Saint Seiya: Brave Soldier Trailer

Saint-seiyaWhen I was younger, I initially scoffed Knights of the Zodiac (It sounds cooler than Saint Seiya) as a shounen with pretty boys and yaoi subtext. As the show progressed, it became a pretty good shounen with pretty boys.

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming game that will supposedly span from the first season all the way to the Hades Saga. I’ve only seen up to the Poseidon Saga and parts of the Hades Saga, when the deceased Gold Saints were resurrected and attacked the Sanctuary. Maybe I’ll pick up Omega and start over…or just watch the Magic Mirror

Characters such as Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu, Gemini Saga, Hades, Phoenix Ikki, Poseidon and Pegasus Seiya are  said to appear in the game.

Knights of the Zodiac: Battle Soldiers hits Japan, Europe and Latin America, this Fall. No North American or Canadian release, as usual, is unconfirmed but I’ll import the game from Colombia or Mexica as I don’t like the English dub.


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