1000000 Views Blog Objective Complete

It took me 2 1/4 years to get this far but thanks to all of my fans, haters, passerby and women who want to go out with me, I did it!

g-empire 2I have no idea what to say. It certainly has been (and will continue being) an eventful journey so far. I honestly did not expect to get this many views so quickly. There are other anibloggers out there who put my blog to shame with their insightful and enlightening posts and some of them haven’t reached 500000 yet (as far as I know.) I suppose it’s because of the yuri anime list and manga list that I came this far and if that’s the case, I am very happy. It means there are a lot of Yuri Nation members out there of varying tastes and desires in their yuri content and they come to me for advice, recommendations and suggestions. While I did have some squabbles, they were thankfully rare. I do my best to make sure the yuri anime and manga lists are as accurate as possible in their content. I also made it clear that satisfaction is not guaranteed. The same goes for the Yuri Manga list, which I just updated as of this post thanks to Peppah from http://www.shoujoai.com/

While my other posts on video games and other stuff unrelated to anime or yuri aren’t as popular, I still post them because I like video games and other things besides anime and yuri. I did cut back on wrestling because I had a feeling it wouldn’t get me anywhere around here.

I would post a list to thank my fellow anibloggers and sites that helped me during my journey but they’re already listed on the side, so go check them out.

I would, however, like to reveal the people who have (unknowingly…probably) contributed the most to this site. These are the voluntary members of The G-Empire Yuri Council.

  • ArcaJ: Some may have seen this maiden stop by every now and then to share her words of wisdom on shows she’s following. She’s mainly active on shoujoai.com but for some reason, became interested in my blog. I don’t know why, but I am very thankful she visits.
  • yurimylove: The (Supposedly) oldest member of the council. His years of experience are hidden behind what appears to be a teenage otaku mind. Do not question his knowledge though.
  • Lena K: As far as joining the council goes, The Lin Kuei Kunoichi is the youngest member of the council. She has secretly been visiting my castle until one day she made her presence felt and I visited her own pad. I was impressed by her content and she’s been a valuable councilwoman ever since.
  • Foxy Lady Ayame: The most serious member. She combines both her real life knowledge and high standards when providing opinions on yuri content. While usually mature, she does have a playful side that rarely appears around these parts.
  • SilverFox: One of my most loyal members and I cannot be any prouder to have a loving mother who likes yuri be part of the Nation. Hopefully her little bambino will carry on the legacy.
  • Stevie Nix, Yi and Snippettee are also members but real life had become more hectic for both of them and they are rarely seen. Still, they are always welcome in the council.

I don’t know what else to say. I guess…here’s to another million views in the next two years (or hopefully sooner) and let us all, as Yuri Nation Members, continue growing stronger and supporting both lesbians in fiction and reality!


About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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22 Responses to 1000000 Views Blog Objective Complete

  1. SilverFox says:

    Congrats on the million views! Also, thanks for the mention. I really enjoy your blog posts and the only thing that could stop me from viewing and commenting would be lack on internet. I’m slowly turning my daughter towards anime. Just have to find the right ones for her.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Thanks for the support. Also, take it slow. Make sure she doesn’t watch shows that will ruin her purity early. Save the hardcore shows for when she understands the facts of life, the birds and the bees, why homosexuals are no different from anyone else, etc.


      • SilverFox says:

        No issue with homosexuality here for her. She’s learning that kinda quick since a good friend of mine is a lesbian and recently had her girlfriend here for a visit.she’s also been around “normal” het couples. She catches me watching some of the more action anime but i try not to let her see the “bad” parts for her. I try to keep it tame when she’s awake with kid friendly anime.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Ah. Then both you and her are on the right track. I applaud you Madame Foxy.


  2. kitsu260 says:

    Pls, keep this forever or a last for 1000 year, xd


  3. darkness447 says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations on such a monumental milestone! Also, your shout out to Snippettee made me sad since he encouraged me a long time ago to blog. 😦 Nonetheless, you’ve wrote some outstanding posts and will continue to read and enjoy them more in the future!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement and support. Yes. Snippy will be missed. Maybe someday Snippy will make a surprise comeback and the roof will rightfully explode should that ever happen.


  4. o0oghosto0o says:

    1 million views? Wow, that’s impressive. Please, keep up the good work and may you meet even more success !


  5. Lena K. says:

    Wow 1000000 views? That is freaking much!
    Congratulations 🙂


  6. chikorita157 says:

    While I don’t comment here that often, congrats on your milestone… I wish you luck to the future.


  7. Ovindel says:

    Whoa that’s a damn huge amount, mine is about 5000 post views which is pretty high considering I rarely post something on my blog. Congrats!


  8. feal87 says:

    Keep up the good work Overlord!


  9. Yurimylove says:

    Congratulations my friend! That’s very impressive, well done! I really enjoy reading your blog posts, they are always fun to read, and have nicely selected pictures that capture the essence of an episode — complete with witty captions to boot XD I feel that reading your blog enhances my enjoyment of watching these yuri/sol shows greatly, and sometimes I even learn from insightful observations you make. I also read the replies from other blog viewers to see what they think of the episode and your post on it. That is the next best thing to being able to actually watch the show together with fellow fans and talk about it afterwards.

    I’m so happy that my name appears amongst your council members, thanks dood! I don’t know if you remember or not, but we actually have “Wahaha” (from Saki) to thank for me becoming your loyal blog reader. I remember once posting at the shoujoai forum about her epic laugh, and you replied saying there’s more about her at your “castle”. The rest, as they say, is history 😀


  10. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    congrats on your milestone~ keep writing about yuri goodness 🙂


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