Neptunia TV Episode 10: P-Ko For Life.

The Porn Kingdom of Eden had declared war last week. How did the four nations of Gamindustri respond? Let’s find out.

A molotov in favor of pornEden’s influence is a strong one as thousands of women (ironically), gathered to protest against the lack of Rated NC-17 content in Playstation, XBOX and especially Nintendo games. I’d like to pretend these are all people frustrated against 80’s and 90’s soccer moms who influenced the cancellation of great shows like Swat Cats and Pirates of Dark Water.

Dark AuraAt first, the dark aura being emitted by the protestors was thought to be Eden receiving more shares from “supporters”, but in reality it’s a brainwashing drug provided to Anonydeath by the mystery client. Having played the games, I have a faint idea who this mystery client is. However, if the show were to surprise us by having the client be someone I didn’t expect, that would be pretty cool too.

Mini-Histy ReturnsMini-Histy is back with more bad news. Apparently, Peashy is not supposed to be in the Hyperdimension because she is the CPU of the Other Dimension’s Eden and chaos is spreading over there as well. It’s up to Plutie to bring her back. However….

Neptune is hesitatingNep-Nep, who is still moping, for good reason, would probably not let that happen if (or rather, when) she knew.

More serious than expectedI must admit, the show handled the “Rescue P-Ko” Arc more seriously than the games did, though I wonder if this version will also have me nearly tearing up?

Plutia be chillin'I love how Plutia appeared out of nowhere after being carried by Purple Heart and was all “Sup Noire” when she approached her.

Lucky LindaLinda just can’t catch a break. However, she made the right choice by fessing up to Iris Heart. She ain’t ready to see the light yet.

Rei paid the priceRei couldn’t get away this time.

You're next AnonydeathShe ain’t done…

Badass Black HeartIt’s payback time fag!

My personal dominatrix is here!Sorry Iris, this guy is into white chocolate rather than chili con carne.

Yellow Heart's Share CoreAh. The elusive core that gave me lots of trouble during the Yellow Heart boss fights. So this is what it looks like.

Mission AccomplishedThe writers tried, but no dice. Still, it was a big moment.

Normal EndingOooh. Now I see what was missing. I almost teared up. Good job guys. So they went that route instead. Interesting. However, the show isn’t over yet so we’ll see what happens next week. Looking forward to the special ED’s release.

Nepgear's new dollTake care of it, or elseThese alternate endings are awesome.

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  1. yurimylove says:

    bye bye Plutia, she will be missed

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