Life Lessons Quadruple Pack

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. To make up for two weeks of absence, this week, I’ll share three life changing tips with you all.

Lesson 1

Dealing with studentsTake it from someone who used to be a trainee teacher. It is not easy becoming one.

I'm not cut out for thisTo be a good teacher, you must be strong-willed, patient, have a steady mind, patient, diligent, creative, merciful but not a pushover, brave…and not be afraid of the supernatural.

Lesson 2

Premature judgmentThe person who commented here obviously did not pay attention to the scene. For those who have the show this girl is from, you would (or should) all know that…”Sayaka brought it all on herself”.

The lesson here is not to put the blame on other people for your own mistake(s). If you cannot handle messing up…try to not mess up at all.

Lesson 3

Trying too hard

Our next important lesson in life is a simple, yet difficult one to follow for some people. some people are born in an area of the world where they are either judged or forced to believe that life would be better if they were born differently, leading to pessimistic thoughts. The lesson here is that these people should be proud of the way they look, make the best of it and work hard to prove they belong, despite not being approved by the public.

Lesson 4

Contrary to popular belief, mahjong is a deadly sport. Many lives were changed forever during the great war of 2009-2014. Girls were injured, loves between girls were put to the test, lights were shattered as the shards hurt arms, spectators’ joygasm were too strong, causing them to “erupt” uncontrollably, many tears and much blood was shed. On the bright side, the loves that were tested became stronger that day.

In short, mahjong is a sport where girls are required to have superhuman hand-eye coordination, patience, willpower and a passion for other women.


Saki Roster and Power Level Chart

From the above source:

“This chart represents their power level tier at mahjong. Dont get confused, this doesnt mean that Mukkie and Bundou are males, it means that their power level tier is equal of males.

According with Ritz, 男子のインハイチャンプは二条泉ちゃんと同じくらいの強さです。 (“The men’s inter-high champion is about as strong as Izumi Nijou”). And Izumi is considered, “the most normal person, without special abilities”.

The way it is interpreted, in the Sakiverse, males suck at mahjong not because they are male but because they aren’t lesbians.”

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4 Responses to Life Lessons Quadruple Pack

  1. Yurimylove says:

    Wow, 4 great life lessons in one week, well taught OG-sensei. When I read the picture caption in lesson 2 I was worried that that was what you were trying to say, but then I was greatly relieved that the real lesson is below it. Hitomi did offer Sayaka the chance to confess first, that’s more than what she needed to do. So yes your conclusion is spot on. Lesson 3’s gif is hilarious, where is it from?


  2. mutopis says:

    Mahjong is a dangerous game, the joygasm alone could kill you.


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