Neptunia TV Episode 8: Sorry About the Mess

I’ll clean it up later…

All hail VERT!Before that, let us all kneel before our one true mistress and fellow Nepgear lover, Vert!

Another Neptuna TackleParenting lesson #77: If a child likes to eat your food specifically, do not fight him/her over it. You’ll end up being in the wrong.

Peashy's happy againAlthough I like the English dub better, I cannot deny Kana Hanazawa’s praiseworthy performance as Plutia/Iris Heart, especially the former. She captures Plutia’s slow pace of speech perfectly.

DANG! Peashy is tiny.Yes. It took me this long to notice how short Peashy is. I initially thought she was as tall as the White Sisters. Anyhoo, plot. Apparently, there’s an evil machine located at “R-18 Island”…get it? Neptune and the other CPUs (Including Plutia and Nepgear) go there to check things out, after Neptune pointed out the episode’s obvious motif. As for the second team, they prepare to head there as well, to help Peashy apologize, of course.

Thank you David ProductionsThis may be a shock to newcomers, but the in the games, the CPUs have no other outfits. Only B.R.A. (Battle Ready Armor). On the bright side, the upgrade armors in Neptunia V do slowly show off more skin. Also, remember, Purple Sister is the only CPU Candidate who gets “Boob+” after transforming.

Please excuse the messThank you…thank you so much…

MehNeither Blanc or White Heart are my type and Plutia’s not cute enough. I wish NISA was here right now…WHY WAS SHE OMITTED FROM VICTORY!?

Okay, this was funnyI admit it, White Heart does have her moments.

SurprisingFor Neptune, that’s a surprisingly sexy swimsuit. Nepgear’s is good, Noire’s…disappointing, considering her in-game bikinis, Blanc’s is what I expected, Vert…

Linda looking pretty decentYeah. She looks pretty good, for a gray skinned underling.

Oh…I remember…Linda’s here. That means…oh god…no. Not again.

Please, Blu-RayFansubbers. Once the Blu-Ray version is released, you know what to do. Oh, and wise decision not to remix “Lite Light”.


R.I.P OGAnimation quality ranters can go fuck themselves…Where’s Black Gekihara when you need him? He should have a perfect Nosebleed reaction gif. Anime writers, do me a favor. In the Blu-Ray version, make up an excuse to edit out the “white line” bullshit.

Vert is living the dream Vert is living the dream 1Vert is living the dream 2

My reaction is at 3:56 I said this before and I’ll say it again: Nepgear X Vert, don’t ruin it. Please don’t ruin it.

Shyness DrugI know a couple of people who would like to buy this drug.

Back for moreThe Sound Effect Sold itPast Noire knows how Linda feelsSelf-explanatory. Also, I MUST GO TO LOWEE.

Compa, in all her strawberry-chocolate gloryCompa has the best body of all the Make Characters in the series. Sorry MarvelousAQL, Cave, Mages, Falcom and Tekken-chan.

I'm gonna be squishy too when I grow upFORESHADOWING!

Her original bikini is skimpierLook it up.

DamnWow. This Rei has balls. Kind of…unexpected.

A mirage, or perhapsIs this version only a two-person crew? Maybe the others will appear next week.

she's b-Like I said in episode 6, Ms Setag for the PSV Neptunia remake cameo. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Please don’t turn into the next Asagi…

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9 Responses to Neptunia TV Episode 8: Sorry About the Mess

  1. yea 90% perfect on this ep has too much fanservice all over it with 10% now got peashy story going on.

    oh give wonder on it oh sure by time dvd-blu arrive from Funi give one wonder is dub cast on it by guessing coming in 2014 for the dub version?


  2. mutopis says:

    there is no secret that this is how they make their money, they broadcast the censored version so the suckers will buy the uncensored blu-ray version. can you believe they used to show the good parts in VHS before digital format? one step forward two step backwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      Two words dood, downloadable content.


    • shadowmaksim says:

      Is everyone missing the tidbit where the censor light bars are actually part of a joke? It’s part of like 3-4 different jokes no less. It’s even called a “mysterious creature that likes lewd body parts” and Neptune was able to grab and throw them at Blanc and Noire.

      It’s kinda hard to edit those out since the removal would be affected what’s happening in the scene.

      The only thing that was actually censored, that I could tell, was in the previous episode when Iris Heart’s behind was whited out for some reason.


      • Overlord-G says:

        The joke is obvious. That doesn’t lessen the fact that I want to see Vert and Nepgear in all their nude glory.

        Yes. Iris Heart’s butt is the only thing that’s been legitimately censored on the show so far.


  3. animedude5555 says:

    So will this anime get a US release on Bluray? Or will it remain forever a Japanese exclusive anime (where importing it from sites like Yes Asia and CD Japan will be the only way to get a copy).


  4. yurimylove says:

    I believe “Parenting lesson #77” applies equally well to girlfriends

    Liked by 1 person

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