Yuyushiki Episode 9: #Raki Garu

Engrish at its finest, doods and peeps.

Indirect KissWe kick things off with Girl 3 messing with Girl 2’s head as usual. I like Girl 3’s seiyuu.

PinchingYou know, ever since I was 9, I’ve always wanted to blow a pretty girl’s belly so that it would make a fart sound. Maybe when I get a new girlfriend. So yeah, I have no comment for this scene. It’s just Yuzu being Yuzu. Maybe it has something to do with a person’s sides being a weak spot?

Girl 2 shipping these twoYui and Yukari get shipped A LOT! Yuzu reacts exactly as you’d expect.

You're a bread person, tooThis gag pretty much confirms that timing plays an important role when making a joke. Also, Yui’s face is hilarious here.

White Mage Ai-chan's PowerAll hail the white mage!

Bread Minister Girl 3The Bread Minister.

EroticNow I want to see Ai-chan wearing a swimsuit.

No guys for Ai-chanWith Yui-(and possibly Yuzu) nearby, why would Ai-chan need a guy?

gif requestIf my self-appointed cameraman does not make a gif of this scene, I will fire him. Heck, I’d surprised if he did not have a field day with this episode.

Welcoming Ai-chanOh Admiral Ackbaaaaar…

So it beginsAnother picture for Ai-chan's masturbation collectionI do hope she remembers to clean her sheets.

OrgyDon’t anyone dare tell me I was the only nation member who thought of this when the yuri bubbles popped in? I wonder if bubbles are also part of the yuri echelon?

Seriously, that faceHelpThere are some sex jokes even I am not aware of. Maybe it has something to do with a bell, similar to the now historic “classy bean” joke from last time?

I hope Girl 2 had a fun time and made the best of this momentI really hope she did.

Girl 2 can't winGirl 3 says she would to have a daughter like Yukari. Girl 2 disapproves. Girl 3 says she’d also like to have a child like Ai-chan. Girl 2 approves. Ai-chan says she’d like to have a daughter like Yuzu. The pic says it all.

I love you so much

Fainting nosebleed

Really. what else can I say about this bodacious vixen?

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10 Responses to Yuyushiki Episode 9: #Raki Garu

  1. sayuri says:

    “Ai-chan says she’d like to have a daughter like Yui”
    Actually she wanted a daughter like Yuzu :3


  2. Yurimylove says:

    from now on I’m not going to pick up any 500 yen coin on the ground either XD


  3. mutopis says:

    the internet has given me a bounty of gifs!

    so early in the episode and Fumi is already acting lewd

    she couldnt help herself.

    she must have amazing healing powers.

    I am curious what she is going to do with that picture at night.


    life is never easy with these two

    hehe, “boyfriend”, we all know who she is thinking about.

    lewd. this is how my mind works.

    amazing pillows

    Okaa-san has the most amazing set of boobs.


  4. Cytrus says:

    I’m too weak-willed to resist a 500 yen coin >_<. No lucky encounters for me…


    • Overlord-G says:

      Money id the root of much evil in this world, unless throwing some of it away can guarantee you an attractive adult woman with nice breasts to be by your side for the rest of your life.


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