Injustice: Zatanna Reveal Trailer


I’m actually more excited by this reveal than Martian Manhunter’s. Sure, MM was the most requested DLC character in the game, but Zatanna’s a female magician and that takes priority over a Martian Superman like guy.

Anyway, me ish vewwy happy. Hope the release date won’t take long.

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6 Responses to Injustice: Zatanna Reveal Trailer

  1. NemoPrime says:

    Her combos look cool, but her special was kinda boring. Just like Martian Manhunter I guess.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I like the Dr Fate reference of her super. Also, MM’s super’s awesome dood. It kicks ass.


      • NemoPrime says:

        I don’t know much about Zatana or Dr Fate, so I can’t say anything about the Dr Fate reference in her super. As for MM, I thought the shape shifting at the beginning was pointless and distracting (would’ve been cooler if he used an enemy’s attack or something) so he loses a lot of points in my book for that.


    • Overlord-G says:

      So you don’t watch the cartoons or read the comics. Figured as much.

      I think his stretchy arms trait is cool, though I guess giving him a Shang-Tsung esque temporary copycap “trait” instead of the stretchy arms “trait” would have induced more nerdgasms. His movelist makes up for it imo, especially his two teleport uppercuts from below and above. Deadly if used right. Honestly, the only lazy move of his is his Black Adam-ish (Or maybe it was Sinestro-ish) air mines, but they’re also useful for juggling or sneak attacks.


      • NemoPrime says:

        Well, I watched some of the cartoons, but not the most recent ones. And like I said, I love MM’s basic moveset, but his super disappointed me. Same with Zatana. And with Scorpion. I just felt their supers were a little lack luster.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Scorpion’s is downright lazy. No doubt about that. Zatanna’s Super is not as epic as some other dimension warping supers (Raven’s, Frost’s and Ares’ come to mind) but it still works in its own way.


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