Yuyushiki Episode 11: #Picosecond

Not much to say about episode 10. Yuzu was in super mega hyper mode, Yukari was full of love and Miss Mom was as beautiful as ever. That’s all, although Yuzu is still pretty high this week as well. Let’s see what episode 11 had in store?

Must resist urge to touch Yui

Must..Yui greets a clumsy Ai-chan and wonders how she survives with her large breasts. Oh, and Ai-chan tries desperately to subtly hold back her desire to snuggle with Yui, especially after Yui told her how sensitive her body is. Oh, and Yuzu and Yukari wanted to get Ai-chan wet.

I say or, you say geeWhy are the show’s facial expressions so hilarious to me?

Yui's white bikiniYui, Basketball proAnd my photographer delivers.

I suppose if I were to ask my employed photographer, he could easily take a full picture of Yui in her white bikini and basketball outfit. The thing is, her body’s not ripe enough to be raging otaku boner worthy…yet.

Poor Ai-chan is hurtAi-chan got hurt during a basketball game.

Go to her YuiYui probably took her to the nurse’s office off screen and had a “Hanabira Moment” with her.

Eat my arm for lunch YuiIt’s lunch time and Yuzu offers Yui her arm for lunch.

Ai-chan getting the royal treatmentAi-chan gets some snacks from her posse.

Psychic powerYukari is willing to use “psychic powers” to injure Yui’s hand and spoil her because it’s cute to spoil Yui.

Times like theseYou are all free to interpret what these two got from Yui’s attempt at a logical explanation.

Yukari's view of the futureInstead of wasting time praising Miss-Mom’s infinite beauty and cuteness, I’ll skip to the scene where the girls talk about side-jobs and their futures after finishing high school and stuff.


attackofthelesbiansmouNext week, maybe, just maybe, what I have been wishing for weeks will finally come true.

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11 Responses to Yuyushiki Episode 11: #Picosecond

  1. ArcaJ says:

    I like that Yukari was seriously thinking about her future. And that she was totally thinking about Yui when she said she wanted to be a bride.


  2. Gisei says:

    This anime is cute.


  3. mutopis says:

    Episode 10 was a tease:

    I really like how they make their faces so cute:

    as always, Okaa-san and her ass was amazing as she was walking away in ep 10:


    • Overlord-G says:

      Like I said, nothing new to report from episode 10, which is why I decided to not talk about it. It’s already been established that Yuzu and Yukari enjoy being together when not fantasizing about Yui. Also, Miss-Mom will always invoke raging otaku boners when she’s around me.


  4. Yurimylove says:

    I think in the “glomp and hump” scene in the last pic, Yuzu and Yukari may have succeeded in getting Ai-chan wet 🙂


  5. mutopis says:

    Episode 11 still had it’s surprises:

    well, yes, thank you for returning mai waifu, now begone.

    (that feeling you will never experience being fed by a lesbian harem.)

    as always, Okaa-san’s boobs.

    and her fear of ghosts.

    the lewdness continues.

    Yui thinks her precious time with her friends are more important than money. I am shocked.

    these girls will never change.



    Yui is still a growing girl. Give her a few years, and even the most strict straight girl will go into full raging lesbian mode once they see her erotic body.


  6. hgeronimo says:

    Nice, 😉
    OG, are you interested in Love lab? looking forward to it? gonna be good imo.


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