199th G-View: GYO; Tokyo Fish Attack

I never thought I’d see the day that Japan would make something like this. I should not be surprised, yet I still am. This is Gyo.

Gyo manga cover

Alternate Title: Gyo

Genres: Horror, sci-fi

Themes: Fish, Virus

Objectionable content: Significant, blood, sex and nudity.

Running time: 71 minutes

G-Rating: 5/10

Plot Summary: Killer stinky fish equipped with mysterious walkers (Walking fish) emerge from the ocean and go on a rampage in Japan, infecting the air with their foul stench.

Gyo Tokyo Fish AttackBoth the manga and anime are perfect examples of hilariously bad B Horror movies. It has everything one would expect from a low-budget, crappy horror movie: Unlikable (and some stupid) characters, unnecessary fanservice, poor animation quality/CGI, silly villains and an insane explanation as to the threat’s origin, poor character development (Although the main protagonist’s main plot conflict is resolved, yet still poorly) and a bad ending.

Mobile shark chasing Kaori and other guyWhat else can I say about this movie? It’s a movie about a swarm of killer fish rampaging around Japan, killing or infecting other people with a virus that turns them into belching and farting tubs of green lard machines. I just spoiled half of the movie but movies like this aren’t meant to be taken seriously. This movie would fit perfectly on the SyFy channel. It’s that cheesy and that bad.

Hilarious Kaori fanserviceI will give the show some minor compliments. Kaori is both a sexy protagonist and the ONLY likable character in the movie…or the least idiotic, I guess. Everyone else, like I said, is either lame, detestable or silly. There’s a reason why I posted this picture besides more views. It is because Gyo dared to do something different. I am not talking about killer land fish because that has been done with sharks…many times. What I’m referring to is the shower scene. Usually shower scenes start from the butt to the head. Gyo’s shower scene starts from the head to the breasts. I commend it for being indiscreet.

Gyo anime posterOverall, Gyo has to be an intentionally bad OVA/manga that was specifically made for low-budget direct to video exploitation fans. If this was meant to be taken seriously, which I highly doubt, then the writers must have been high when they wrote the script for both OVA and manga. If they knew they were making crap for the sake for the sake of a good laugh, then mission accomplished because I laughed a lot. I recommend this to anyone willing to sit down and enjoy something stupid for the lulz.

As a bonus, here’s a special Top 40 bad shark movies list, which I would personally like to switch one of those movies and add Gyo in it.

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7 Responses to 199th G-View: GYO; Tokyo Fish Attack

  1. MarkS00N says:

    I wasn’t fan of horror so this isn’t cup of my coffee (or whatever that idiom is supposed to be in English) whether it really is a good or bad one…

    But to add on how this movie is, well, should be enjoyed for the lulz and not for horror: A group of my friends, one which scared by horror movie even though he watched it in daylight with a lot of people, were watching this one day…
    Non of them scream, all of them laugh, hard…

    At least the way they talked about this movie when they were watching it, made me wonder whether this is a story about horror by shark, or a beautiful story about stalker fish and the beauty which become its target (with the male romance as the villain try to do NTR) but alas, it ended sadly for the stalker fish, at least the female is alone now…


  2. judge212 says:

    Lol this movie. I watched it with my ex-gf a while ago. I was left speechless at the end at how dumb it was. I read that the manga is a lot different than the movie, with Tadashi the main character instead of Kaori. But unlike King of Thorn, I have no intention of reading it.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Screw the manga. Screw Tadashi being the lead. Kaori was a competent enough lead, or as close to competent as a person with any of their brain cells left was in this dung pile of a movie.


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