Kiniro Mosaic Episode 2: Ikoku Meiro’s Successor?

If liking moe is a disease, I don’t want to be cured.

I’m calling it right now. I have this feeling that somehow, someway, Kiniro Mosaic will end up being BETTER than Ikoku Meiro no Croisee and coming from someone like me, that is a bold statement. Watch episode 2 and see for yourself if I’m delusional or not.

Already a good startO…M..G…the urge to squee real loud is titanic.

The OPThe OP almost made me faint. Haaaaauuuuuuh!

Never forget to bring socks to schoolA very important lesson to learn.

Alice's rivalNow some would say that Karasuma-sensei is Alice’s rival in the English language…but we all know exactly what Alice is competing with the sensei for.

Alice is trying really hardDon’t give up Alice! Fighto!

The meaning of moe

“It means you’re so cute, you’re on fire!”

Hurray for epic intermissions!

What the heckSerioualy. Why the ominous aura? ROTFLMAO!

Shino reading a newspaperCUTENESS OVERLOAD! Oh, my aching heart. So much joy…

Alice's nightmareHOW DARE MY GIRLFRIEND DYE HER HAIR BLONDE!? “An Alice nightmare”.

Nuff saidOkay. That’s it. Anime of the year. See you all next week.

Is she confessing her love for meSeriously, I am done! I need to lay down until the smile on my face heals.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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14 Responses to Kiniro Mosaic Episode 2: Ikoku Meiro’s Successor?

  1. mutopis says:

    this pretty much says it all.


  2. Yurimylove says:

    Why fight it? Resistance is futile ^_^;
    Coincidently, just started watching Genshiken Nidaime, and there is ALSO a blonde foreigner girl, with pigtails, who tells people “Ogiue Chika is my waifu!” Ogiue Chika is the Japanese girl with short black hair. And this happens in the first 5 minutes of episode 1, not making this up XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      I guess that means I’ll have to pick up Genshiken then since it sounds like a pretty good series overall. Heck, I didn’t even know this show existed until you said the magic words.


      • yurimylove says:

        Yes I personally love the Genshiken series, but I should clarify something here (if u didn’t already know). I’m a “yuri fanboy” foremost but I also love anything otaku themed — because let’s face it, if I only watch canon yuri series I might as well give up anime altogether. So that being said, I love Genshiken not because of its yuri, as there are not much there (and what little is could only be classified as slight yuri subtext or just yuri tease), but because
        “The series, being focused on the otaku lifestyle, contains numerous references to other manga, anime, video games, and other aspects of otaku culture.” Quoted from wiki.
        So I encourage you to give Genshiken a try, but not to expect much on the yuri front.


      • Overlord-G says:

        I know it isn’t yurirific. You know I don’t watch ONLY shows with yuri subtext or canon either. It simply looks interesting and I already downloaded the first season. Looking for the second to marathon sometime before checking the new season.


  3. hgeronimo says:

    That teacher … that newspaper … that “be my wife” all win.


  4. o0oghosto0o says:

    Blood…blood everywhere… Where did they come from ? Oh, that’s right, they are from my nose …
    This show is just too cute, that “be my wife”, that “confession”… I must be careful or else …


  5. SilverFox says:

    This show…so much cuteness…I watched it this morning just to check it out and because I wanted something cute before I started my workday. I was smiling from the cuteness and about had a total overload. I picked it up after having watched the newest episodes of the other summer anime and this is def a keeper. My daughter was even glued to it even though she denies she liked it. She asked for more after the 2nd episode ended lol.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Embrace the moe. That is the only advice I have for you and your little bambino.


      • SilverFox says:

        I have no problem embracing the moe whatsoever. Just didn’t expect to be nearly overloaded by cuteness. Getting my little one to watch anime isn’t hard but keeping her glued to one is a bit different. So now she’ll sit through this one, Smile! Precure, and one other.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Your adorable child might also enjoy Fantastia Doll, which I’ll cover in a bit along with another show. Stay tuned for that coverage.


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