Neptunia TV Episode 5: Sinful Goddess Hunter

There were two ways the writers could introduce Arfoire to newcomers. Either as the recurring villain, or a major threat from the start. Guess which depiction they chose.

Goddess ArfoireBefore I begin with the summary, Goddess Arfoire in the anime looks like a mix between CFW Magic and herself. The wings are the same but her headgear’s slightly different and she’s wearing Magic’s attire. Back to the plot, as you can see, despite having unlocked her HDD form, Purple Sister is no match for Arfoire.

White SistersThis picture makes me happy for two reasons.

1: I’m glad to see the White Sisters.


I was expecting THAT ASSHOLE to anger Ram and Rom into unlocking their HDD forms but thankfully Arfoire saved us from an unnecessary second coming…I hope.

PSV or Wii-U ControllerI think it’s the latter. Oh, and the White Sisters’ signature “Ice Coffin” technique wasn’t enough to hurt Arfoire either.

Direct hit

Black SisterTo quote Black Sister, after transforming by believing in herself more: “A hero always arrives fashionably late”. And with that, the CPU Candidates were all ready to take on Arfoire.

Horny PirachuCompa's adorable charmIF instructs Compa to use her irresistible charms to lure “Mister Mouse” away from the CPUs.

No Blanc butt shots for any of youHopefully IF can find a way to free the CPUs before they’re consumes by dark water.






No diceOhhhh….dear.

Thanks for nothing HistoireSeriously Histoire, your explanation was so..DUH! Geez, way to add salt to an open wound dork.

We take our halftime break on a sour note. If that were the cliffhanger…oooooooohhhhh…

Neptune's silhouetteYou know. You’d think that after all three games that I would not be shocked by the site of Neptune’s breasts pre-transformation. No, I am shocked that her breasts are as big as Madoka Kyouno’s. By the way, MK’s seiyuu voices Ram. Ram has surprised me on this show. I was expecting to not care about her at all and only focus on Rom, but Ram is…awesome in this show.

The Power of holding handsOnce again, the power of friendship will triumph. I bet that’s making the serious and uptight change the channels. All I have to say them is…wait…uptight people wouldn’t be watching this show. Never mind.

Still badassHave I ever mentioned how big of a Nepgear fan I am? In case I haven’t, I’m a big Nepgear fan. Vert’s my fav CPU and Nepgear’s my fav Candidate. Now my fans know.

Super Ex BlasterThe North StarTodomeda!You know what’s coming…

AwwwwBoth for the touching reunions and…a second reason. Can you all guess what it is?







Live to fight another dayThis could lead to two possible outcomes.

1: Arfoire will return stronger than before.

2:………….I’m not telling…

PlaneptuneYou know? This is the first time on the show that I’ve got a good look at Planeptune. Nice.

Powerglove 2.0Ladies and gentlemen, the successor of the Powerglove…or maybe the Virtual Boy. What I mean is that the Kinect sucks. I still love Vert though.

So Vert is promoting a concept that will become the bane of hardcore gamers’ existence, Blanc is selling krabby patties and the Black Sisters are playing Monster Hunter. Sounds about right, As for Neptune…what do you all think?

HOLY FRIJOLES!The surprises just keep on coming, don’t they? Could this mean a certain sadistic airhead will also be making her debut….hmmmmmmmmmm?

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8 Responses to Neptunia TV Episode 5: Sinful Goddess Hunter

  1. Andmeuths says:

    The anime really showed it’s budget, when Superior Angels was executed. It looks like a dumbed down, cheaper, slower version of it’s Neptunia Victory self.


  2. cassandra says:

    I hope to god a certain sadistic airhead will never ever show up. I cannot stand her.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Unfortunately for fans who dislike that person, the people who do like her far outnumber those who don’t. I’m…more in the middle. I neither love or hate this character.


  3. yurimylove says:

    sadly, my own console refuses to transform into a cute CPU goddess no matter

    Liked by 1 person

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