202nd G-View: Non Non Biyori

This show touched my soul and filled it with absolute joy.

Non Non Biyori

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Themes: Friendship

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Hotaru Ichijou and her parents move from Tokyo to a countryside village where she attends its local school that has only five students. This is an anime about spending the season in the countryside doing whatever fun stuff there is to do there.

Before we go further there is something important I must mention. The first episode is VERY SLOW. It could throw off some viewers. Do not be fooled by the slowness because the show IMMEDIATELY kicks into high gear in episode two. It’s smooth sailing from there.

This show is so incredibly simple and effective at the same time. It’s very calm, soothing and really funny, if the viewer is a person who is into these kind of anime. It is a show that has to be seen in order to be understood. Explaining why it is amazing will not do it justice but I’ll try.

MeowningThe “Girls Club” slice of life subgenre requires little explanation. NNB is another show about cute girls doing cute things only this time it takes place in the country. The random events that take place during the span of a year in the show’s timeline are what one would expect from an SoL show. However, there were several episodes that personally touched me deep inside because I’ve personally experienced those moments. I won’t spoil which ones they are but they involve a certain curious adventurer.

Beautifuil sceneryWatching this anime filled me with a relaxed and blissful feeling. It reminded me that no matter how grim life can get sometimes, one should never forget how grand it is overall. I cannot express how beautiful NNB’s animation quality and soundtrack are. Both perfectly capture the calmness, serenity and infinite beauty of untouched nature. It may be a controversial opinion but this has to be one of the best animated slice of life anime in existence.

Non Non Biyori StarsProtagonists:

Renge (Purple haired loli) is considered the fan favorite of the show. This curious loli always has a desire to learn and discover new things. She never wants to be left out of anything and reacts very quickly to a call for adventure. This constant search for knowledge has made her come off as wise yet she’s still a little girl at heart, ready and willing to learn. Also her voice and mannerisms transcend moe. See, Renge does not sound like a regular loli would. Her mannerisms are vintage moe loli greatness but at the same time she’s special, like her voice.

Natsumi (Red haired girl) is the wisecracking troublemaker of the group and often gets herself in trouble with adults. Still, she has a good heart.

Komari (Brunette Shortie) is the oldest member of the group. Unsurprisingly she dislikes being short and does everything she can to come off mature, though she still acts like a little kid. She whines when she doesn’t get her way and she’s adorable when happy or sad. This is very important information for one reason…

Hotaru can no longer deny her true feelingsThis is Hotaru Ichijou. She’s the main character of the show. She is the tallest and most well endowed girl of the group. She is also the second youngest. She is soft spoken, very kind and easily flustered. She is a city girl who embraces the majestic beauty this particular countryside showed her. With all that said, her defining trait is…her undeniable crush on Komari. Hotaru is so deeply in love with Komari that Koma-chan-sempai’s pain is her pain, her happiness is her happiness and her cuteness belongs to Hotaru and ONLY Hotaru. Her passion goes beyond admiration. Trust me.

There is another one of the girls who has potential female suitors as well but I won’t reveal who it is and who the suitors are to newcomers.

Onii-chan being a boss as usualBefore I conclude this review, I must give a standing ovation to this boy. This boy has inspired me to become a better person. This boy is a wunderkind. This boy is the second best male character in 2013 anime next to Love Lab’s Huggie. They are both role models for men worldwide.

Overall, I loved this show with a passion. As I stated above, it needs to be seen to be understood. The presentation is outstanding, the characters are simple and effective, there is a lesbian who cannot hold back the happiness she feels for being in love with another girl and the comedy is executed very well. It is an anime made for people who have had a very rough day at work, who want to sit down and enjoy the beauty life has. It is similar to Kiniro Mosaic in this regard but Non Non Biyori took full advantage of its atmosphere rather than rely on only moe goodness. I do not need to explain who to recommend this show to. By now most people who come visit this site know whether they will enjoy a show like this one or not.


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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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22 Responses to 202nd G-View: Non Non Biyori

  1. shawnxtx says:

    Non Non Biyori is surprisingly good slice of life anime show as Kiniro Mosaic in term of moe and yuri-ness. Overall it is the must see show for everyone who love to relax after hard-work. Hotaru and her co. are equally great.
    OH! I would like to say everyone, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS & MARRY CHRISTMAS” 🙂


  2. MarkS00N says:

    I like to imagine the SoL Yuri of 2013 as a journey…
    It begins with Yuyushiki at spring which start with subtext upped to its maximum potential…
    Continue in Summer with Kiniro Mozaic, which has canon in some aspects, but still mostly fall in subtext…
    Then here we are, in fall, with our champ Hotaru of Non Non Biyori which goes beyond mere feeling, not only she loves her senpai, she makes dolls based on her senpai, willing to go through any length to make her senpai happy, it just fell short from yuri we wish because (I’d argue) it isn’t yet…
    Next, on winter, the culmination of our patient, of this journey of SoL Yuri 2013, maybe one would argue that next winter isn’t 2013, it’s 2014, yet in harvest moon (or china) year begins with spring and end with winter, so the next highlight for winter, the anime we waiting for, can be, I’ll say will be, the crystallization of this, Sakura Trick, finally a true SoL Yuri that is SoL and Yuri, and not subtext or one-sided…

    Well, return to Non Non Biyori, a very pleasant anime which overtake my ‘immediate watch’ spot of fall from Kill La Kill, mostly because of Hotaru…
    Maybe not as high fuel and high speed as Kill La Kill but it really deliver the FEEL…

    Also, the brother is what yuri-fan who has male as their gender wish to be…
    Just there, to watch the yuri unfold without pandering or trolling, only help if necessary, and not try to do anything that interrupting the interaction of the girl…
    Not shouting how damned you are, or how great you are, or how normal your life is, just there, exist and be content, and let the flow of life show the beauty of the yuri…
    Brother, that is noble…

    Now let’s hope for second season and for Hotaru to get her beloved senpai…


    • Overlord-G says:

      It has been a most interesting journey filled with greater hype as time passed. Despite not blessing us with many kisses, 2013 was a most rewarding year for the Yuri Nation. Very soon our journey will reach its destination and the magic will only grow stronger.

      Onii-chan is a most admirable boy.

      KLK rules!

      Indeed. Hotaru’s quest must continue! It cannot end here!


  3. Kitsu says:



  4. o0oghosto0o says:

    This show is the one thing that helped me through the hellish weeks I had recently. During those days, there were times when I was so tired to the point of exhaustion and my mind was incredibly strained due to stress. But when I managed to take a break and watch this anime, it as though all the fatigue left my body and my mind was filled with bliss and contentment, and so I was able to go on.
    Now that this show has ended, the ultimate rule that all things must come to an end someday had once again been applied. I understand this rule and yet I can’t help but feeling sad about seeing this show end. I will once again hope, the all too familiar act that I always do, that there will be a second season, that I will once again be allowed to feel the simplicity of the countryside and above all, the beauty of youthful love.
    P/s: Ganbatte, Hotaru!


    • Overlord-G says:

      That is the power of a yuri nation champion. Girls blessed with this power to bring joy to all who cheer her and her female love interest on. Glad to hear this show helped ease your stress.


  5. hgeronimo says:

    Great review, i just had a flashback to all those beautiful peaceful anime scenes … Thanks.
    Now, let’s wait for sakura trick … (nomnomnom .. hmm)


  6. Baka says:

    Oh, the SoL power to restore one person’s day. This is truly a magnificent show, in which “simplicity” is the word. As you said in one of your episodics, calm moe goodness can be just as great as wacky moe goodness.

    When this season began, i had no interest in any anime that was airing at the time. I remember opening your blog and you had written about the second episode of Non Non Biyori, saying that it became really better. So i checked the first episode and i really liked (and wouldn’t mind if the show went that way). But as i checked episode 2, i had found my show for the Fall season. The characters were awesome, and the “nature peace” feeling of the show was great and the animation was very good. Now, i am really glad i picked it up, man, but really sad that it’s over.

    Now, Sakura Trick and Saki 2 are on their way, so i have to prepare myself for all the yuri goodness that’s coming our way.

    PS: Yeah, i’m back.


  7. yurimylove says:

    Great review, OG-Man! “It’s very calm, soothing and really funny, if the viewer is a person who is into these kind of anime.” This sentence describes me to a T. Now that the season is over, it’s “lessons review” time again. Notice that even though I poke fun at the shows, I only do this for series I really enjoyed watching.

    Things I learned from watching Non Non Biyori:

    – owning mountains is normal for Japanese families
    – country folks like to chew on grass
    – rabbits troll people
    – salisbury steaks taste like chocolate
    – pulling on cat’s tail will get you “neko-punched”
    – creating a shrine of your pretty classmate is not creepy… as long as it’s just summer project
    – Japanese students plant rice during field trips
    – fairies are FUNKY!


  8. kracensc says:

    I just finished watching this, and it was enjoyable throughout, can never really go wrong with a laid back SoL yuri, though I must say, I didn’t really care for Renge, sure there were times where it was a little adorable but not enough for me to really like her. What I did find is that my favourite character by far was Komari, I think I picked up the same thing Hotaru did because every single thing she did was just adorable to me and I wanted to see more of her and especially more Hotaru and Komari together,


  9. corey says:

    The second season is sstarting


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