Life Lessons: Don’t Cloud Your Judgment

Riko's possible hidden feelings for MakiRiko realizing her feelings may be coming outMaki's heart skipping a beat, methinksNice tsundere saveI honestly didn’t notice this the first time I watched Love Lab.

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Because the word on the net was that this show wasn’t yuri at all (the manga anyway), I took off my yuri goggles. However, as the show progressed, more and more clues. Besides, as far as the boys in the anime went, their influence over the Love Lab universe are ultimately inconsequential. Another bright side is that unlike the traitor known as Kuuko, these two haven’t betrayed the yuri nation at all. They’re currently teasing, the writers, I mean.

So yeah, the moral of this post, all Yuri Nation members MUST ALWAYS have their yuri goggles on don’t believe everything you hear on the internet. Just look at Gatchaman CROWDS.

Riko X Maki

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Also, anime and manga universes can sometimes be seen as alternate universes. A second season of the Love Lab anime still worries me, but for now, let us enjoy this newfound sigh of relief in favor of the nation.

Wow. I’ve been wrong several times this season. On the bright side, my being wrong has led to good things this time.

Now…Grade 4 or Grade 3 level of yuri? How to grade Love Lab? For all you Nation members who paid closer attention than I had (until the climactic season finale encounter of course),  how would all of you grade Love Lab’s yuri level?

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20 Responses to Life Lessons: Don’t Cloud Your Judgment

  1. Chokko says:

    Grade 3 until the boys come, then grade 4.


  2. froggykun says:

    “So yeah, the moral of this post, all Yuri Nation members MUST ALWAYS have their yuri goggles on don’t believe everything you hear on the internet.”


    I was actually kind of expecting a wishy-washy sappy life lesson from this post, but this exceeded all my expectations. I will truly take this lesson to heart.

    (P.S. I saw the subtext between Riko x Maki way before you did! Teehee!)


    • Overlord-G says:

      My Life Lessons are mainly humorous but still hold some truth to them. If you read my previous ones, you know what I’m talking about.

      That’s because my vision was clouded due to there being a large margin of people online saying LL has no yuri subtext potential. I let those lies get the better of me and it wasn’t until the clues were shoved in my face that I was happy to learn LL is definitely subtext.


  3. Kitsu says:

    People should now that Bisexuality exist, so Riko and Mari can be gay for each other even with they silly teasing with the boys who are just carbon box
    And the manga, after a friend read all the Vol 8 for me he confirmed the girls still single so its not that bad


  4. yurimylove says:

    Judging by the merits of this season alone, I say definitely “Grade 3: Yuri is there but it isn’t important to the main plot.” I mean it certainly contains no less subtext than series like Rio-Rainbow Gate or CANAAN which are also Grade 3.


  5. moet15 says:

    I think its grade 3


  6. Baka says:

    Yeah, man, like the saying: “Living and learning”. As everybody above says, it’s Grade 3.

    Also, nice artwork, man.


  7. Rincewind says:

    Well, before the launching of the anime I did a little research about the manga.

    After cheking the first RAW volume I dont get yuri or het vibes. Of course, I couldnt say for sure, because I dont know japanese.
    So I did a skip to volume 6 and 7. And boy, seems to have become an het fest. Now some guys are co-protagonist. And they’re obviously the love interest of the girls, with plenty of fantasying, blushing and tsudenre behaviour.
    So in the manga at least, the yuri is zero.

    I havent watched the anime.
    Sometimes it can be better. Like Gokujou. In the anime they go the FULL YURI TOP SPEED route. And was glorious.


    • Overlord-G says:

      We’ll see what happens in the anime version if it ends up getting a second season. I said dodging this show because it didn’t have yuri was selfish but it’s your call.


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