G-Empire Yuri Anime Awards 2013 Results

Update: The post is improved and less bland.

Wapourif and MorinasMy favorite couple in Simoun

January has been a most interesting month so far. Some promising shows premiered, including the highly anticipated Sakura Trick and I also changed my url from ogmansblog to yurination. Although it’s clearly a better url, it also hurt my traffic BIG TIME because I don’t know how to redirect all traffic from ogamansblog to yurination yet. In a sense, this will be a fresh start for The G-Empire. In time, we will hopefully reclaim our might and the Empire will become stronger than ever.

For now, let’s take a look at the overall results of the awards. I’d like to thank everyone who voted and the brave nation members who stepped up and voiced their votes for Superstar of the Year. More on that when we get there.

Apologies for the lack of images but until the url thing is sorted out, I do not want to take a lot of risks here.

Check out all the nominees for both Yuri Couples Festival and Anime Awards of 2013 here:

The G-Empire Yuri Anime Awards 2013: Closed Since January 10th

Chikane and Himeko WeddingFirst up, the Yuri Couples Festival

Wakaba and Himawari on a date-Vividred Operation: Wakaba and Himawari take this one with 78 votes, Akane and Aoi came in second with 34 and Akane and Rei in third.

hibiki and miku-Symphogear G: Hibiki and Miku once again take the gold with 75 votes, a kinda surprising Tsubasa and Maria come in second with 30 while Tsubasa and Chris come in third.

Maki X Nico Motivational-Love Live: Maki and Nico take the gold with 53 votes, Eri and Umi come in second with 45 while Eri and Nozomi come in third.

Chiho and Yui

-Yuyushiki: Chiho was chosen as the best possible girlfriend for Yui in her harem with a commanding 66 vote lead.

More Yoko X Ayaya goodness-Kiniro Mosaic: The Ayaya and Yoko won by a landslide with 104 votes. The other three couldn’t keep up.

Renge and Candy Store

-Non Non Biyori: Candy Store takes this one as Renge’s best potential girlfriend with 72 votes while Honoka got 32 votes. Honoka was already at a disadvantage due to not returning after her debut. Maybe she’ll try to make a comeback in the eventual second season.


-Kill La Kill: A close one but Ryuko and Satsuki’s rivalry is seen as better than Ryuko and Mako’s best friend relationship. I guess there are a lot of “foeyay” fans out there. Who knows? If they do end up together in some bizarre way, it’d still be pretty cool.

Sakura and Elena-I Wanna be the Strongest in the World: Elena easily gets the submission victory and wins the Sakura Hagiwara love nest championship. Moe didn’t stand a chance.

Rikka-Doki Doki Precute: Rikka wins this one with a dominating 58 votes, Regina takes second with 18 votes and Makoto comes third with 9 votes. I REALLY need to see DDP and bare witness to the beauty of Mana X Rikka.

Christa X Ymir

-Crossover Brawl: Ymir and Christa win this one with 63 votes. Saki and Maria come in second with 50 votes and Shion and Yayoi come in third with 27. Season 2 will hopefully bless the nation with more Shion X Yayoi and not wait till the season finale again.

Clannad YuriAnd now for the yuri anime awards, sponsored by Studio Deen, producers of the Sakura Trick anime. Great job so far guys.

Note: I think most of the non-Madoka nominees won because not many saw Madoka Rebellion at the time. I wonder how different the results would have been then?

I will never let you go again-Best Moment goes to Symphogear G’s “I Will Never Let You go Again” with 50 votes, Non Non Biyori comes in second with 35 votes and Option C comes in third with 23 votes. Hibiki definitely stepped up her game in the second season of Symphogear, being more deserving of the ultimate waifu known as Miku Kohinata.

-Best Animation goes to Madoka Rebellion. Madoka’s animation style remains a most impressive spectacle or wonder, bizarreness and creepiness.

-Best Soundtrack and OP both go to Symphogear G. Symphogear’s soundtrack excels at being most joyous and rock hard.

Miku Kohinata-Best Co-Star was very close this year. The gold goes to Miku Kohinata with 49 votes. Kyouko Sakura comes in second with 43 and Renge takes third with 39. Miku remains the ultimate lesbian waifu.

Dr Ver

-Best Villain goes to the gloriously cheesy and over the top Dr Ver with 58 votes. The Sadistic Crow comes in second with 33 votes and the manipulating shape shifter Cerebrum comes in third with 15.

Mana-Iono-Sama Award is awarded to DDP’s Mana with 65 votes. Yui comes in second with 53 votes and Karin comes third with 14 votes. Karin’s show was dropped by millions. It’s a shame really, Chronicles of the Going Home Club is not that bad of a talk show.

Wakaba SaegusaAs for the bonus awards: Wakaba is the best Vivid Ranger with 42 vote.

Kirika, Maria and ShirabeThe best member of the NEO is a draw between Maria and Shirabe (Brown-ish and pink armor girls), both garnering 34 votes. I guess Kirika’s silliness when she began panicking dropped her coolness factor.

And now, the main event. The Superstar of the year. This was a VERY CLOSE CALL in deciding the best of the best from the 10 nominees. However, keep in mind my fanbase, as amazing as all of you are, is not that big yet so the votes are not “be all, end all”. ALL the shows nominated here are, depending on who you ask, pretty good. Both award ceremonies serve to give people the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote for their favorites. HOWEVER, their primary purpose is to promote anime with awesome yuri content.

With that being said, let’s look at the votes. OH! Before I forget, two people voted on Facebook and one person voted for four nominees. This will only be a one-time deal as next year all 2014 superstar of the Year votes must be posted in the comments section of the award post, otherwise they will not count.

Lastly, I voted for Hibiki, The Ayaya and Hotaru.

Here are the results.

  1. Homura 16
  2. Aya 18
  3. Hotaru 17
  4. Hibiki 12
  5. Mana 6
  6. Kuroko 6
  7. Riko 7
  8. Ymir 10
  9. Toki 11
  10. Yui 6

As you can see, the winner and G-Empire Superstar of the Year, according to everyone here is…

Thank you all for yet another successful G-Empire Award ceremony. Make sure to, if some of you have yet to do so, check out the shows nominated in all categories when the opportunity arises. Hopefully, in spite of the url change snafu, The G-Empire will grow strong enough to have even more people vote in the 2014 awards. In any case, thanks again everyone and VIVA YURI!

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17 Responses to G-Empire Yuri Anime Awards 2013 Results

  1. Rincewind says:

    Im one of those “Foeyay” fans.
    One of my favorite pairings ever is Kim Possible and Shego.
    The enemies who respect each other and saves each other skin with the excuse that “Im the only one allowed to defeat you” and then they realise that behing the mutual respect there’s another feeling… love. Kyaaa! I love that kind of stories!!!

    Anyways…. wohooo… Miku and Hibiki are the best!!

    And Ayaya is a great choice for the super star.
    Nice to see that Hotarun was soooo close. She’s cute beyond words too. Her beloved senpai needs to return her feelings asap!!

    Great awards!!!

    PD: Buuh… Eri and Nozomi aren’t the most popular ship to each other!? But… but… they’re so perfect to each other!!!


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m more of a BFF couple supporter myself.

      MikuBiki are love.

      The Ayaya and Hotaru are worthy rivals.

      I like Eri and Umi myself.


      • Rincewind says:

        I cant lie, I love the BFF couples. And with Satsuki and Mako… well, I just can’t decide with ship is my favorite… and throw Nonon and Nui in the mix… too many possible ships!!!

        Well, I ship Umi with Kotori… aaaaand maybe Umi with Kotori AND Honoka.

        PD: That Dr. Ver face!! He’s a great villain, hammy and insane.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Rui’s just a “bleep” who likes toying with everyone because she has a superiority complex.

        I don’t see a bigamy between our three lead Muse singers but it’d be cute.

        He’s awesome and his seiyuu also helped make the character a detestable douche everyone loved to hate.


      • Alexis says:

        Interesantes premios…

        Este año va a haber más Love Live y de las probables parejas que me gustaría ver es la imouto de Eri (Arisa) con Umi, ¿combinación extraña? tal vez y probablemente a la pobre Umi le colgarán un letrero con letras mayusculas y luces de neón que diga “lolicona” pero se ven tiernas: http://i.imgur.com/16Iy2NI.jpg
        unos dicen que umi se empareja con kotori pero se me hace muy desgastado el cliche de la amiga de la infancia.

        este año va estar bueno.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Umm, en anime, amigas de la infancia que se enamoran de otros ocurre muy poco. En el manga es mas frequente.
        De todos modos, la chica que Umi merece salir con es Eri. Enfin, Umi y Eri su hermanita harian una pareja tierna.


  2. MarkS00N says:

    I was coming here earlier and the article looks messy, so I don’t comment yet…
    Not it is no longer look messy but somehow feel a bit bland…
    I guess the lack of picture or something?

    Well, to the award!
    Really good result (except maybe for Yuyushiki because I vote for all girl option…) and congratulation for all participants…

    Also, you should watch Doki Doki Precure, it will finished next month if I am not mistaken, but you have to see it now not because it almost complete, but to see the next crossover movie trailer in which Mana seems to expand her influence to other Precure verse (at least to next precure series)…


  3. Kitsu says:

    Hell Yeah Mana!
    Precure will be boring without her.


  4. Yurimylove says:

    Wonderful! I see that some of my picks ended up being the crowd favorite as well (e.g. The Ayaya, Sakura x Elena), while others didn’t (like Honoka x Kotori, or Yuzuko for Yui). However, it matters not that voters differ in their preferences, I’m just so happy that there are some many of us yuri fans, who showed up enthusiastically to voice their opinions — and their love for yuri anime.


  5. froggykun says:

    I have to say I prefer Ryuuko x Mako over Ryuuko x Satsuki, which is unusual for me since I’m normally a big fan of foe yay. But Mako is just adorable and her friendship with Ryuuko strikes me as the only emotionally genuine part of Kill la Kill.


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