Yuyushiki Episode 8: #Nakedboobs

An interesting episode this week. Not as good as previous episodes but it was an eye opener.

Awesome Yukari picYukari is so adorable.

Love Hug of DoomWe kick things off with Girl 2 sort of reminding Yui that Ai-chan belongs to her and only her.

Girl 2's nightmareGirl 3 playing wih Girl 2As expected, Girl 3 enjoys teasing Girl 2 about her feelings for Ai-chan.


PlaythingAfter an interesting Googling session about water, Girl 3 introduces herself to the 3 Stooges and holding nothing back. She also kinda claims Girl 2 as her personal plaything.

Request to pinchIn fictional media, regularly teasing a person usually means the teaser secretly likes the person. I wonder if Girl 3 is not an exception? Hmm, for the sake of this site and the yuri nation, I’ll say no, she is not an exception.

No moneyAfter that scene, another very interesting scene follows. G2 goes to a store to buy drinks for her posse. She’s broke. Guess who comes to the rescue…

Yui to the rescueGaspNo explanation needed.

ExplanationPerhaps Miss AJ can explain this gag to me. In my mind, this sounded like a hotel sex joke.

OG is in loveMy love for Miss Mom continues growing each time she appears. Adult women are the best! #Nakedboobs!

Conflicted feelingsThe episode ends with G2 being conflicted over her feelings. Who will she choose?

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11 Responses to Yuyushiki Episode 8: #Nakedboobs

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I was also wondering what that heart thing was referring to. Also, that part in which Girl 2 tells Yui that she should try some of Ai-chan’s goodies was great. Maybe she wants to share Ai-chan, who knows.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I see. Well I still like seeing Girl 2 vie for Ai-chan’s affections.


  3. ArcaJ says:

    The joke is basically a description of a Yukari-style cocktail. Blue-ish purple, sleepy eyes, cute.
    Yui thought it looked like an ad for “buying” Yukari’s…”services.” The fact that Yui’s mind went there is probably not a coincidence. Then again Yuzuko might have just been trolling her.

    Ai-chan’s friends are weird. It must be why she’s attracted to Yui.

    Why does the thought of Yukari doing anything physical fill me with laughter?

    I wonder if Girl 2 will join Yui’s harem just to be with Ai-chan. If she does, Girl 3 won’t be far behind.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      You never when Yuzuko is involved. She may have intentionally set up a trap for Yui.

      Girl 3 is the weirdest of The Posse, with Girl 2 coming in 2nd.

      The reason is because Yukari is adorable, obviously.

      Your comment about G2 joining the harem is at least more favorable than what Haiyoru Nyaruko-san 2 did with Kuuko.

      Please be patient Miss AJ. I will buy a Wii-U soon enough. Then, I will add you to my friends list and crush your hopes and dreams in online Smash Bros 4 or Mario Kart 8 matches.


  4. mutopis says:

    she is just afraid of losing those delicious boobs.


    I love Fumi, I think this is my OTT (one true threesome FTW)


    I knew Japan would realize Okaasan’s assets.


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