Life Lessons: Ore no Imouto

This is something I had to get off my chest. I do not know whether this will count as a rant or an editorial. My readers can judge for themselves.

Depending on the answers, I’ll either keep this as a Life Lessons post or turn it into a G-View. I really wish I had the mindset to put this much effort into college assignments.

Whomever has the time to read this post deserves an award.


Oreimo Girls

The pic that started it allI mentioned this in my G-View (Ore no Imouto) of the show. This picture of Kirino pointing to the skies looked super badass to me. It got me into giving the first season a go. I loved it, for the most part. However, it was for more serious reasons rather than the rom-com stuff the second season focused on.

See, to me, Ore no Imouto 1 was about sending a message about the life of a closeted otaku.

It was about the possible difficulties a young prodigy had to endure due to this person secretly enjoying a hobby that was seen as disturbing to the general public outside of otakudom.

It was also about the debate about what was really important in the production of anime, manga and related products. What was the main focus about these products? Was it more about fanservice, or the deeper meaning hidden within the fanservice. I am of course referring to the episode where Kuroneko laid the smackdown on the anime execs.

It was about showing the public a possible reaction from a friend who has a negative view of otakus in Ayase: her disdain for anime/manga otakus and difficulty in accepting her good friend Kirino’s otaku lifestyle.

It was about showing the audience that not all otakus are “mindless inhuman freaks of nature”. The same can be said for Bronies.

The last thing I liked about season 1 was its ending. It was the perfect ending for a show like this. Kyosuke went through A LOT to understand Kirino as both a closeted otaku and a person. In the climax, he convinced his sister to continue her studies in Japan instead of going abroad. Both came to a reasonable conclusion and agreed to continue working things out as life moved on. It was the perfect ending.

HOWEVER, the otaku hive mind obviously disagreed. Either that, or the writers intentionally wanted to fool people into thinking the “default ending” wasn’t the real one. Thus, Ore no Imouto; Alternate Route (True Route)was later released. I called it Alternate Route because I personally refused to accept that the story wasn’t over. What more needed to be told? What else was there? Then, as I watched the 4 OVAs…”Yeah. I should have known”. They just HAD to give Kyosuke a potential romantic partner, or at least give viewers the impression that there would be one.

Season 2So season 2 was announced and it began airing. I immediately noticed that, other than the major Saori Bagina focused episode (A really good one, btw), there was initially little else. However, I later realized the show had become an entirely new entity and was more a long, trial filled road leading to the inevitable. Yes. I admit it. I am one of the many who opposed the incest route. After seeing Oreimo 2 and its three bonus episodes, I had given up by that point and stopped caring. I told myself, “If this is what the writers had wanted from the start and as long as it wasn’t influenced in by fanboy comments, go for it”.

Saori MakishimaSo nice.

At first, my only concern in the rom-com part was for Kyosuke not ending up choosing Kirino. I had a bias against hetero incest in the past. Today, incest doesn’t bother me as much (sibling incest to be exact. Blood related Parent-offspring incest still kinda irks me.)  because it’s a choice. Basically, I had stopped caring altogether about who Kyosuke would end up choosing because none of his candidates made me smile.

Manami was the only girl I did like of the four, but since she’s a childhood, that automatically meant she was destined to lose. On the bright side (as dim as it was), she went down like a champ. WHEW! Don’t ever piss Manami off doods! Hell hath no fury and all that stuff.

Ayase, as a character and what she represented, was interesting. As a person, she annoyed me. Even after she lightened, my opinion of her hadn’t changed much.

Kuroneko, the alter ego, was pure awesomeness. Ruri Gokou, aside from her social experiment, felt generic to me. So yeah, this is a case of the alter-ego being more interesting than the original. From an entertainment standpoint, I often regard alter-egos and originals as different entities. A recent example is Maki and Makio from Love Lab. Both have their own separate appeals. Ruri did evolve into something more after becoming super serious about Kyosuke. I’ll give her that much.

Lastly there’s Kirino. Like I said earlier. I initially opposed her because she’s Kyosuke’s sister. After I stopped caring, my thoughts on her didn’t change. In short, I feel the same away about her as I do for Ayase. Heck, I think they’re clones of each other.

There’s a fifth but these four are the ones who made bigger impacts imo, which I’ll now explain.

The WinnerBack to season 2’s story. I was shocked that the show had not only become a het harem, but also a bittersweet (or tragic) ELIMINATION HAREM! How often do you see one of those!? One by one, Kyosuke’s potential girlfriends were eliminated until one remained. Also, the eliminations were hardcore! DAAAAAAANNNNNNG!

As for how the inevitable came to be, I was impressed. I made a comment at Señor Frog’s. I also did the same thing on The Beautiful World Facebook Page. In both pages, I showed both disdain and a lack of caring. However, after that, I sat down and thought things through.

I puzzled, and puzzled, and puzzled until my puzzler was solved. Ore no Imouto 2, if nothing else, had BALLS! I once mentioned that Usagi Drop did the pseudo-incest thing better and I also mentioned Yosuga no Sora doing the same thing (Though the second was only based on internet research rather than watching the damn thing). So…yeah. It was an interesting way to reach this conclusion. Holy cow. How many hearts had to be broken and how many fists needed to be thrown? How many challenges had to be faced to get to this point? This was no ordinary fluff-het-harem. JAIZUS! The writers had the balls to tackle incest relationships as a whole…or at least give an idea of the pros and cons behind it. WOW! Color me impressed.

Heck, any and all non-heterosexual romantic relationships come with many challenges to pull through all the way till death do these lovers part. I’m not saying heterosexual relationships aren’t difficult either, but you get my point. Taboo romantic relationships between human beings, even homosexual ones, are fine, but tough to see all the way through.


Overall…while I still ended up not caring who Kyosuke ended up with, I have to give credit where credit is due. Unlike a certain sequel I am sick of referencing, this sequel ended up impressing me. I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong when I once said “This show season should not exist”. I am glad I gave this show a second chance and took the time to truly understand it. If this were a G-View, I would give the second season (All 16 episodes) and N/A rating. People have to see the show in its entirety for themselves and come to their own conclusions. I gave all my doods and peeps my own. Also…


P.S.: After watching this show, this once again brings up a question for myself. Putting aside the intention of shock value and giving people something to talk about. Putting aside popularity. Putting aside the track record of serious Grade-1 shows…WHY THE FUCK HAVE NEITHER AOI-HANA, SASAMEKI KOTO AND ESPECIALLY OCTAVE, NOT RECEIVED FUCKING ANIMATED CONCLUSIONS!? all three are finished for FUCK’S SAKE! SCREW POPULARITY AND EXPECTED REVENUE! MAKE THEM HAPPEN, DAMN IT! I just know that they can all work!

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14 Responses to Life Lessons: Ore no Imouto

  1. mutopis says:

    Future ovas to milk the series maybe?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Any more episodes after this conclusion will feel like milking. If last season’s default ending wasn’t official, then episode 16 of this season’s has to be. Unless they make an incest porn hentai of Kyosuke and Kirino on their honeymoon, I see nothing else to talk about…unless the writers want to give the “parental showdown” thing a go. I doubt they’d go that far. They already took a major gamble with the 3 “grand finale” OVAs.


  2. Kai says:

    3.. 2.. 1!
    Thhhhheee winner.. goes to..,, Kyoooouuusuuukeee! The Undisputed Virgin Champ!


  3. Hello new member here, first I have to say that I love your blog and second excellente review of the series, I agree with everything except that I was rooting for the incest ending…


  4. Sher says:

    Hey first off I love your blog I go look at it almost everyday XD second im kinda scared to watch the second season of my little sister can’t be this cute because I feel like it’s going to be more incest and I find that creepy x.x and that the main male character turned into a Perv and ayase liking him which makes no sense since she hated him in the first season. So I’m still debating to watch this so ya >.<


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s up to you if you wish to do so or not. It is nowhere near as good as season 1 but is worth a look for the curious at least.


  5. One of the best Oreimo’s review,you read the after story?
    and what you think abbout EroManga sensei?


    • OG-Man says:

      No. Lost interest in the series after the 2nd season ended. I had my fill of it. Oh. Eromanga-sensei is by the same person. Not interested in that one either.


      • The after story there some good things(like confirmation that they are together and hintst that Kuroneko is going to Yuri Path),also you know some Yuri incest?(that is not Candy Boy)


      • OG-Man says:

        Ah. Okay.
        Anime centered around that, not really. Manga you can Google.
        Games, there is Tsui Yuri and the upcoming Love Ribbon.
        Yuri incest is randomly inserted most of the time in anime the few times it pops up.


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