Yuyushiki Episode 12: #Bikinirehash

Yup, another beach episode. Hopefully my wish came true this time.

Objective for my self-appointed cameraman: Take as many bikini good photos as you can. Do not miss a single angle.

I miscalculated and thought the show had 13 episodes. Oh well, expect a G-View very soon.

Yui's loyal watchersThe only person in their heads is Yui.

Adorable AikawaGirl 2 drops by and the four (minus Yui) talk about wanting to take Ai-chan to the beach.

Aikawa is MINE!Girl 2 lays down the law and rightfully claims Aikawa as hers.

Ice Cream wet dreamThat must be some wild dream.

yukari scooping ice creamI feel you pain Yukari. I too had stumbled upon rock hard ice cream once.

As for the person Yuzu described she wanted Yukari to marry in the future, she’s sitting at the table.

Yui enjoys her time with her haremShe will hopefully confess her desire for a threesome someday.

Wise words by Yiu

“Are we that kind of thing?”: Yukari.

“You should treasure us more”: Yuzu.

“Are you my girlfriend!? Besides, I do treasure you”: Yui.

Yui's grownThey were not that big last time.

I wonder why it’s funny whenever Yui laughs along with her lovers? Maybe it’s because Yui’s laugh is special.

Latest masturbation pic for Yui's haremMy wish did not come true.


Ai-chan bikiniKei bikiniYui Bikinin with more stripes

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10 Responses to Yuyushiki Episode 12: #Bikinirehash

  1. ArcaJ says:

    No pics of Mom-sensei in casual clothes? Disappointment. I like to think she was talking to her girlfriend on the phone. ^_^

    I don’t think Ai-chan would have survived the beach. What with Yuzu and Yukari drooling over her or Ai-chan drooling over Yui. I was surprised to see more Yuzu/Yukari ship-tease. Yuzuko really loves Yukari’s laugh. And her wish for Yukari’s ideal mate was just a mix of her and Yui. Can they have three-way weddings in Japan?


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      By now you should know that any scene with Mom-sensei in it induces raging otaku boners from yours truly. Besides, there was only one pic worthy of being posted here and it was not meant to be. Ah well, it’s nice to see Mom chilling with her girlfriend. I wonder if it’s one of the girls she hung out with and played butt spank with at the mixer?

      If it worked for Rinne no Lagrange, why not have the same thing happen in Yuyushiki? So yeah, Yui has herself a bigamy. This will definitely help her win the Iono-sama award, or at least give her the advantage.


  2. hgeronimo says:

    And i thought they would actually take Ai-chan to beach with them. too bad we didn’t saw that.


  3. Yurimylove says:

    yuzuko confessed, yet again. So cute <333. And as expected, she got another positive reply from Yui. I think that should qualify as canon no?


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