Injustice: Scorpion DLC Trailer, Batgirl Trailer recap and Martian Manhunter!?

Scorpion trailer

Batgirl trailer

While the news of Batgirl being the 2nd DLC character was revealed long ago, I just wanted to post her trailer to emphasize how cool she is in the game. Plus, hardcore fighters say she’s a better character than Lobo, who may need some more update patches (buffs).

Now we proceed with the two important reveals this week. First off, we have the guest character, similar to Kratos (PS3 version) and Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat 2011. The guest character is none other than Mortal Kombat’s spectre shinobi, Scorpion with a new look to make him feel right at home in the DC Universe. Sure, he has no fatalities and hardcore DC fans would have preferred other more deserving characters but it’s still cool to get to play as Scorpion in Injustice.

The second reveal comes near the end of the trailer as Martian Manhunter might be hinted as being the 4th DLC character…MIGHT!

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