Triple Anime Impression Pack 2

The Summer season continues catering to me more than I could have anticipated. This truly is The Summer of OG.

Stella C3Stella Jogakuin Koutaka C3-bu 1 + 2

All I asked for during my Summer picks was for this show to be better than the disappointing . So far, it’s surpassing my wishes by not only having a more likable cast, but also being funnier, personally. I could not stop laughing. Also, the excellent use of “silent reactions” were excellent. I do hope they’ll use those often, along with the Bobby’s World inspired protagonist’s fantasies. Oh, and Sono is voiced by Hidamari Sketch’s Landlady. AWESOME! Lastly, I predict Yura X Sono subtext.

Gen'ei wo Kakeru TaiyouGen’ei wo Kakeru Taiyou – Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni 1 + 2

Although I am enjoying the Summer season so far, WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE SHOWS WITH WEIRD, LONG NAMES!? Still, shows with weird, long names are usually the more interesting ones and this show is no different. So this is the show with the vague description of two identical orange haired girls side-by-side. Now, according to Moonlitasteria, some fans are already praising this show as the next Madoka. I disagree. Is the show really good and interesting? YES! However, proclaiming it to be to be the next Madoka is premature. Yes, it’s a mahou shoujo anime with dark elements and blood, but that’s not enough to automatically label it a Madoka successor. It’s more like the show was inspired by Madoka’s success and it wants to create its own special dark mahou shoujo brew. That does make me wonder…if the “preachers” are somehow right…then episode 3 should be a very interesting one indeed. We shall see…

Servant X ServiceServant X Service 1 + 2

When I watch this show, I feel enlightened…somehow. When I watch this show, I picture inside my head…”yes, this is the kind of atmosphere I will be involved in once I enter the job district. These are the kind of people I will have to associate with when I get my first job. Also, I would like to marry a Lucy.” In short, this show’s good…except it does not have a mini-goddess. In order for this show to be truly great, it needs a Yamada Aoi.

That’s it for this second round of impressions. Maybe I’ll finally get around to talking about “Free!” now.

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9 Responses to Triple Anime Impression Pack 2

  1. SilverFox says:

    I’ve watched Stella Jogakuin but not the other 2 yet. Stella entertains me quite a bit and I’ve got a couple friends, not into anime, whose interest I piqued when I mentioned it was about a highschool girls airsoft gun club. I was laughing and smiling in the first episode at the “being discovered” part with the Rambo reenactment. I can see Yura and Sono shipping happening already. It’s just a good show to watch. Plus girls with guns are pretty attractive. So many good anime out there this season.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yes. Stella C3 is certainly an impressive show and Girls With Guns usually equals awesome. I do hope Yura X Sono will be delicious enough for the Nation to work their magic with.

      I recommend checking out the other two shows as well. Servant X Service might feel very familiar to you Madame Foxy. The Dark Mahou Shoujo anime also looks promising.


  2. SilverFox says:

    Ok, just got done watching the other two shows episodes. Daughter was occupied with the kitten hehe. I gotta say I really like the mahou shoujo one, but then again I usually like dark plots like that. Servant x Service is one I was highly skeptical on but I followed your recommendation and it’s a keeper. Lucy is cool and Chihaya is awesome with her cosplaying fantasies. The others on the team are pretty fun and “Summoning old ladies” would be a skill I’d be great at where I work lol.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I had a feeling you’d like a little bit of darkness to accompany your lighthearted dishes every now and then.

      Yes indeed. It would make my work so much easier if all I had to do was sit back and let old ladies do my work for me or just listen to their long stories as my job.


      • SilverFox says:

        I work at a retail place in the photo area, so many old ladies come by that need help and as I help them they tell me their stories. Sometimes takes a couple hours to help them because of that.


  3. give only i seen of those 3 are Stella C3-bu give when i saw i was like tell me i did not just all female Moé version of the Expendables.

    with air soft guns yet turned out to be a YES to watch.


  4. Yurimylove says:

    I’d already been watching Stella and Servant X Service when I first read this post. After reading your comments I decided to add Day Break Illusion to my “simulcast” list. So thanks to you my summer just got busier… urrrr, I meant, more entertaining (^o^)

    Oh and yeah, you know you’re watching a post-Madoka magical girl series when dead bodies start piling up right from episode one XD


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