenting The Boogie Rockers, Somkidd.

Taco GuerreroAnd last but not least, representing Team Angle, Taco Guerrero, who has something to prove to the world.

Yes…all because she’s sponsored by Taco Bell.

For all newcomers who have no idea why I mix mahjong with pro wrestling, it’s because the girls feel larger than life and they all have a gimmick. That’s how I enjoy this series.

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17 Responses to Saki 2.3: Hisa is a Pimp

  1. Alexis says:

    Dios, debe ser muy dificil tener una novia celosa esa imagen en el Wahaha-movil está de diez, pero también hay que notar que por unos cuantos milisegundos Mihoko también se puso celosa, claro que ella lo disimula. Quien iba a pensar que Nodoka concocía a Kirame, lastima que solo la veremos con flashback junto con Toki y Ryuuka.


  2. Overlord-G says:

    Wahaha-Moblie FTW! Apuesto que cuando ella aprendio su camioneta, la camioneta msimo hizo la risa. Momo su celosura era delicioso. Hmm, podrias tener razon que la mirada de Mihoko era una de celosura contra Yumi y La Koromo.

    Yo tambien queria ver mas de “la maravillosa”. Toki y Ryuuka ya tuvieron su tiempo en la luz.


    • Alexis says:

      JeJe esa combi Hippie bien pudiera ser otro personaje junto con las chicas de Tsuruga. Hey me gustó esa idea de que la entrada de cada chica estuviera acompañada por una canción… casi como en las luchas.


  3. Baka says:

    Damn you, Hisa, for making my Momo cry!

    And here i thought that Maho girl would sweep everyone and make Saki be in shock for a whole week. At least she made a rinshan kaihou.

    Dude, i’ve spent part of this week trying to learn how to play mahjong, and i’ve learned that it’s goddamn hard! I don’t know how pro mahjong players do it to win, i really don’t know.

    By the way, the reason i’ve been absent this week is that i’m preparing for a trip i’ll be making tomorrow, so i’ll be absent until the next monday. So, i’ll see you later, OG-man.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Indeed. That’s the power of a pimp or a gigolette.

      Yeah. She did do something at least.

      Mahjong ain’t easy to master.

      That’s cool dood. Enjoy your trip and everyone will gladly welcome you back next Monday after the Royal Rumble.


  4. ArcaJ says:

    It’s sweet that Hisa brought in Maho all for Mako’s benefit. (and to try and shake Saki out of her funk) I wouldn’t mess with Yumi too much. Momo could kill Hisa before she even knew she was in the room! Mihoko noticed something was off with Hisa (and opened her other eye!) as only a lover could know.


    Arca Jeth


  5. Rincewind says:

    I loved this episode!!
    Jelly Momo was so cute!!
    And Kana being a graceful loser and pushing Mihoko to Hisa was pretty neat.

    Now we need more Mahjong… and More Saki x Nodoka!


  6. Jesse Burnett says:

    I know this is random lol, but I jus watched that sode13 special of gokujo, and two of the characters have sex no comedy about it 8o y the fudge do ppl say that show was jus fanservice?? Im sooo glad I watched it 8D


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  8. Yurimylove says:

    so… does this mean Hisa will be in contention for the “2014 Iono-sama award”?

    Kitty Bobo pushing Mihoko to her true love — she must have watched too much Strawberry Panic XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      We’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps I’ll consult Miss AJ on the matter.

      Yes. Noble sacrifices are not always the right choice to make.


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