Life Lessons: To Take a break from watching anime or NOT take a break?

Several of my neighbors posted this topic or something similar recently. The main topic was taking a break from anime, or in Animeviking’s case, how long an animeniac plans/hopes to continue watching anime. Now these are two different questions but both are related to an animeniac’s length of watching anime in their lifetime. I figured I would throw in my two cents and answer both questions in my usual way.

This is more of a story than an editorial, so bare with me. Also, big wall of text warning.

Utsutsu, GCI’m liking Gatchaman Crowds so far, especially Hajime and this lovely vixen here.

Here are the lovely and handsome people who shared their opinions on both subjects:

Señor Frog:


Justin Timberwolf:



The first question: Is taking a break from anime a good or bad idea?

Some say yes, others say no, each with their own explanations.

My take on the matter is this. I currently have no reason to take a break from anime. I need a legitimate to do something I normally would not do. Perhaps my “having reached a peak” in my life has something to do with it.

I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel that I’ve seen all the entertainment industry has to offer. I no longer need a reason to crave something “new and game changing”. If a game changing anime does air, that’s fine. If it interests me, I’ll pick it up. If it doesn’t, I won’t care and move on to the next anime. The point is, I watch anime to entertain myself. I don’t care about cliches as long as they’re presented in an amusing way. Also, anime fills me with a sense of satisfaction and utter joy, depending on which genre I’m watching.

Himawari, Vividred Operation

One of my neighbors mentioned something about not necessarily taking a break from anime but having other shows to watch on the side. I agree with this. If any of my readers aren’t avid anime fans like I am, it’s best to pick anime you know you’re going to enjoy very much and only watch those. For example, one of my best friends only chose to watch the rest of Attack on Titan and the 2nd season of High School DxD. Other shows will be picked up based on recommendations. In the meantime, my friend watches shows like Game of Thrones, Revolution, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy, etc. My friend has other shows to watch besides anime so this friend sees no reason to quit or take a break from them.

My friend did take a break from pro wrestling in favor of mma and there may be some connection with this topic. My friend quit because the wrestling product had become stale and not as good as it used to be, so this friend switched to mma because it was more about fighting than having to worry about scriptwriting or storylines. Some animeniacs likely would want to take a break from anime because, like wrestling, the product may have become stale for them, thus leading to these viewers wanting to take a break.

The only example I have that taking a break from anime might be a bad idea is a person I used to know. This person felt like taking a break from anime in favor of Friendship is Magic. This person had become a hardcore. However, possible real life events also got in the way and this person pretty much gave up on anime completely after a 3 year break. Point is, taking a break from any hobby, not just anime, is not a bad idea, but it is advised to not take too long of a break.

As for me, TV kinda sucks these days. All I watch when I’m not tuning into anime is pro wrestling, late night talk shows, The Soup, Chelsea Lately and Cartoon Network (When they’re airing the 5 shows I do like. It’s sad how things have changed for the worse for both CN and Nick). Sometimes I do tune in for the news. I also have video games and internet video shows unrelated to anime to keep me entertained. I guess, in the end, I am siding with the bloggers who have other shows to watch besides anime in order to create a balance of viewing things.

Anhovy Girls und PanzerThe second question was: How long do I see myself continuing to watch anime in my life?

I am currently 25 1/2 years old and have no intention of retiring from any form of animation, Western or Eastern. As for whether I’ll continue being an animeniac at the age of 40 and over, it all depends on whether my future empress is also an animeniac and my heir(s) to the throne will continue my legacy. Predicting the future, while amusing, is premature. My plan is to continue watching anime as long as it exists, but whether I’ll stay true to my word is uncertain.

Like I mentioned in the previous question, I currently have no reason to quit or take a break from watching anime. Anime, like other forms of Animation from the West, have been an important part of my life and helped mold me into the lovable/detestable Overlord I am today and I have no plans of changing who I am for anyone…maybe my next girlfriend but she will still have to love me for who I am just like I will end up loving her. Respect me and I will respect you too, even if do come off as grouchy sometimes but who doesn’t?

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7 Responses to Life Lessons: To Take a break from watching anime or NOT take a break?

  1. Lena K. says:

    I honestly have never thought about taking a break from anime, because it all depends on how much free time I have and how I want to spend it, so maybe without me knowing it I sometimes take a break from anime because I don’t have enough time to do so, but then again anime is also not the only thing I’m watching.

    For your second question, I’ll have to quote you:
    “Also, anime fills me with a sense of satisfaction and utter joy, depending on which genre I’m watching.”
    I like that sentence because it’s the same for me and it’s just like you said above, as long as anime entertains me (and I would even go so far as to say as long as it makes me happy), I’ll continue watching it.


  2. yurimylove says:

    at first I thought you meant you have “reached a peak” in your life, but then I realized that you actually said you reached a “peek”, and everything started to make sense!

    ahahahahaa… joking aside, i’m also planning to enjoy anime for the rest of my life. The thing is, i’ve already taken a LONG break from anime before — decades long in fact, as in 30 years. I frist started watching anime/reading manga in elementary and high school years. NEW series like Galaxy Express 999, Mazinger, Queen Millennia… yeah, I know. But then various things happened in life, as they do, and I pretty much forgot about anime. Only a few years ago I started getting back to this medium again, and I’ve been having a blast ever since.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Typos. You gotta love ’em.

      Ah. Interesting bit of info Elder One. I’ll keep that in mind in case I too, for some reason, get into an unexpected anime blues. Maybe it took you a while to find your groove or the genre you enjoyed most of all back then. Glad to know you eventually found it after accepting your animeniac self once again.


  3. o0oghosto0o says:

    I’m not much of a writer so I will just keep my opinion simple.
    Right now I’m what you will call an anime fanatic, it (and its related product like manga, doujin,etc) is the only form of entertainment that keep me entertained these day.Heck, I don’t even turn on the TV in my free times. The only thing I do in those times are watching anime, reading manga/doujin,etc. I do watch TV now and then but only channel like Discovery.
    Others may say that I should take a break from anime and try to enjoy other forms of entertainment too. I understand their point but the thing is, why should I take a break from anime if it is the thing that give me the most joy right now ? A person’s life is limited so I plan to enjoy what I want to the fullest, better than regretting it latter. And since that is the way I’m right now I can say that I will continue to watch anime/reading manga/doujin,etc for as long I can. But just like you OG, whether my words will stay true is uncertain for I’m not someone who can see the future. In my short time on this earth I have come to understand the fact that there is nothing is truly certain in life.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Wise words Mr Ghost. Wise words indeed. Happiness is what people strive their entire lives to find and the people who have found happiness, like yours truly, should cherish said happiness and do their very best to keep it going for as long as they can.
      Keep doing whatever it is that makes you happy while not letting go of reality.


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