Yuri Talk: The Shining Beacon of Hope

There is a shining beacon of light for the yuri nation. A beacon filled with many hopes and dreams.

There is a reason why Yuri Nation members endure subtext. One day, that Grade 1 show we’ve all been desperately craving, will come. Kuttsukiboshi doesn’t count because it’s an OVA and not a 12-24 episodic show. The day a Grade 1 show airs that contains legitimate lesbian kisses and mutual loving between the two. What I mean by this is that it’s not all about the kissing, but when you see the couples on screen, a simple “I love you” or signs of their love being mutual would be great. Basically, yuri without the following:

Drugged ChitoseKisses under chemical influence (Drugs or chocolate).

Doubts (Unless these doubts play an important role in the plot and will have a major payoff).

Kuune having her way with KuukoHaving the romance be one-sided or having a Hall of Famer betray the nation for nonsensical reasons.

hanasaku-iroha-yuri-bath-ohana-nakoBeing dream sequences or fantasies.

Jenny and LynnBeing a side plot.

Maria Akizuki with Saki WatanabeHaving the lesbian be in love with another woman who’s already into a guy. I miss the days when main protagonists do NOT end up dating their co-protagonists in the end.

Christa X YmirHaving to HEAVILY rely on fanfiction, doujins and the like to maintain its popularity. In short, the couples’ love has to be legit and not entirely based around fan support. YumiKuri is sort of legit, but not legit enough is what I’m saying. I hope I’m getting my point across with this example.

Shion X YayoiHave little to no screen time together and nearly be labeled as an afterthought.

TeasingHaving the writers toy with our emotions.

Riko X Maki

Update: Love Lab’s yuri is not a lie. It’s more of the writers toying with our emotions like  in Stella Academy.

Sakura TrickThen, a couple of months ago, the beacon had appeared. Sakura Trick could end up being the show the nation had been waiting since 2009 to appear. This could be it. This could be the show that will resurrect Grade-1 yuri anime with no strings attached to them.

I am not known for being a person with expectations, because I believe having expectations are hazardous to a geek’s health and sanity. However, whenever I do have expectations, I tend to keep them as low and as few as possible. This time…I want to believe. I want to believe that writers still have balls. I want to believe that Japanese studios have not lost their cojones due to unsatisfactory sales and other BS.

Sakura Trick, prequel chapter

I WANT TO BELIEVE, THAT 2014 WILL BE THE DEFINITIVE YEAR OF YURI’S ULTIMATE RESURRECTION! There have been enough seeds planted during 2011-2013. The time has come!

On the off chance that all my hopes and dreams are shattered, there’s (hopefully) still Akuma no Riddle

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30 Responses to Yuri Talk: The Shining Beacon of Hope

  1. Chokko says:

    We’re believing in it. IN YURI WE TRUST!


  2. Cytrus says:

    I won’t say that yuri kissing would automatically make a show good, since that approach might still cheapen other important aspects of a relationship, but some straightforward acknowledgment once in a blue moon wouldn’t hurt, honestly. Think Aoi Hana. The ED was beautiful even when it wasn’t reciprocated love at that point.

    But the genre is painfully stuck in a deadlock with the iyashi-kei pure friendship approach, that’s true. The writers know they can sell the series both ways as long as they load it with teasing – but all of it within range of plausible dependability. This does get distressing after a while though.

    It’s gotten to the point that we have shows like Symphogear, where a yuri couple is obviously central to the plot and keeps throwing confessions around at every opportunity, but all of them roundabout and ambiguous to give the writers an ‘out’ as necessary…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m not emphasizing the kiss as the most important part of yuri. The kiss is more to make it, official, shall we say.

      The example you brought of the (currently) excellent love story between Hibiki and Miku is what I’m referring to with the kiss thing. Basically, that’s all they need to make their already “for the ages” love story a satisfying one. The progress in their romance during season 2 has been nothing short of amazing.

      This post was meant to emphasize the painful patience yuri fans need to have in order to endure what you talked about in the 2nd and third paragraphs of your comment. I’ll change the post to better explain this.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I corrected it anyway. Also, Hibiki and Miku, KISS ALREADY, DAMN IT! Damn writers. Why do they continue denying us the ending we deserve because they don’t have the balls to go through with it!? Screw the mainstream for being squeamish cowards who are afraid of the truth.


  3. Lena K. says:

    I really want to believe that Sakura Trick will be that one Yuri Anime we have all been waiting for and as hyped as I am to see this, I somehow think that it just won’t be.
    Even if yuri is the main theme of the story and the two main characters kiss and really show their love, I kind of want something different.
    Maybe that’s just me, but I want something more serious, not a light yuri comedy, but a yuri drama.
    Something like Girlfriends or Citrus would be great… but what am I complaining about, 2 yuri anime in one year is more than we can ask for.


    • Overlord-G says:

      One step at a time Lin Kuei Kunoichi, one step at a time. We have to start small and a lighthearted comedy where the love is legit is as good of a start as any. If that won’t do, hopefully an action show starring lesbians will suffice.

      I’m still waiting for my Octave anime adaptation as far as serious yuri shows go but like Citrus and Girlfriends, that will have to wait.


  4. yurimylove says:

    first of all, super exciting news! TWO yuri-labelled series in one year, haven’t had one of those since 2009 (still the “golden year of yuri” so far).

    Nice examples of yuri-tease, by the way dood! When I first read your post, I was like “you read my mind!” It reminded me of one of my ranting posts here from a while back. And yes, I freely admit that I have posted my share of rants on your blog (and THANKS for indulging), though i try to control myself most of the time ^_^;

    I suspect that you and i both share a similar sentiment regarding such shows, in that despite being disappointed sometimes by such teasing, it does not automatically make us dislike a show. Like in the case of Love Lab, even though we as “proud” nation members are disappointed that “the cake is a lie”, I believe you still like the series very much, as do I. In my case, I recall listing the “power-up kiss” in Kiddy Girl-and (Ascoeur x Q-feuille) and “medicine-passing kiss” in Sengoku Otome (Yoshino x Nobunaga) as examples of faux yuri kiss. Nevertheless, I still LOVE both series — in spite of that.

    Here’s to a new “Golden year of yuri” in 2014!!


    • Overlord-G says:

      The current status of yuri content is fine. We are still getting yuri content by the boatloads, but a couple more shows centered around canon yuri is what we ask for. We don’t want several, mind you. It’s like Froggykun said: too much of a good thing is no good.

      That’s right. No yuri does not automatically equal boycott watching a show. Love Lab still rocks despite the yuri being a lie. The Kiddy Girl kiss was still sexy enough to be forgiven and seeing Mitsuhide living the dream while receiving Nobunaga’s mouth to mouth resuscitation was worth forgiving the kiss being fake. As for Nobunaga “kissing” Yoshino, Yoshino isn’t exactly a likable character.


  5. froggykun says:

    Speaking as someone who isn’t a hardcore fan of yuri (although I casually like the genre) I can totally understand your frustrations. I like my yuri with a bit of vinegar, but too much of the all-girl stuff makes the friendships between the females way too sugary sweet. Nothing ever happens when it’s just subtext.

    Also, your complaints about anime not generally being willing to explore a real lesbian relationship reminds me that yaoi fans have the exact same complaints about homosexual relationships in anime. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of it is just subtext that makes shipping so much fun? I mean it’s nice when a show is open and upfront about it but if every yuri series was like that, it would get boring. After all, het is boring precisely because you know they couple is going to end up together and stupid, frustrating crap drags the whole thing out. Yuri is refreshingly free from bullshit of that nature.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I care little whether my yuri is sugary sweet or has some vinegar in it. All is good when lesbianism is involved. Besides, there’s always live-action stuff when I am in need of a serious yuri fix.

      I agree with your comment about too much of a good thing not being right. However, the rate of of open yuri, let alone open yuri being the main focus of a show, is very rare. That is what we crave more of.

      I also agree with your comment about yaoi girls not getting as much love. The fact is, while lesbian fans currently have less to worry about in anime, all homosexuals in general need to be patient and wait for their time to shine and witness magic happen in Japanese animation form. We have nothing to worry about in manga form but it is not enough.

      Het romances can work out as long as the viewers are invested in the contestants. Even though we know how it’ll end, het romances have become more about the journey than the destination. But you already know that.


  6. o0oghosto0o says:

    My faith have never faltered, and now with this beacon of hope shining brightly through the fog of frustration, my faith have become even stronger! Unlike you OG, I am a person with a lot of expectations, that is also why I suffered a lot too. But no matter how many time my hope is answered with disappointment, I still believe! Once again shall I hope, once again shall I wait with great expectation, and once again shall I pray that my hope won’t be shattered.

    I’m fine with subtext and all that. But in the end the yuri fan inside me want more, much more, as greedy as it may sound! No more subtext, no more tease, no more lie! I . WANT . THE . TRUTH . TO . SHINE !

    Damn me if you want cowards who do not accept this truth, my faith shall never falter !

    P/s: Sorry for committing such … unsightly acts on your blog, OG! Even though my faith is strong, the frustration do drive me to the edge sometimes.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s like I told Justin from OASD, if you can handle not having your expectations met sometimes, then hype yourself up as much as you deem necessary. I’m not going to stop you from having expectations. I simply choose not to.

      Besides, your passion for yuri is what is most important here. That’s what I do. I bring yuri fans together for the greater good that is romance between women.

      Besides, I completely understand how you feel.


    • yurimylove says:

      Hello o0oghosto0o-san, after reading your comments I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that — you have my utmost respect for the fact that “no matter how many time my hope is answered with disappointment, I still believe!”

      I am also a huge yuri fan, but I think I fall somewhere between you and OG-Man in that while I sometimes have expectations for a particularly promising series, I usually try to rein them in because frankly I’m not strong enough to endure the pain of utter disappointment. Therefore, my hats off to you for your unshakable faith in yuri love.

      Here’s to wishing you a 2014 where the truth will finally shine!


      • Overlord-G says:

        We Nation members have to stick together, both the casual and hardcore. In the end, the passion for yuri is what is most important. What kind of yuri we prefer is another subject but as long as it does not get in the way of other nation members wanting to enjoy their yuri in peace, then it’s all good.


  7. Kai says:

    All those problems you mentioned is probably why I don’t really have a wide knowledge on yuri anime, if people ask me for a yuri recommendation, the only thing I could probably recommend is Strawberry Panic, probably the one and only “proper” yuri anime I ever known. Subtext is good, but can be frustrating, lol, and seemingly “yuri anime” had piles of them.

    Because of that, I’m looking forward to Sakura Trick, definitely.


  8. Rargle_Fargle says:

    I just recently became a Yuri fan(last year) and haven’t been missing out as long as some of you, but I do agree that whatever yuri I did find/watch/cry at/DAW at/etc. 2010 – present has been rather lacking.

    And as I am noob-ish to Yuri goodness I am at a loss for most of the pictures used for emphasis, and example. Some clarification would be helpful, please.

    I would consider Watamote for Yuri, but that’s not the point of the anime/manga…or is it? It’s an interesting show and it would work for the character’s development. Her finding out that she is a lesbian and such…,eh, we’ll see.

    At any rate, I’m definitely going to check out Sakura Trick.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Always a pleasure to welcome a new, aspiring Yuri Nation member. I’ll be happy to explain where each scene comes from, though I will only spoil one show.

      -The first picture is from Yuru Yuri. I think if you began watching Yuri anime in 2010, you must have at least heard of the series in 2011.

      -The next pic is from the second season of Haiyoru Nyaruko-san. Unfortunately, I called Kuuko a traitor because she ends falling for the male lead in that season, wasting many yuri fans’ time. Time that she created due to her initial infatuation with Nyaruko in the first season.

      -Hanasaku Iroha. A good show, but not recommended for the yuri, as the scene in the picture is the only yuri-ish one on the show.

      -The next picture shows Jenny and Lynn from Mouretsu Pirates. Ana amazing anime with both subtext and canon yuri. Definitely worth a look.

      -The next pic is from Shin Sekai Yori. There is a very memorable yuri scene in that show but fans of it like it for other reasons. I suggest you do not get your hoped up for anything amazing in the yuri dept.

      -Christa and Ymir from Shingeki no Kyojin are next. I’m pretty sure you must have seen fanart, fanfiction and doujin manga about these two floating around the internet. In the anime though, these two hardly get a chance to be lovey-dovey together. They get to fight giants, at least.

      -The next couple is Shion and Yayoi from Psycho-Pass. Another good show that, as my explanation…explains, they BARELY get any screen time together on the show. The second and last episodes to be exact.

      -Next is Yura and Sonora from Stella Womens Academy: Group C-3. Subtext aplenty between these two.

      -Last but not least is Maki and Rico from Love Lab. Some yuri fans, myself included, were hoping for some yuri on that show. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Still an awesome comedy worth your time, though.

      I hope that about covers it.

      I think that one scene where Tomoko has ecchi thoughts about Yuu is more about admiring and envying Yuu’s killer body and wanting to know what it feels like to be that hot…I think.


  9. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Give us some real lesbian romance, you maggots! Like Octave!


  10. Rincewind says:

    Sakura Trick its the vessel of our dream and hopes.
    A full canon, 0 ambiguity yuri show. With yuri as the central theme. It’s like a dream.

    I only hope that the studio and producers doesnt turn the dream in nightmare. Seriously, I hope that they dont screw with this.

    Ah, hi, by the way. It was a while since I visited this lovely blog.

    PD: Maybe if they keep making new season of Symphogear we will have our Hibiki x Miku kiss.
    Doesnt really matters anyaways. Any reasonable doubt about their relationship was erased after the Miku incident in S2.


    • Overlord-G says:

      For the time, all we can do is wait for the Winter season to start.

      Good to have you back from hiding. Yeah, Miku X Hibiki is about as canon as Ellis X Nadie right now, meaning that yes it is canon.


  11. Holden says:

    Balls? How about ovaries or tits? No balls in yuri!


  12. perlen297 says:

    Just a comment from 2018, more and more actual yuri came and still keeps coming. A hope for a good future for yuri isn’t something far-fetched anymore.


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