Time and Eternity First Impressions


Might as well share some premature first impressions as well. A couple of hours in and so far,the game is fine. The enemies get repetitive (As expected since the gameplay somewhat reminds me of Black Rock Shooter: The Game.) but I’m more interested in boss fights because those are the REAL meat of ANY RPG. RPG Enemy battles are usually excuses to pump up your characters to take on bosses in my eyes, but a game wouldn’t be the same without minor enemies. I want to see what other special moves Toki and Towa can learn.

Toki attacksTime and Eternity cutsceneThe animation in the cutscenes reminds me of The infamous Legend of Zelda CD-i games, except Tokitowa’s is more refined and not nightmare inducing. Plus the girls are hot and Endo’s adorable. The lip synching reminds me of old school English dubbed anime, especially Voltron, so it has nostalgia going for it.

ZackAs for Zack (or as I like to call him, Zack Morris)…the story looks to be an action-adventure rom-com, and a moderately amusing one so far. That automatically means I do not expect much from Zack Morris other than him being a horny goofball who cares for his bride to be and tries to get Towa to like him too. If that’s the case, that’s fine by me.

I care more about the girls anyway, especially Wedi and Manimona.

The music’s okay. I like Theme or Ruins and the battle themes.

That’s all for now. It’s currently not as bad as critics make it out to be. I’ve played MUCH worse. Messiah by Interplay comes to mind. GOH! For me, that game was nearly unplayable. Anyway, I’ll write a more in-depth review after I beat the main story. Look forward to it!

P.S.: for those remotely interested in picking this up in the future, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE GAME! (Unless you have a lot of disk space.) It’s over 14 GB. Buy the Blu-Ray instead.

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2 Responses to Time and Eternity First Impressions

  1. Want to pick this up to see what all the moaning and groaning that the “critics” are making, but saving cash to pick up Tales Of Xilla and play it again. Have to support them after the marketing ploy they played with bring Xilla 2 to the US. And 14GB sounds about right, if I recall correctly about how people were talking about the graphics. Sounds about more or less (less maybe) the size of Ni no Kuni.


    • Overlord-G says:

      So I’ve heard. Yup. What those morons don’t realize is usually, the more a game gets bashed, the more curious some gamers out there become just to see what all the moaning is about. Trust me when I say that although the gameplay isn’t anything to stop the presses for, it sure as heck isn’t detestable.

      I’m also saving up for Xillia. Hope Xillia 2 won’t take ages to come out next year but I’m guessing it’ll be around August as well.


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