Several Condensed Anime Viewing Topics

Nepgear X Uni 2The main reason why I chose to talk about several topics in one post rather than divide them into several is because:

A: My anime fandom is far from complicated or deep.

B: I do not have that much to say about the topics.

I’d like to give a shout out to the people who originally made these posts and readers are welcome to drop by their pads and answer the questions or share your thoughts on my answers if you so wish.




Does anime even need animation?

Don’t care about the subject matter to bother going too deep when watching animation of any region on this planet to be honest. It’s about as irrelevant as the early debate on whether Avatar: The Last Air Bender’s an anime or not because it’s an American made show. Avatar kicks booty, even Legend of Korra.

Point being, it doesn’t matter to me because I do not need to understand whether what I am watching is a Western cartoon, Eastern cartoon, anime, CGI, Claymation or whatever. If me likey, me watchey.

I may have answered the topic wrong but as long as I get to use this clip, it’s all good.

Exposition Dump – Turning a 20 minute episode into a 20 minute nap

I haven’t seen many of these kinds of episodes but recap episodes are what I think about the exact same thing to me. I think that’s the problem with episodes that focus too much on telling viewers what happened today, tomorrow or yesterday rather than show the events…and the viewer will probably forget the exposition along with the episode itself and move on with their lives.

Michiru.full.13935I’ll never forget you little dood.

When attachment to anime characters goes too far

Let’s start with my reply to this post. Have I ever cried when something bad or touching happened to or with a fictional character I cared about? Yes I have wept for them a couple of times because I really cared for the characters and remember some of them to this day. Some examples include: Tenshi (Angel Beats), Chikane and Himeko (Kannazuki no Miko), Michiru (Air) and Superman (For the Man who has Everything). Now, am I obsessed to the point of wanting to burn down a house or entire town out of pure rage due to a fav character being killed, try to murder a popular seiyuu on stage or troll a studio that’s known for moe shows suddenly producing a show full of pretty boys in tights? No, because I already have Black Gekihara to do that for me.

Seriously though, I have favorite anime characters but I get over ficitional character deaths quickly plus I have zero interest in buying blow up dolls that look like Yui Kotegawa or Kodama Himegami.

Mom's sweet ass in stereoSome people actually think Yuyushiki sucks. I know, right? They are all fools.

Liking “bad” anime

I watch what I want, when I want. I used to use the word “guilty pleasure” freely but these days, I do not know what constitutes as a “guilty pleasure”. For example, some guy recently admitted that Dragon Ball Z is a “guilty pleasure” of his. Really? Really? It’s like the person inadvertently said that he’s ashamed to tell other people that he likes DBZ. I doubt that’s what he meant but some people really do say such things.

My point is, a show, animation, comic, manga or whatever other entertainment medium you watch or read is bad only when you say it’s bad and not when the majority or critics say so. I’m talking to all of you “Man of Steel” Critics out there.


What blog posts do you most regret writing?

I tried experimenting with Wrestling posts once. It was such a failure that I deleted all the posts. I learned then that I should stick to anime and video games.

As for anime posts I regret posting, I honestly do not remember any that I considered wrong…mainly because I rarely write editorials.


Watching anime alone vs watching it with others

All the friends I used to watch anime together with have all gone abroad. My parents do not take anime seriously and just see the shows as cartoons from China (Because there are hardly any Japanese where I come from and they cannot tell the difference between their languages.). I was considering sitting down and watching a KEY anime with my parents, probably Air or Kanon 2006, but I scrapped the idea. I usually watch anime alone now and talk about the shows with the aforementioned friends via Skype.

As for the main question: Alone because I’m used to it and I do not know any other animeniacs who have the same tastes as mine. Sometimes when I do meet a fellow animeniac, I usually watch what they want to watch instead.

Morita-san wa MukuchiLegendary 3-Minute episodic show as far as I’m concerned.

Are Anime Shorts Series Actually Worth Your Time?

Some are, some aren’t. Simple as that. Morita-san is legendary, Yama no Susume and Aiura are awesome and Recorder to Randessu sucks. Besides, I’m used to watching 1.5-3 minute Western cartoons during commercial breaks, that 3-5 anime are nothing to scream blasphemy at the heavens about. Just pick some that rock, like Fireball and avoid those that range from “meh” to “bleh”, like Plastic Girl.

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4 Responses to Several Condensed Anime Viewing Topics

  1. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


  2. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


  3. Yurimylove says:

    First of all, NICE opening pic!!
    Beside “chimeko”, coincidently or surprisingly, Michiru from Air is also one of my favorite characters, despite her relative lack of screen time. Granted I do have quite a lot of favorite anime characters…
    I watch anime mostly by myself, but it’s not necessarily by choice. It’s just that finding an otaku pal in my neck of the wood — especially one who likes yuri/slice of life instead of shounen hits (Naruto, Bleach crowd) — is next to impossible. But hey I know I like most of the anime you also like so it would be fun if we ever got the chance to watch/marathon some yuri anime together


  4. Overlord-G says:

    Indeed. It is difficult to find fellow nation members in certain places. Maybe someday we could chill ad watch anime with a few more peeps.


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