Neptunia TV Episode 9: Yellow is the new G, or maybe H

Rei's a victimRei is a victim, you see.

Neptune misses P-Ko a lotLast week, P-ko was “reunited” with her “mother” while Neptune was away so Nep is feeling down due to her not getting a chance to apologize to Peashy. To hide her sorrows, she works extra hard.

Rei's officeSo this is what Rei’s “lair” looks like. So Lowee satellites took a snapshot of Rei and Peashy going into a random building. This is what the Peashy search team found.

Captured PeashyMeanwhile, at a different location, Anonydeath says some stuff about his employers and Rei being an accomplice while experimenting on Peashy. Awwww…this will ruin the surpriiiiiise.

Consistency be damnedWell. This pretty much lowered the validity of the Blu-Rays. Bare witness to a godess’ sweet candy ass. Oh, and Iris Heart is showing Purple Heart some tough love for lying to herself and others. Another fun fact about Iris Heart. Even when she’s being “nice” she’s sadistic. However, this is the “kid friendly” TV Iris Heart, soooo…

Quite the sceneI can’t waste a lot of this post with sexy Iris Heart poses. Sorry. So the tough love successful as Neptune breaks down. By the way, I have zero qualms with “light” Iris Heart.

Plutia's expressionThe reason being that viewers can tell Plutia would gladly “play” with everyone she loves anytime they want. Also, since Iris Heart is technically Plutia “unleashed”, then that pretty much makes Plutia ambiguously gay and Iris Heart “Hard Gay”.

How sad…even in the anime the other CPU Candidates are denied a chance to shine outside of the Mk2 inspired episodes. I wonder how disappointed the CPU Candidate fans are? I’m not really angry but I would love seeing the other Candidates do cool stuff too and not just Nepgear, despite her being my favorite.

Yellow Heart

Vert’s are better.

I’m not going to state the obvious so let’s move on. R-18 Island is the location of a new nation called Eden, along with their own CPU, Yellow Heart.

Praise my badassery poseYellow Heart toys with the CPUs a bit while Plutia wandered off to follow a suspicious looking boob.

Insert Lion King Joke hereI seriously want to make a Lion King joke! Too easy, I guess. Anyhoo, the girls went all out, knocked Yellow Heart down and Anonydeath figured it was time for Phase 3: Screw around with the CPUs heads, which he did.

Otaku Island Declares its IndependenceRei’s speech states that Eden has every right to distribute porn worldwide. Any opposition will result in a declaration of Total War…which is exactly what happened.

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5 Responses to Neptunia TV Episode 9: Yellow is the new G, or maybe H

  1. Sben says:

    … I really need to watch this show.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. & mention lion king joke well look what i just found

    yet with few some eps yea when done better ready for dub from Funi in anyway of casting give only like they might keep plutia & historie voice be same.

    but rest unless Funi can bring those voices to texas or expect re-cast only for anime version.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    wait, what i just saw was only “light” Iris Heart?! (shudders)

    Liked by 1 person

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