YMC #39: Prism

Before Citrus dominated the Mainstream District of the Yuri Nation with its art (not plot), there was another that had the same impact, yet wasn’t as dramatic or visually stunning. This is the manga I deem “The Unfinished Symphony of Yuridom”, Prism. This Prism manga was written by Shou Higashiyama.

Prism cover


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Yuri.

Number of Volumes: 1. 6 chapters + some specials. The manga is currently on hiatus. Will it ever be finished? Who knows.

Plot Summary: Riding high on the memory of a boy named Hikaru with whom she spent a day during her last year of grade school, Megu went through middle school without romance. Now that she’s a high school student, she has decided she is finally completely over her first love and can look towards the future. But! Megu meets a pretty girl on her first day of high school who gives her a big hug, and her name is Hikaru?!

This is how a lesbian picks up a willing love interestPrism was nothing groundbreaking when it first came out but its appeal lie not in being revolutionary. No, its appeal was in its stellar execution and topics it covered. It is a tale of two women who fall in love knowing full well what obstacles they will face but have the courage to face them head on because of their ever growing love for one another. It is a tale that covered the prejudice homosexuals face, particularly in Japan. Life is not easy for a person dating someone of the same sex. They get glares, misjudged and can be bullied.

They had an eventful nightIt is not all seriousness and pouting though. It is mainly about two cute girls in a loving relationship instead of having to endure the agony of waiting for the girls to hook up. Unlike popular opinion, stories about couples who have already hooked up can be just as exciting, riveting and enjoyable as stories of two people going through many obstacles in order to hook up. Frankly, if it weren’t for my undying passion for yuri and all things lesbian romance, I would want more of the former than the latter. Combining both but focusing more on the established relationship rather than the road to becoming a couple, is what I’m saying.

Huggies all aroundMost of the time, Prism is fluffy, cute, fun and can still be taken seriously. Like I said in the intro, the art style may not be anything stellar but its execution is so good that it does not matter.

This scene turned me on for some reasonThere are also some pretty steamy scenes, with this one being my favorite. Good gravy was this hot!

Sadly, as I mentioned in the number of volumes section, Prism is on hiatus due to copyright infringement and that is so unfair. So many questions left unanswered:

-What other challenges would Megumi and Hikaru have had to face after taking the next step?

-Whatever happened to megane girl and Megu’s best friend?

-What happened to imouto-chan. Lastly, the most important question of all…


For those who want to know more about the unfairness of Prism’s hiatus, check out one of my esteemed Yuri Council members unleash her fury against it when it happened last year.


Overall, Candy may have filled the void left by Prism’s unfortunate fate but it is clear that Prism had the potential of becoming one of the very best yuri had to offer. As it stands right now, Prism truly is an “Unfinished Symphony of Yuridom” worth the attention of the few nation members out there who have yet to read this awe inspiring work. For everyone else, it is safe to say most of you agree with this review.

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20 Responses to YMC #39: Prism

  1. Feith says:

    1.) wasn’t Higashiyama Shou the guy who makes all those loli doujinshi?

    2.) (this is an uneducated question) what was this infringing on?


    • Feith says:

      Never mind, I found out what happened, and I must say, it’s pointless to pay a photographer for images that come off the public domain known as the Internet. As soon as the photographer puts their photos on the Internet, it is no longer their property. Instead, those photos become public property. Another unfinished yuri manga is
      Apocalypse. I actually liked the story, even if it only lasted 3 chapters, then was shut down. I don’t even know why it shut down… I’d assume it’s because of the publisher going bankrupt.


      • mutopis says:

        I read somewhere the mangaka got “stuck”. so couldnt continue the story.


      • Overlord-G says:

        That’s the internet for ya. People forget the important fact that ANYTHING personal that is posted online becomes public property. The internet will find a way to access stuff as soon as it hits the worldwide web.


      • Foxy Lady Ayame says:

        Although I find unfair us to be punished for a tracing or two of poses and not whole compositions, I’ll disagree with the notion of anything on the net being public property. There was a person or more who labored and put their talent to produce art and their rights to their creation should be respected. It’s totally not fine to take for example an artist’s illustration and make T-shirts out of it even if you’re Disney! Your personal photos shouldn’t be touched and manipulated for any reason, be it advertising or bullying. But in our case, the issue should be resolved by the mangaka paying a fine, referencing what he uses and then get our story back. An utterly lovely story which I really hope we’ll see in the future again. I pray for it.


      • Overlord-G says:

        If that’s the case, I can only wish future artists the best of luck securing their products. I bet Prism’s comeback would be one of the biggest in yuri history.


  2. mutopis says:

    sadly, this one was one of my favorites. I am reminded how many of our technologies were based on the previous creation of other inventors that just happens someone got it “right”. Imagine Thomas Edison being sued for improving the light bulb, I say improving, not inventing because he didnt invent it, he based his research from previous works and just made it better. A lot of what we call inventions are the accumulative collective trial and errors of previous inventors/researchers and then one guy who just happens to combine the right parts to make it work. Unfortunately, the same problem is taking place on digital technology. Patent-trolls are making it impossible (as well as Apple) from improving old software, programs, as well as apps with better upgrades because someone happens to hold the patent for some code. Is like someone decided to copyright the dictionary or the internet (I blame our arcane laws.)


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I think Prism is my favorite manga so far. I really wish there was more :/. I really liked the way it portrays how the girls’ relationship came to be. I used to think I lived in a pretty open minded city/state, but I realized there will always be someone who doesn’t approve of these kind of relationships. Even though two people might like each other, its not always so easy being together. It was nice seeing how they worked out trying to be together.


  4. JC says:

    Prism stopped in a point i could think of it as “finished” and let it go, if not, i would be crying in anxiety due to not knowing when is going to be another chapter or if it’s even going to be another one. I took a risk with this manga, you know, i don’t like to read an unfinished/cancelled thing. However, i have done that then come to regret it because the manga was great (like someone commented, i liked Apocalypse, Flower Flower, Carbonard Crown, Tie Breaker and many others).
    My only way of going on with this one has been forget about it. Sure, it was great but that’s it. On the other hand, even if it’s mainstream… it’s way better than other mainstream manga (Citrus), as you said.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I sense you are one of those readers who cannot endure unfinished products because the agony of it not having a definitive conclusion is not worth enduring. You are a wise person JC. Still, Prism does have the “Unfinished Masterpiece” appeal behind it for the time being and that’s cool.


  5. Kai says:

    Likewise, one of the reason why Prism had been sitting in my backlog for the longest time ever was due to it’s inconclusive element. This post made me read all the chapters though (think I missed out on some side stories), and indeed it’s a shame, Prism has all the workings of a wonderful yuri, and it stopped when things just started getting interesting.

    I will be lying too, if I said I didn’t regret reading it, since it’s such a wonderful manga, and it’s just so sad that it’s pretty much a proven fact by now that this manga won’t be continued. It’s a shame, really.


  6. Lena K. says:

    I really hoped this author would at least come up with another yuri manga, if he isn’t going to continue this one.
    And I thought, he may have released something similar already that just hasn’t been translated yet. So I then I took a look at his previous works and well, what I found there wasn’t all that surprising but it kinda makes me wonder how someone that almost solely draws Hentai Lolicon stuff, comes up with something like Prism.
    Not that I mind though, I would really love to see another yuri manga by him…


  7. yurimylove says:

    I actually read Prism a while ago, after hearing about the contravesy. What a shame! It was a really good read, as concluded in your review, just too short. Even if tracing were involved so what?! It still involves skill and manual labor, just less than drawing from scratch. I wish I could trace half as good as this, then I’d put out so many yuri dougins XD


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